I Can't Stop Loving You

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Words & Music: Don Gibson
I can't stop loving you
So I've made up my mind
To live in memory
Of such an old lonesome time

I can't stop wanting you
It's useless to say
So I'll just live my life
In dreams of yesterday.

Those happy hours
That we once knew
Though long ago,
They still make me blue

They say that time
Heals a broken heart
But time has stood still
Since we've been apart
Recorded: 1969/08/25, first released on In Person


Deano1 (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 31, 2019report abuse
Always enjoyed his live versions and I also like his bluesy studio version released years after his death. "Appalling"? "One of the worst version I heard"? These are head scratching comments, but to each their own. Four stars for the versions and three for the soulful studio version.
sugartummy (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 13, 2013report abuse
This song is nicer to sing then to listen too. I know several versions of this song and that's always the case. So I just sing along.
burninglove92 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 8, 2008report abuse
Elvis storms this !!! his raw energy rocks all over,, his 1970's version just fantastic !! his rare 72 versions are fab too alot more powerfull and the famous 74 blueberry hill medley is just outstanding. Elvis TCB
JerryNodak (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2008report abuse
If push came to shove I'd have to admit that I prefer the Ray Charles hit version. But that isn't to say I don't like Elvis'. I"m not a great lover of the '69 version. But I really enjoy his versions from MSG in '72, Aloha in '73, and Memphis in '74. My fave would be the MSG version. Appalling is NOT a word I would use to describe Elvis' interpetation of this song.
bluesboy (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2008report abuse
Elvis gets lost, the arrangement goes nowhere. Appalling is the only thing I can say about this.
jb4elvis (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2008report abuse
Elvis' live recordings of this song are magnificent! I am especially fond of the 1972 and 1974 versions of this one. I read where Ernst Jorgensen once wrote that Elvis gave "in your face" performances of this when he sang it. At the concerts I attended where Elvis sang this one, it was a favorite.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2008report abuse
I like Elvis' live version in 1969 & the Garden. Love Ray's version as well. What about Don Gibson's original record? The writer of the song also had a nice version. Just a good song all around.
Monster (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2008report abuse
This song has been successfully interpreted in so many different ways (Ray Charles, Tom Jones, Merle Haggard - how's that for diversity!?) which is is a testement to just how good a song this is. Elvis chose to explode his version into the microphone rather than emulate Ray Charles' soulful version because Charles nailed it in that style so there was no point in doing another version of the song in that style. In the same way, no one who tries to emulate Elvis' approach to this song could get anywhere near the passion, power and the drama he delivers. Just superb.
secondrichard (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2008report abuse
Ray Charles' version is great, but it's (IMHO) equalled by Elvis' 1969 Studio version. Relaxed and cool, love that jam. Hate the live versions though, every single one of them. None has the bluesy catch the studio version has.
FLASHBOY (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2008report abuse
I truly appreciate how Elvis sing that song he put so much energy into it i never get tired listining to this one. The version in the album an afternoon in the garden is simply amazing. Long live the King!
Natha (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2008report abuse
Fantastic live version. With the typical Elvis approach the heartfelt sentiment gets the rawness befitting the wonderful outcry that time stood still since being apart.
My boy, my boy (profilecontact) wrote on May 13, 2008report abuse
I absolutely love Elvis's version. Ray Charles did indeed a good job on it as well. I know how to appreciate them both even if they're totally different !
old shep (profilecontact) wrote on May 2, 2008report abuse
One of the worst versions of the song I have heard, I think Elvis should have listened more to Ray Charles' recording, now that was definitive version.

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