One of Elvis' best original albums, containing recordings from the famous American Sound Studio sessions in 1969.more
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Elvis Presley’s 1968 NBC special had been well received and critically acclaimed and the resulting soundtrack had sold a million copies. Elvis quickly returned to the studio and recorded one of the better albums of his career.more
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BMG clearly stated that these releases are not for the fans, but for the general public.more
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While it may be difficult to believe now, Elvis Presley’s career in the late 1960s prior to his triumphant ’68 Comeback Special was on the skids. Presley had been starring in increasingly bland “Elvis Movies” with increasingly bland soundtrack albums. The hits were drying up and the music world was passing him by. Even the Comeback Special wasn’t a sure thing at first — the Colonel originally wanted it to be a Christmas special, which the show’s producers Bones Howe and Steve Binder fought against and won. They saw the show as an opportunity for Presley to regain his throne as King and he agreed. The rest, as they say, is history as Presley electrified the world as he had done in the 1950s.more
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From Elvis Presley Boulevard was released on May 20, 1976. While it just missed making the pop top 40, stalling at number 41, it reigned as the number one country album for four weeks. The album was said to have been recorded live but was in no way a concert album. His choices of songs were mainly sad or depressing as he was divorced plus his health continued to deteriorate. The vocals, however, remained pure and strong. Elvis could literally sing the phone book and make it listenable.more
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I’m afraid my view on this FTD is not as extensive as Loes’ view on Hits of the 70’s.more
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This is an album that could not be better done. "From Elvis in Memphis" and "Elvis Country" get more credit; but this is literally from the heart of the King......more
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Mississippi farm boy, Gospel aficionado, solo artist, songwriter, collaborator with Nashville A-list stars, member of the most successful studio group in history – and very soon, published author. Throughout his remarkable life, Memphis Boys keyboardist Bobby Wood has worn many hats in the music world. Fortunately for fans, he will soon release a book in which he candidly discusses his faith, family, frailties and his phenomenal career spanning six decades that has found him working with a range of prominent stars “from Elvis to Garth” and just about everyone in between.more
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FTD brought a “real” FTD in their last batch. Material not released before of subpar sound quality (according to the warning on the cover), especially for the fans: rehearsals for Vegas on January 25, 1973.more
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Thanks to eBay most releases are available to everyone, so we can review the “From His Roots” longbox too.more
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From Memphis To Vegas/From Vegas To Memphis was a double album by Elvis Presley released in November of 1969. It was a huge pop hit and also reached number 5 on the country charts. It was also an odd album.more
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The year is 1993 and after the release of the essential 50’s, it is time for the 60’s now!more
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Elvis Presley was king of the American music scene from 1956-1962. Such songs as “Hound Dog,” “Don’t Be Cruel,” “Jailhouse Rock,” and “Love Me Tender” are still instantly recognizable fifty years later. His impact upon the culture of The United States was extraordinary as he was worshiped and emulated by millions of teenagers.more
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During some time in the life of any Elvis fan, it happened. You got caught by Elvis. Maybe his voice, maybe his looks, maybe his music maybe even the whole package, but still it happened and from that moment on you were an Elvis fan. Not all fans are the same, and that’s all right.more
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Recently I become a little bit annoyed with all those “women/groupies” whom, 25 years after his death, come forward with the most possible and impossible stories.more
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In the late 1950s, Hart was a starlet, making thousands of dollars per week and billed as the next Grace Kelly.more
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The latest regular FTD is a 2 CD set that contains the rehearsals for the Las Vegas engagement in August 1974, filled up with some live tracks from that gig. Is it worth buying?more
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Another import label, Golden Archives, opened their archives, is it all “Gold” that we hear?more
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Another import label, "Golden Archives”, opened their archives. The first volume contained a lot of crap material, what did the producers find underneath that?more
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Released in Italy is the bootleg book “From The Dark To The Light”. Should we put our spotlight on it?more
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The TCB Band and Mondo Carne were in Mol Belgium on October 2nd. We already added our view on this remarkable event, but now you get it trough the eyes of a "member" of Mondo Carne.more
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We don’t feel we have to judge people that are making money out of Elvis (otherwise we had a very busy job), we just judge the product.more
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The only conclusion can be that the CD isn't really interesting for people already in possession of the There's Always Me Volumes containing these takes. For the less lucky among us, this CD brings about 35 minutes of good Elvis songs.more
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For the real collector, there's probably not too much he hasn't already got on these CD's. Although the thematic presentation of the out-takes is a great idea which makes the tracks come together as a whole.more
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Released in a series of promotional CDs by the EFE fan club is the CD “From Union Avenue To Thomas Street 1954 – 1969”.more
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