Paradise, Hawaiian Style

Jul 13, 2004
Paradise, Hawaiian Style
The Follow That Dream “original cover art” edition of the Paradise Hawaiian Style soundtrack. Design As with the previous releases in this 7” format the artwork is stunning. Nice pictures, memorabilia, and information in the booklet and the original cover art makes a complete package, already worth buying, no matter what the content is music wise. Content Well, that’s about all positive we can say about this release. The movie was a cheap shot, trying to benefit of the success of “Blue Hawaii”. Where that movie had at least some decent songs in it like the title track, “Rock-A-Hula Baby” and the classic “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, this attempt had to do with the immortals like “Queenie Wahine’s Papaya”, “Scratch My Back” and “A Dog’s Life”. Anyway, we managed to sit through the whole CD, but it’s no guess it will only be used as decoration in the future. Ten unreleased songs are probably interesting to the diehards that really want to have everything. The only positive we can say about the songs is that Elvis was laughing his heart out too because of the ridiculous material he was recording. Conclusion A real collector’s item, and that’s where the label is for.


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sugartummy (profilecontact) wrote on Apr 11, 2013report abuse
The first song isn't bad at all, neither is scratch my back or house of sand. This is my heaven is almost as good as can't help falling in love and the last song is also good. As a soundtrack it's as good as Blue Hawaii and better then Girls!Girls!Girls!
ccrider (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 23, 2004report abuse
TexasRex, you don't expect FTD to release all the best soundtracks first do you? We will get Roustabout, etc. eventually but we also will get the "lesser" soundtracks as well. Patience!
TexasRex (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 19, 2004report abuse
I wonder who decided to restore THESE tracks -- possibly the most embarrassing of Elvis's entire film career -- for an FTD release! Added to which they are all OVERDUBS, which means that the instrumental backing NEVER CHANGES! We never get to hear the evolution of a recording as we did with "Viva Las Vegas" in that wonderful release. Why couldn't we have had ROUSTABOUT or FOLLOW THAT DREAM/KID GALAHAD instead?? Or how about this: the great George Stoll background scores from VIVA LAS VEGAS, GIRL HAPPY and SPINOUT!!
Antjie (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 18, 2004report abuse
I am a recent fan (4 years) and missed some of the Double Features releases, amongst others "Paradise, Hawaiian Style". I enjoy this FTD CD a lot. A Good variety. Great sound. "Drums of the Island" is a favourite. I agree on the silly lyrics. They deserve a chuckle or two. Then again, taken in context, they are cute. Why always have to be so serious? Elvis spent round about 24 hours in total recording these songs - did his best as usual and it shows.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 15, 2004report abuse
Many are just plain prejudice against any Elvis Film Songs. But for me, I've always enjoyed the Elvis Movie Soundtracks and "Paradise,Hawaiian Style" is a most refreshing and fun set. You can feel that Elvis really enjoyed recording these so called "silly" songs. There are some great gems here as "This Is My Heaven", "Stop Where You Are" and so on.. This FTD release with the 7" format Gate-Fold Cover sleeves, booklet etc is a Superb release. More please...especially looking forward to "Double Trouble"
David Brys (profilecontact) wrote on Jul 14, 2004report abuse
Somebody does like those silly ol' songs from this movie. Somebody like me for exemple. I'm no die-hard-fan, although some might disagree, but I like his voice and the way he uses it for the better songs and for the worse songs. I think these silly songs still sound a lot better than a many of the "Hound Dog" versions or the "Love Me Tender" versions (sung too uninterested with an air of 'let's get this out of the way so we can get on with the good stuff') from the live concerts in the 70's. With all respect of the live performances off course.

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