Rubberneckin’ Singles Collection

Sep 14, 2003
Rubberneckin’ Singles Collection
Released in The Netherlands only is a special box set of Paul Oakenfold’s Rubberneckin’ Remix. Design This design uses the same image as the various single releases of this single. Elvis with a bar over his head. But the design of this box is what you buy this package for. It opens like an old fashioned double album. Inside you find the three versions of the single, the 2 track card box, the standard 3 track single and the digi pack version of the 3 track single. All strapped to the inside. The back side holds the vinyl 12 Inch promo version of the single, a nice 'little' bonus. Content We described the content of the Rubberneckin’ release in our first review of the single release (see link below). In this review we will look at the box itself. The content of this package can be described in two ways. The first one is “much of the same” since you get the same songs (remix, extended remix and original version of Rubberneckin’) various times. The second one is “the complete package”. Most fans buy various versions of the single anyway for their collection. Buying this version they have all CD-singles and the vinyl (promo) edition. Conclusion Overall very well done, and a very collectible version of this single release. BMG Netherlands did a very good job for the fans, and hopefully for Elvis too, a special edition like this might boost the sales (just like the various versions of the Suspicious Minds single in 1999) helping Elvis to yet another chart success.

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I am Buffalo-Horn! (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 20, 2003report abuse
The Dutch Rubberneckin' set is very nice & extremely good value for money, but I feel I ought to point out that it is not really a BOX set as such - as you say, it's a double LP cover with 3 card holders for the CDs. Not really being pedantic, but I was a bit surprised when my copy arrived this morning that it wasn't in a box!
8735 (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 19, 2003report abuse
Is an Elvis Presley single again in the first place of the charts and I hope that break with the singles and to have 19 Elvis singles in all times instead of 18 singles. I hope that the Elvis fans love this single that is so beautiful in the Elvis Presley´s voice. Design and content are great. Content is the same because Elvis is in the heaven. Design is great. Love the video that put the one and only Human being and the king of music.Not only of rock and roll

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