I'll Remember You

By ElvisNews.com/ LexDec 14, 2008
I'll Remember You

The latest “new” outing of FTD is the Vegas Midnight show of 3 February 1973. Was Elvis still at his top like less than a month earlier in Hawaii?


I’ve seen many worse covers for FTD releases, this one certainly isn’t too bad. At least the colour combination makes it readable this time. Four nice shots by Ed Bonja decorate the whole.



The show starts a bit hesitating, as if Elvis wasn’t completely present in time. Especially Steamroller Blues lacks the powerhouse ending it got a month earlier, and in many other versions, but also You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me doesn’t have the usual power. Somewhere during You Gave Me a Mountain Elvis got himself together and found the power of his voice again. Blue Suede Shoes even gives the impression Elvis was actually enjoying himself. Love Me Tender, Johnny B and Hound Dog (with bluesy start) get the usual rush treatment. What Now My Love is the highlight of the CD to me… a very convincing performance! Suspicious Minds is a showstopper as most of the times, this version has something extras since Ronnie Tutt is quite upfront in the mix. I Can’t Stop Loving You gets a powerful treatment, a bit too powerful at the end…An American Trilogy is as good as ever.
The two bonus tracks, Sweet Caroline (M.S. 2 Feb.) and the title song of the CD I’ll Remember You (D.S. 3 Feb.) are a welcome addition to this disc.
Overall the sound is good, the drums are upfront and sometimes there’s a bit overload on the mike.


The start wasn’t too strong, but all together it is a pleasant show. Incomparable to what he did a month earlier, but certainly not as bad as where I was afraid for, knowing some of the other shows of this engagement.


