We very much love the actual content of this DVD. A lot of very original fifties (our favourite) and early sixties footage is good quality and more complete than we have seen it elsewhere.more
Updated: Jan 10, 2002
Recently released is the second volume of “Hot Shots And Cool Clips”, and although it seems to be sold out already, I’d still like to ask the question “is it worth buying?”more
Updated: Apr 20, 2007
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During Elvis German army days he stayed for several months in Hotel Grunewald in Bad Nauheim.more
Updated: Dec 8, 2002
The fourth single in the UK reissue series of eighteen classic singles that never made it to the #1 spot.more
Updated: Aug 26, 2007
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On his website Mocean Worker" the remixer Mowo explains how he made the remix of "Burning Love" for the Honda CR-V commercial.more
Updated: Sep 27, 2006
From the August 11, 2007 edition of The New York Times an article by Elvis biographer Peter Guralnick.more
Updated: Aug 12, 2007
The 1960’s found Elvis Presley cranking out two or three movies and accompanying soundtrack albums each year. By 1967 it had been almost five years since Elvis had issued a true studio album. How Great Thou Art would be a breath of fresh air for Elvis and his fans. Elvis returned to what may have been his strongest musical love and recorded an album of gospel and spiritual songs. The album would win the Grammy as the Best Sacred Performance of 1967. Interestingly while Elvis received many Grammy nominations the only three he would win were all for sacred music.more
Updated: Jul 14, 2008
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A couple of weeks ago FTD released How Great Thou Art, Elvis’ second gospel album in their classic album series.more
Updated: Jul 14, 2010
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The Dutch magazine Almost in Elvis provided us with another translation of one of their articles, this time from their latest issue "Run On".more
Updated: Feb 28, 2010
This third volume in the “How Great Thou Art” series is the final installment covering Elvis Grammy Award winning recording sessions for his second gospel album “How Great Thou Art”.more
Updated: May 19, 2004
If you really care about Elvis, don't call the radio stations - call your Congressman and demand that they stop this evil system that allows only bands on labels with deep pockets to have "hits.more
Updated: Jul 14, 2002
It's the paradoxes we see in Elvis that made him the great artist that he was.more
Updated: Sep 3, 2002
The FTD/ Flaming Star cooperation just brought us another book, this time by Sigbjorn Stabursvik and Hans Otto Engvold. It handles the Nordic EP Discography 1956-1977.more
Updated: Mar 17, 2016
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This release from Belgium is a 2CD-set claiming to hold "more than the best of Elvis".more
Updated: Dec 1, 2000
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