Most all diehard fans know that on June 21 there will be a special screening in the US of the Comeback Special taping. We need to get the word out FAST that ANY Regal and United Artists theaters worldwide to run this special film.more
Updated: May 29, 2004 Shop
The most recent classic album release by FTD is the immortal soundtrack of Speedway.more
Updated: Jul 17, 2016 Shop
A verdict in case number 4926 (Speedway) by Judge Bill Treadway from DVD Verdict.more
Updated: Aug 4, 2004 Shop
A verdict in case number 4927 (Spinout) by Judge Bill Treadway from DVD Verdict.more
Updated: Aug 5, 2004 Shop
The seventh “original soundtrack” has just been released by FTD. This time the immortal “Spinout” saw the light of day.more
Updated: Jun 6, 2004 Shop
FTD released a 2 CD set with shows recorded in... yes, Jackson, Ms. The first CD holds the September 5 1975 show and the second contains the one from June 9, 1975.more
Updated: Jan 7, 2017 Shop
This "Spring Fever" release is the first real CD release on the Unicorn CD-R label, pick it up or skip it?more
Updated: Oct 28, 2005
Listening to the CD we can understand the policy of Elvis Presley Enterprises and BMG not to pay too much attention to this period of Elvis’ career, both photo wise and musically. Still we realize that there are fans that like anything Elvis (even 1977).more
Updated: Jun 3, 2002 Shop
I'm sure you will find it just as much fun as I did. Once again, I thank you Ernst, for bringing Elvis closer to us than ever before ... More More More!more
Updated: Jun 16, 2002 Shop
Released on the Czech Memory records label is an unreleased audience recording of Elvis' March 23, 1975 Dinner Show, recorded from the audience in Las Vegas.more
Updated: Nov 15, 2005
This CD contains a standard set with some nice additions which makes it almost an interesting release. Too bad he doesn't make it ('Trouble") or doesn't want to do it ("Big Boss Man"). The only complete song this release brings us is "Happy Birthday Lindamore
Updated: Sep 13, 2001 Shop
The latest bunch of FTDs contains a complete “new” FTD, bringing us Stage rehearsals for Vegas gigs in 1970, 1972 and 1973.more
Updated: Jul 3, 2011 Shop
In the classic album series FTD just released an album that never was. It’s not a first, but it remains strange…more
Updated: Apr 4, 2009 Shop
Gravel Road Music goes for the most tongue breaking title with their re-release of two soundboards recorded in Hampton (Roads): one from August 1, 1976 and the other from April 9, 1972.more
Updated: Feb 12, 2013
FTD released the soundtrack of Stay Away, Joe in their 7” format. Was it worth the effort?more
Updated: Jun 15, 2013 Shop
Recently FTD released the vinyl version of the Stay Away, Joe.more
Updated: Jun 23, 2014 Shop
With the help of the readers of ElvisNews, who came up with part of the qiestions, this interview with Steve Binder was done by Jay Williams. See if you recognize your question (and Steve's answer of course).more
Updated: Jul 7, 2004 Shop
Interview with James Burton by Australian newspaper.more
Updated: Dec 11, 2003
Stop where you are… and think about the poor Beatles and Sinatra fans.more
Updated: Feb 26, 2006
Jerry has an insight...He was one of the few guys who would tell Elvis the truth (George Klein)more
Updated: Aug 13, 2006 Shop
Last week I was pleasantly surprised by the announcement of this CD by Audionics and the fact that it was out already and I got it only a couple of days later makes me delirious!more
Updated: Jun 1, 2009
Elvis’ final Las Vegas gigs for 1974 were between August 19th and September 2nd at the Hilton Hotel. The final gig of the run, the dinner show on September 2nd, is among the biggest disaster of his career (almost as bad as the September 28th College Park peformance). Godfather presents the incomplete, excellent quality soundboard recording which has been issued before on Desert Storm (Fort Baxter 2200) released in 1996.more
Updated: Dec 9, 2009
Follow That Dream Records came with 4 CD’s last week, three upgraded soundtracks and a regular FTD-release. Later this week we will focus on the soundtracks, now we will shine our light on the follow up to “Fame And Fortune” titled “Studio B”.more
Updated: May 4, 2003 Shop
Memphis Recording Sessions just released a 3CD set packed in a book, or is it a book with 3CDs?more
Updated: Jun 30, 2017 Shop
Elvis loved cars. He bought them and quite often gave them away, just for fun. Nobody can say The Stutz Blackhawk was Elvis his favourite Car but he loved it that’s for suremore
Updated: Aug 15, 2002
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