Chip Young

This musician contributed to the first recording of the following Elvis Presley songs:

I Will Be True (guitar) I, John (guitar) If Every Day Was Like Christmas (guitar) If I Get Home on Christmas Day (guitar) If I Were You (guitar) If the Lord Wasn't Walking by my Side (guitar) I'll Be Home on Christmas Day (guitar) I'll Never Know (guitar) I'll Remember You (guitar) I'll Take You Home again Kathleen (guitar) I'm Leavin' (guitar) In the Garden (guitar) Indescribably Blue (guitar) It Ain't No Big Thing (but It's Growing) (guitar) It Won't Seem Like Christmas (guitar) It's Easy for You (guitar) It's Only Love (guitar) It's Still Here (guitar) It's Your Baby, You Rock It (guitar) I've Got Confidence (guitar) I've Lost You (guitar) Just Call Me Lonesome (guitar) Just Pretend (guitar) Lady Madonna (guitar) Lead Me, Guide Me (guitar)