Fed Up Elvis Fan

By KeriabooAug 5, 2006
I thought I was a real Elvis Fan but maybe I'm not. I had listened to his music for over 30 years (can still remember his death on News At Ten!) and bought all kinds of records watched all the films but today I feel totally down hearted. As the 30 year anniversary approaches I see no sign of any CD or DVD release to inspire me. The latest BMG releases of "Live", "Movies" and "R&B" are uninspired, rehashed trash with no thought or brain power put in to their release. Where is the inspiration here? Have we not waited so long for a Remix CD? Where is it? Must we be subjected to the same songs repackaged again and again and again? Is the Colonel still in charge here? I long to have a CD of top producers and DJs (Fat Boy Slim anyone?) giving Elvis a fresh, modern perspective. It has been done twice - highly successfully with Conversation and Rubberneckin' and there are dozens of little known songs out there that much of the public haven't heard. The purists will say to leave it alone but I am totally bored with the 473rd release of Suspicious Minds. The January CD release of the Heartbreak Hotel single was a disaster and he didn't even scratch the UK charts - take the hint BMG. I want Elvis out there to a mass audience - not just the pure hardcore fans. And what about the long argument regarding On Tour and Elvis In Concert, only available in bootlegs. There is so many hours of On Tour that has never been released when are we getting a new version - like we did with That's The Way It Is? I also have DVD copy of the full two shows for the CBS Elvis In Concert show, as well as the actual one that was shown. Some of the footage here is outstanding and I was amazed at the performance of some of the songs, most of which is hidden away as we would not be able to cope with the sight of a fat Elvis! What, can overweight people not sing? Barry White?, Pavarotti? Mario Lanza? did they struggle? Fact - Elvis was overweight near the end of his life, fact - Elvis in Concert is actually very good do not believe the negative publicity, these are really great shows and deserve the same full DVD treatment as 68 Special and Aloha. So let's try and get Elvis back on track here. For next year get the CD remix album out, A new On Tour DVD Deluxe set and a full remastered Elvis In Concert DVD with full out takes and start treating loyal fans with respect and not insult us with boring, unimaginative rehashes of the same stuff.
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eric c (profilecontact) wrote on Mar 22, 2009report abuse
I'll never understand why on tour continues to go ignored. seems to me a deluxe 3 dvd set should have been in the works long ago. what about a soundtrack release???? or a box set of the various concerts recorded.... a 5 cd set featuring live shows in their fullness from greensboro, richmond, hampton, jacksonville and buffalo,ny... or any combo you want. it should also get a cd/book from FTD. i'll never understand why they continue to miss it.
Ruthie (profilecontact) wrote on Nov 5, 2007report abuse
Dear Kerriaboo,, Just because you are fed up with all the rehashing & remixing of the same old stuff doesn't mean you aren't an Elvis fan. Sounds to me like you are a great Elvis fan. You made very strong points & most of us agree with you. However, your excellent statements aren't doing any good here. You need to get this message to BMG. And if you want support I am sure there are hundreds of us who would add our signatures. Go for it & good luck!
Maradona (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 13, 2006report abuse
Great topic. I've been looking around the web to try and find somewhere to lobby hard for the release of Elvis on Tour and the Elvis CBS '77 thing. I've only ever seen snippets of each. I'm a (relatively) young fan, aged 30, and would kill for these releases, especially after the majestic jobs done on TTWII, '68 Comeback Special and Aloha. Are there many more Elvis discussion forums on the web?
ElFan (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 9, 2006report abuse
Keriaboo, The reason the proposed January CD single of 'Heartbreak Hotel' did not scratch the U.K charts is because it was never released in the U.K!
EspenK (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 22, 2006report abuse
I agree that remix projects are needed. And it pleases me to see that this comes from a person who is even older than me (Im 37) - and yes we both remember Fatboy Slim :) Only thing I am concerned about is that the remix project is handled by the right persons. In my humble opinion the first and second remix showed us all first how it should be done then how it should NOT be done: Junkie XL gave us a wonderful remix from a high cred DJ, Oakenfold was wrong from the beginning, using a sellout producer with absolutely zip cred on the club scene making something he probably finished while the dinner were waiting on the table. Oakenfold is typically someone you call to do a remix when you have absolutely no idea what's going on on the clubscene.