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dukebrando76 (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 25, 2009report abuse
i'm satisfied with this release; i own 670 of his concerts and this was one i didn't! i'm the type of fan that does not care about anything except hearing absolutly everything he ever recorded! i will never gripe and whine about it as long as it is elvis..... i'm satisfied! the period though is obviously a very debated period in his life( the impending divorce among other things) but we have the show and that is the most important thing! there are shows he did that i know will probably never be released; but if we can get as many as we can we should be greatful that we even have them!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2009report abuse
Of course its a disappointment. Its the same show you've heard a 100 times by now and with Elvis on auto-pilot after Aloha. You expected more? A different set-list? There was nothing in Lex's review that made me want to listen no less buy this CD.
ImmerElvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 20, 2009report abuse
I bought this CD upon reading of great comments from Lex and others on how fabulous this show was......Iand I am terribly dissappointed ! Another waste of money spent. Sony pushes us even further into the arms of other labels that do bring out better Q and better shows/concerts...no wonder.
ImmerElvis (profilecontact) wrote on Jan 12, 2009report abuse
Why didn't they include here the popular r'n'r medley of BSS/WLottaSh/SRR/JRock/HDog and also songs that he sang only once, z.B. I'm leavin it all up to you, or I need your love everyday or Portrait of your love ?? In my opinion they have missed those great ones. If we cannot use any capitals in Kommentar we send in, then please explain why Finkel & YD'tKnowMe's comments with lots of capital letters were printed ? As Elvis sang it "Are you sincere?" By the way Reidel or Anisini could have done a far better job with the mixing of songs like HHotel, LmeTender, LoveMe, Lonesome Tonight, etc etc where you do not hear the superb piano work that is "not" put in evidence enough (LiveinVegas 4CD box disc one, InPerson album a.o.) Or was that Dennis Ferrante's job to do it right ? Do some fans vielleicht know ?
KingCadillac (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 30, 2008
Invisible because there were too many capitals in the text
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 29, 2008report abuse
Now i actually heard this CD(after listening to a friends) its an OK release, Zero surprises except the nice pleasure of 'great sound' and a fair no messing around concert. from the 3 shows we now have from this period in 'good sound' concert wise i rate them (marks out of 10) and content wise like this:-
1.) ITS A MATTER OF TIME 1993 bootleg show(3.2.73 D/S) 7/10 sound 9/10
2.)FTD I'll Remember You show (3.2.73 M/S)6/10 sound 9/10
3.)Don't Think Twice Its Allright (2.2.73 M/S) show 6/10 sound 8/10
If you now have all 3 you'll know what i mean, but FTD PROVED 1 thing 'Sweet Caroline' seems LIKE a better version when the SOUND IS IMPROVED!
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 18, 2008report abuse
Elvis is on the "automatic pilot" here in this show. Nothing wrong with the show, allthough it is clear to my ears that he was not very motivated and he had troubles with his voice/overall feelings at that time. (just after the succes of the Aloha show, private problems, motivation problems to sing in Vegas, etc). Nevertheless I would be thrilled when I would be in the showroom that night ! Because an Elvis show was not only a thing to hear him sing, but also to SEE him perform !
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 17, 2008report abuse
Anything that says mastered by VIC ANESINI pleases me immediately!
circleG (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 16, 2008report abuse
I just had an awful thought... does that mean we'll see future re-releases of Rene's Cds but by better people? Man, i hope not ... I couldn't afford it.
Bob Finkel (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 16, 2008report abuse
Well, to be honest. This is not the highlight of the FTD's releases. BUT it is a fair show from Vegas in 1973 for the collectors like I am. Almost every FTD release mastered by LENE REIDEL -by the way, is he male or even female? - is bad. The sound is strange and remastered maybe to death. The IN PERSON FTD mixed and mastered by VIC ANESINI is very very good. It sounds very good and you can hear every instrument. Damn fine job Vic! Thank you.
elvistruth (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 16, 2008report abuse
Otisblue22: Absolutely RIGHT!! Genedin: You're Welcome!!
sitdown68 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 16, 2008report abuse
otisblue22: thank you very much. intresting insight!
OtisBlue22 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 16, 2008report abuse
I guess Elvis thought he had left the purported world tour too late, and the expectation level would have been unbearable. Also, I suppose playing Vegas was easier. He had a rapport with the gamblers and Hilton regulars. Remember, this was the man who became so dissinterested in recording that RCA set-up a makeshift studio in his own home, just three years down the line. If Mr. Smith won't come to Washington, bring Washington to Mr. Smith. Nevertheless, he could have made millions if he had stepped foot in Japan, where fans were still fanatical. Imagine if Jerry Schilling had managed him, like he did The Beach Boys? I doubt there would have been any funny business as far as payments are concerned. Lastly, sure, Vegas was an artistic and commercial step back after Honolulu. But what more did the man have to prove, after performing to the world via satellite, and making a cool million in the process? Long live ze king!!
genedin (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 16, 2008report abuse
thanks elvis truth
sitdown68 (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 15, 2008report abuse
Well, if we talk about being "fed up" of doing Vegas, why in all the world didn't he do the world tour back then? Todd Slaugther once mentioned that there were plans to book Presley for the London Palladium for '78. But Presley's his health conditions had not allowed it back then, had he lived. So, why did those "Europe" projects and world tour plans never materialize? Despite of Parker, there would have been plenty of people around, to tour the world with the man...Any ideas?
You Dont Know Me (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 15, 2008report abuse
Well coming from 'Lex' i simply MUST take this as a 'positive review!' above all else sounds as if the sound presented here will be rather enjoyable/listenable! I cannot comment on the show itself as (i bet) i don't get my new FTD's until January 09' sometime, but still from Lex's general positive comments i will certainly like playing it when it arrives! After all its still ELVIS performing to a 'aloha styled'consistancy that is still a very enjoyable experience to hear
I Saw the Light (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
Thanks, Ton Bruins and Elvistruth! Seems that Lene Reidel f....d things up again :) I don't know what this person is still doing in the FTD team, anyway..
elvistruth (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
genedin: bonus at the end.
genedin (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
so is "ill remember you" in the concert order or added as a bonus at the end?
elvistruth (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
Yes it's very superior "It's a matter of time" (1993 release!!!) that this FTD one. Both soundwise and Elvis quality in concert!!! Anyway it's interesting having a NEW concert but please with ANOTHER mastering team next time!!!!
JLpResLey (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
I´ve said it before and I want to say it again. Elvis Presley was not at his top during Aloha from Hawaii. Yes, a good show, but a standard show. It was the event that created the success. Such an event would always be a success with the number of Presley fans in mind. But I understand that he was bored to perform in Vegas after such a success. One other thing. Ton Bruins - If Elvis had fed up with the old songs, he could have changed his track list. It wasn´t like someone forced him to sing them
elvistruth (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
Enough is Enough! The sound is very poor compared to "It's a matter of time" Why??? almost 16 years after! One more time Lene Reide!? Poor cover!! Poor sound!! Contents anyway are important for me but please ERNST change or go out! (the same with "In Person" of course).
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
"I saw the light": No, this show is not better then the bootleg "It's a Matter Of Time" soundwise and contenwise...
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
Of course this is a very bad show after his huge succes after The Aloha Show in January 1973. Elvis knew from now on that he was "caught in a trap" so to say. He was bored to go to Vegas allready but to go to Vegas after the Aloha show was especcially painfull..There was no challenge left for him in Vegas. And he knew that himself..Just do the show and go to the hotel room after the show..no challenge at all, just routine..Every night the same old songs..how boring..! He should have guitte singing in Vegas..After that 1973 engangement in Vegas he did some very good shows on the road but he was caught in his image and he knew that for sure I think. Very sad !
I Saw the Light (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
Is it better then the dinner show (soundwise and contentwise) released on 'It's a Metter Of Time' and 'Vegas Rhythm'' bootlegs? Anyone?
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Dec 14, 2008report abuse
Thanks Lex - Im def skipping this one as it offers nothing new at all. I'll watch Aloha instead.

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