It was a classic moment in his career for sure and now FTD releases the soundtrack in their classic albums series.more
Updated: May 29, 2016 Shop
1973 found Elvis Presley popular again. His television special, Aloha From Hawaii, had been seen by over a billion people. The subsequent soundtrack album had sold five million copies in the United States alone and reached number one on the pop and country charts. Col. Parker kept Elvis on the road where he played to sold out concert halls. RCA would capitalize on Elvis’ re-birth by releasing two more albums in 1973.more
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In a big anniversary year like this a lot of (re)issues see the light of day. Actually a lot of them darken the sky, but there are some pretty stars among them. In which category belongs this book?more
Updated: Aug 23, 2007 Shop
For a small price you can get some original and hard to get dialogues of Elvis (on his divorce and drugs abuse) not available on many releases.more
Updated: Dec 12, 2002
On this page you can find all the details on Elvis' 18 UK #1 singles which BMG re-releases in the United Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, France (import)and Switzerland (import).more
Updated: May 8, 2005
Every other year the famous Wertheimer collection is rehashed in some form, this year because of the traveling exhibition Elvis At 21.more
Updated: Nov 23, 2009 Shop
Gravel Road Music just released a 3CD box focusing on Elvis in 1969, both in the studio as on stage.more
Updated: Jan 26, 2014
Once again the Belgian/ Dutch fanclub ElvisMatters organized a big event in my little country. Time to jump in the car and go to Eindhoven (of all places).more
Updated: Sep 21, 2007
With this release BMG continues the standard they set with the ELV1S 30 #1 Hits” release. With “E2” in our hand we already look forward to E3. This album is "second to none" it stands equally with its predecessor.more
Updated: Oct 4, 2003 Shop
We though to be smart buying a “silver” edition of the “Elvis 2nd To None” CD from eBay. We got a few surprises.more
Updated: Feb 4, 2004 Shop
It's finally here! The long waited DVD Audio release of "Elvis 30 # 1 Hits" You will not be disappointed it's so good, you wouldn't believe it before you hear it.more
Updated: Dec 13, 2002 Shop
As everyone knows, Elvis #1’s was released in the US this past Tuesday, September 24th. For the first time in my memory, BMG actually had promoted, and I mean really promoted, an Elvis release, so much so, in fact, that even non Elvis fans were talking about it. The Colonel would be proud.more
Updated: Oct 1, 2002 Shop
Since there are no extra tracks (read: outtakes), you do not need this release for the music itself if you have the original. Still we think it might be worth the effort to get rid of the original and buy this one.more
Updated: Feb 23, 2003 Shop
Elvis Presley would have turned 75 on January 8, 2010. In celebration of that event the RCA label, through their Legacy Series, has issued a four-CD, 100-track box set.more
Updated: Dec 3, 2009 Shop
With a cover like this we wonder, can looks be deceiving?more
Updated: Nov 10, 2004
This is the kind of book that will keep you reading for a long time, and gives you a lot of facts on the Music, the Man and the Myth Elvis Presley.more
Updated: Feb 2, 2004
Elvis Aaron Presley was an 8 LP box set released in 1980 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of his recording debut. Despite the high price tag it sold over a million copies and consisted basically of unreleased live performances and obscure tracks from Elvis’ long recording career. Many of these tracks have now been re-released a number of times but in 1980 they were unique. This set was issued in CD form in the early 1990s but has long been out of print.more
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In the last issue of Elvis Today an article about Elvis' RIAA certification was included. The author, Brian Quinn, asked us to publish some corrections and an additional reaction by Mike Omansky.more
Updated: Dec 24, 2000
It was obvious, that most people were either getting the facts wrong or not understanding under which considerations the #1 CD's of Elvis and the Beatles were compiled.more
Updated: Jul 7, 2002
Another book in the huge pile of book released around the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ passing, is “Elvis And Buddy – Linked Lives”, by Alan Mann. Mann, Rock’n’Roll expert – according to the cover text of the book – and author of “The A-Z of Buddy Holly”.more
Updated: Oct 2, 2002 Shop
Released by the Golden Archives label is the CD “Elvis And Friends Unplugged”. Should it be part of your archive?more
Updated: Apr 19, 2005
After the book and the video we now have a DVD on the 1956 summer love between Elvis and June. It contains some great footage of Elvis on stage and a lot of footage of Elvis enjoying himself to full extend still feeling free.more
Updated: Sep 29, 2002 Shop
Pardon my confusion. Is this 2002 or 1972? Hard to believe, but this week the top two spots on the Billboard 200 albums chart are occupied by Elvis Presley and the Rolling Stones.more
Updated: Oct 16, 2002 Shop
Recently we received this novel by Mark McGinty. Is the author able, like Daniel Klein in his “P.I. Elvis”-series, to draw a trustworthy Elvis?more
Updated: Dec 6, 2003
The postman is still recovering from delivering this book. It’s a massive guide of over 600 pages, which tells you all the ins and outs about the phenomenon “Elvis fan”.more
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