buyep01 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2006report abuse
Hey there my fellow Elvis fans I am 29 and have been a fan for 24 years and I am have been waiting for what feels like forever for new releases my sympathy to the older fans who have had to wait longer. I am one of the fans that buys everything I can afford that is released if its Elvis and many time they are just differrent packages. EPE shouldn't kid its self every one who goes on line and searches has a bootleg of 4 or 5 different EOT, and elvis in concert VCD/DVD copies. I would like to know what happen to the deluxe version of Elvis Lives and This is Elvis. some say no other artist gets as much released from the vaults as Elvis hell no one has as much to release as the king that people will buy. Don't kid yourself elvis still has a huge fan base and he still sales. It is said you have to turn to a bootleg for footage that has been pro shot and get lesser quality which makes elvis look even worse instead of a high quality master release with maybe narrative explaining how his medical problems were but he went on for his fans anyway. I also think there was a recent finding that showed the concert from 19 and 21 were not the only footage pro shot but the actual june 26 show was also shot, and the original broadcast has nothing shameful about it between clips and documentary footage that has been showed they could add the other 5-6 songs and have at least an initial release, since all the other songs left are performed very well and is a damn good concert. ETTWII all pro footage should be released. I have viewed some novices remasters of steady home videos of concerts like ny's eve 76 and even those look as good as some pro concerts if EPE would just put a little time and effort in being creative and showing him the respect that the greatest entertainer of all time deserves. you know it really makes me feel bad that I left a 60.00 dvd box on the shelf while a beatle fan pulled his for the same price his excitement was like roaring because he was getting to see complete new things. However I cant pay 60.00 for a pack that contains three exact movies I already have. I really thought there was suppossed a huge release of new material released when the deal with CKX was signed. On an end note i just received the single realeased on dvd of the 68 special and it is very well done and the sound is excellent however if you also own the 3cd deluxe version don't blink honestly you will miss what ever was added if you find anything. But for price it is worth it and the quality is great. Lets stay in this together for the kings memory and hope for something big by august of next year.
Keriaboo (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 20, 2006report abuse
Thanks guys, glad to know I'm not alone in wanting some "new stuff" from the King. I think BMG thought they were on a winner with last year's box set singles reaching top 5 each time (yes with three No1s too), but now the charts have changed and sales are included from downloads as well - and Elvis does not get much in downloads as everytne has heard his material as it is freely available in a million different formats. Loook what happened to the Heartbreak Hotel CD single - it sold zilch! When I think back to all the great songs like Power of My Love, Wearin that Loved On Look, Let Yourself Go, Such A Night, US Male etc that are not widely known outside Elvisfandom then the potential is there for one hell of a remix album. But I feel the intellectual spark of creativity is not there at BMG. I was hoping that there would be BIG plans for the 30th anniversary next year but I am not aware of anything - Does anyone know what plans they have? I won't go on about On Tour and In Concert again as I think the point has been made. Just get it issued EPE and stop treating us like children.
CD King (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 11, 2006report abuse
It bloody high time, EPE bring out the reels of Elvis In Concert (I mean the last 1977 Concert) and dust it..hopefully the films are still intact after 29 years rotting away in the EPE vault. The the next step is to quickly Restore it and Remaster it and Re Edit and put it out on DVD. It is an unforgivable sin to just let History rot in the vault and also deprive the loyal fans and collectors the pleasure to own the pristine quality footages on DVD.. Come to think of it, what a Shame and Disgrace that ELVIS IN CONCERT is still Not on DVD. Also why are we still waiting for CHARRO, TICKLE ME, ELVIS ON TOUR and GIRL HAPPY on quality DVD??? Something must be very wrong with the Elvis management...So sorry I forgot The Colonel is dead.
Jim Semple (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 11, 2006report abuse
Tell you what, Elvis in Concert - his walk from the dressing room, standing waiting to go on stage, the tension, that bit alone is worth the price of a DVD. I think its quite simple, its all down to $$. Don't be fooled by EPE worrying about his image etc, thats a smokescreen. If EPE thought a new DVD would sell a million copies, it would bring CBS Special out before Xmas this year ! They obviously feel that it's not cost effective. Tragic news for us fans.
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 11, 2006report abuse
Aside from Elvis On Tour, does anyone know what the hold up is for releasing the remaining Elvis movies on DVD? K. Cousins, Tickle Me, Live A Little, Stay Away Joe, & Charro? I have heard nothing about these in a year or so.
