Silver Screen Stereo

By Dan SicilianoDec 5, 2001
Silver Screen Stereo
"Elvis, could I ask you not to snap your fingers" ... asks the engineer during an early take of "Tonight is so right for love", to which Elvis replies "my most humble forgiveness", could you imagine the look on Elvis' face. If only we were there...well, guess what.........? We are.....! The latest release from FTD "Silver Screen Stereo" is by far the best "movie songs" release in a long time. What a treat to hear these songs, some we have forgotten about and some, well, it's just been a while. I didn't know that "C'mon Everybody" and "Angel" sounded so great. Most of these tracks are represented here in outstanding sound quality, and the takes are wonderful. Listen to the really different first take of "Viva Las Vegas" and there is no better version of "Jailhouse Rock"! I think that the listener would really enjoy these songs, they are so fresh and vibrant, they make us want more, (I know I do). Some of the first few takes are a little hollow sounding on the vocals and overdriven, but overall great "binaural takes".  Remember when the "Essential Elvis" series started and how cool it was to hear different takes of some of Elvis' early movie songs, and then there was "Stereo '57" with some of the best sounding recordings ever released. Well, here are 26 more gems for the collector. It's all here, all the latest discoveries, three new takes from "Viva Las Vegas" (yes the Ann Margaret duets are all here, hey, was she in the studio with Elvis or was her part pre-recorded??!!). Elvis movie decade was not as many regarded as a waste of talent, but there are many hidden treasures and they sound great, and represent Elvis at a time when fun was the agenda for the day, just listen to the very end of "Clambake". There are a few takes that have been out on Bootleg for a while, but I feel much better knowing my money went to the right people.  This FTD release is the follow up to the earlier release "Long Lonely Highway" and if this is any indication of some of the stuff in the vaults (we know there is so much from so many sessions i.e. "Blue Hawaii, Kid Galahad, the list goes on)...Keep 'em Commin' Ernst! The CD cover is really "sixties Elvis, all the way" and is not much different from the other FTD CDs but it's nice all the same. The only complaint I have is that this CD and "Memphis Sessions" took a long time to get after their release date ( almost 3 weeks, when usually it takes about a week).  What would Elvis be without the movie songs, this is the fun part, the songs we sing in the shower or while driving down the street that just put a smile on your face remembering Elvis in that particular movie having a good time.....after all.....aren't we? I know I am! "clambake, gonna have a clambake". 


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