Santa was a bit late this year, but finally did deliver the "Countdown To Christmas" just before new year's eve 2008.more
Updated: Jan 9, 2009
March 5th 1963 was, you could say, a second day the Music died.more
Updated: Apr 19, 2015
After listening we can't say anything else than "It's a damned good collection!". A very pleasant 2CD set, with as biggest pro that the songs are put in chronological order, almost.more
Updated: Dec 2, 2001 Shop
We already had a review of this CD by someone that was involved in the project, and now it is time to give our own verdict.more
Updated: Feb 3, 2003
If you want a funny insight to Elvis' humour this is the CD to get. It is very well put together and is a cd you can actually listen to.more
Updated: Jan 7, 2003
Elvis’ 15th UK #1 hit, and last release in the sixties to make it to that spot only to return there in the seventies for one appearance. The next #1 hits required modern techniques or a special marketing campaign.more
Updated: Apr 6, 2005 Shop
Although considered a bad concert (running about 45 minutes) it is really an average concert from 1976 in a very good quality. But to release it over and over again …more
Updated: Dec 24, 2003
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