see see rider (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 11, 2006report abuse
I too also believe in releasing "On Tour" & "Elvis in Concert" on DVD the same way as the '68 Comeback & "Aloha" DVD's with the extras..But as far as the "Elvis in Concert" special, I remember several years ago reading on the internet EPE saying then they wasn't gonna release it because of the way Elvis looked and the way he died and the way he was found and all the other stuff..and the fact it was still fresh in the minds of those that AREN'T fans and all the jokes and stuff that was being said..& so they didn't want to add fuel to the fire. But that's been several years ago when I read this so my question is..how much longer are we too wait? Wether the show is released or not..you're still gonna have people make wise cracks about it, so what makes a difference? Obviously there are people out here that do want it like myself. I haven't seen the special in it's entirety since it originally aired. Yes Elvis looked bad..but that voice of his was stronger than ever in my opinion. And like one person on here said..Elvis wasn't really fat judging by today's standards. Elvis if anything was more bloated than fat (if there's a difference). So bring on not only "on Tour" but also "Elvis in Concert" on DVD......With extras.
ranskal (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 11, 2006report abuse
I have mixed opinions about this. I feel the fans do get a bit ripped off when they buy a cd that contains songs we already have with maybe an alternate take or two. I do like the FTD releases that concentrate on the unreleased stuff.

As for Elvis In Concert, I would love nothing more than to have this footage released from the master tapes (both shows and special), but I really don't see it happening. I think our only avenue would be through the FTD label. I feel there are some fantastic performances from these shows but there are also some embarrassing moments (Elvis' mumbling, stopping the band 30 seconds into See See Rider!). The footage is out there, just not in the greatest quality. I don't think EPE is not releasing the footage because of the reaction of Elvis' image and performances, I think they are not releasing it because of the $$$. Maybe they don't think it will sell enough to justify the cost to produce it.
colnago (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2006report abuse
I feel the same way as Keriaboo.I'm desparate for some new material.I can't believe they keep bringing out the same material time and time again,with new packaging.It really annoys me.It's the same with dvds.Where is the control over what's released on dvd.My local music shop is full of rubbish Elvis dvds that I refuse to buy.They are cheap and unnofficial.You don't see this marketing strategy with the Beatles.They release quality over quantity,whereas with Elvis it seems to be the other way around.I know we've had some great dvds too like Aloha and '68 Special but they are far outnumbered by cheap trashy dvds.I also agree that Elvis In Concert should be released on dvd with extra tracks such as Fairytale,It's Now or Never and Trying To Get To You.They are classic vocal performances.I also hope,as everyone else does,that we get a special edition of Elvis On Tour.It's too good a film to be left as it is.The sound and picture need improving as was done with That's The Way It Is S.E.I live in hope.
nrbl (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2006report abuse
I probably have my head in the sand as someone previously about the comment i'm about to say in regards to Elvis in Concert. I honestly don't see him as fat,not by todays standard, and much less after knowing all that he was going threw medically, i'm sure any of us gets a twisted colon, all our guts is going to stick out! yes he was bigger that he was in 68, but so what, his singing wasn't what it was like before but again so what, i the dvd of both the shows and i still enjoy them, but i will agree that i could skip over Jailhouse Rock and some of the faster ones, but i don't, i just enjoy him as is.
RonBaker (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2006report abuse
Spinout? I really like Spinout (the movie) and the album is one of Elvis' best. I don't think it belongs in the crap category at all. Stay Away Joe definately does.
untamedhawk (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2006report abuse
Hello Keriaboo, I have several opinions on this article, but I'll only add 1. It's my opinion that EPE (or anyone involved) keeps this material under lock and key for the simple reason "They feel they'll drowned us if they release too much rare material". I'm not sure why this is their attitude, when 1 Concert release per year from different venues would revive a fury in collectors. What scares me most, is They'll release bits of this concert and that concert, and in 5 years - they'll release those entire concerts 1 by 1 annually. "Ripping the fans off again" as usual. I'm not sure if it's permitted here, but if you'd like to talk more on this issue, feel free to e-mail me at yahoo Untamedhawk2000. The release of the new & Improved of the old new & Improved, which are actually just releases of Digitally re-mastered Masters, taken from the old remastered (Is anyone getting any of this?) LPs/Cassettes/8 tracks/CDs. If I were to delete from my collection ALL copies of the same songs I have, and keep only the best of all of these - I guess my Original RCA collection would almost disappear. I'm STILL waiting for alternate takes of Hound Dog.....That alone would impress me.
Keriaboo (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 9, 2006report abuse
Good to see so many agree with me. I think those who think that In Concert would do Elivis's legacy harm should maybe watch Harum Scarum or Paradise Hawiian Style or Spinout to realise the REALLY CRAP stuff Elvis did. In Concert may not be the best but it is not the worst by a LONG LONG way. I don't see why we should have to wait a few more years for this stuff, just so we can by another Greatest Hits album - No Thanks. I want a little bit more respect from BMG and EPE. There is no argument about the REMIX album - we are not going to get any new material fro the King so we need something different.Get the skates on...
