Hank Garland

This musician contributed to the first recording of the following Elvis Presley songs:

Make Me Know It (electric bass) Mansion over the Hilltop (guitar) Milky White Way (guitar) Moonlight Swim (guitar) No More (guitar) Put the Blame on Me (guitar) Reconsider Baby (guitar) Rock-a-hula Baby (guitar) Sentimental Me (guitar) Slicin' Sand (guitar) Soldier Boy (electric bass) Sound Advice (guitar) Starting Today (guitar) Steppin' out of Line (guitar) Stuck on You (electric bass) Such a Night (guitar) Surrender (guitar) Swing Down Sweet Chariot (guitar) That's Someone You Never Forget (guitar) The Girl of My Best Friend (guitar) There's Always Me (guitar) Thrill of Your Love (guitar) What a Wonderful Life (guitar) Working on the Building (guitar)