For the 25th anniversary of Elvis death, Fox resurrected three classic Elvis films, ‘Flaming Star’, ‘Wild in the Country’, and his very first movie, ‘Love Me Tender’. Digitally re-mastered and artfully restored, these movies were released for the first time ever on DVD.more
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Another romantic compilation … or not?more
Updated: Jan 22, 2005 Shop
So what does a young, charismatic, and good looking singer, who is the most successful musical artist in the country do for an encore? He heads to Hollywood to star in a movie of course.more
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The last in the January 2005 series of re-releases is the soundtrack of “Loving You”.more
Updated: Jan 10, 2005 Shop
The new outing in the FTD “original soundtrack series” is the soundtrack of Elvis’ second movie, “Loving You”. Do we love it?more
Updated: Jan 10, 2006 Shop
Last week received a preview copy of the remastered Loving You. "Is it worth the money?" Well we can answer that question, "Yes it is".more
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