RonBaker (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2006report abuse
Remixes can be very good. The entire "Guitar Man" sessions (released on FTD as "Too Much Monkey Business") shows that good remixing/re-recording works. "Just Call Me Lonesome" is so much better on the TMMB album--I hardly ever played the original. I always did like "A Little Less Conversation" but the original died on the Hot 100 at #61 (I think)...the remix went to #1. I vote for more surround sound releases...several quad LP's were released during Elvis' lifetime. The new Moody Blues (group) releases prove that those old quad masters can successfully be made into surround sound cds. I'm waiting for the purists to complain that the hiss on "Tender Feeling" needs to be left in for it to sound authentic. The market has been flooded with compilations lately. The Christmas cds are a prime example. How many times can one release be repackaged???? Apparently it can happen ever single year. I'm more than ready for "On Tour" and "In Concert" to be released officially. I'm also very ready for "This Is Elvis" on dvd. Elvis left us a great legacy in music and film (even a bad Elvis movie is better than no Elvis movie). The catalog needs to be completely restored. FTD seems to be doing that...along with the soundboards. I just hope things are done while I'm still alive to enjoy them!
John4126 (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2006report abuse
I had read that Turner were not looking at Elvis on Tour as TTWII - Special Edition had failed to make much money as a Cinematic release and the DVD sales weren't as good as projected. Can't understand it personally as TTWII always seemed to be in the top 10 DVD sales for a considerable time. The FTD label is a fantastic idea and we are so fortunate to get such a steady flow of unreleased stuff. But even there i have soundboard fatigue, the shows are too similar, i tend to play them once and file them away. I buy them to support the label and because there may be a golden nugget hidden away on them. BMG seems to have gone back to flooding the market with these genre releases - i dont have a problem with them per see, i don't buy them but can appreciate that they are aimed at the casual buyer. As for re-mixes - yes please - fresh, exciting and i love them.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2006report abuse
Dixieland Rocks, I agree with you 100%. The world will just turn on when they release Elvis In Concert. Nothing will change. The media and the non-Elvis fans will say: "See, Elvis is a fat junk in a white suit". But they all ready say the same thing for years now ! It will make no difference. When my friends see the Aloha show on DVD they say that Elvis is fat and a junk. lol. Thousands of Elvis fans will still buy Elvis clock's, Elvis duck's and other shit that the EPE allows to sell. It's all about money for them. Nothing wrong with that, but allow us to buy Elvis On Tour and Elvis In Concert on DVD then.
shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2006report abuse
The June 26th show wasn't filmed or recorded professionally
Narek (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2006report abuse
I agree and disagree at the same time. Yes, the repackaging thing is getting everyone sick, the only repackaging I welcome is the one where sound is remastered to a higher quality. I will be ready to buy Hearbreak Hotel for the 100th time if I know there's a better sound. As to the Uninspiring material, well let me tell you this, I've had the 68 standing shows in b/w for a long time, but when I bought the new 1968 DVD release, it was AMAZING. It keeps me inspired up until now. many fans waited for that release and IMHO no-one was dissatisfied. I also can't wait for the 1977 shows to be released on similar quality because I also believe that the last concert of June 26 in Indianapolis is tamong the greatest shows Elvis Presley did. I'm sure this will be released and naturally so will the On Tour shows. I just think you are impatient. Personally I dint want EPE to release everything at once, cos otherwise we will face the prblem you are facing now. I am ready to wait a couple of more years to get a high quality DVD releases of 1977 and On Tour, which will be as good as the 1968 DVD. I don't think too much time passed since 1968 and Aloha releases
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 8, 2006report abuse
Dixieland Rock - U are on the money - well said! Elvis bicylces I guess are more important than historic footage.
Dixieland Rock (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2006report abuse
I don't understand how E.P.E. can make the argument of not releasing the 1977 footage for the sake of "negative publicity" when they allow stuff on the market like that Elvis Duck & so many other silly things. To me, that stuff is making Elvis look more like a laughing stock than by releasing the 1977 film footage would. I think by now everyone realizes Elvis was overweight & not in good health in 1977. Even non Elvis fans know that. I doubt seriously the non fans would even buy the 77 Concert footage if it was in stores on DVD. The ones that'll buy it overall are going to be fans anyway. Some of the 1977 footage was released on "This Is Elvis" & "The Great Performances Volume 1". And the world kept right on turning. Showing that 1977 footage on VHS & DVDs didn't hurt the sales of those releases either. People that don't like Elvis aren't going to buy it anyways. Those that do like Elvis, will buy it. That's pretty simple.
Ronaldv (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2006report abuse
I don't think E.P.E. gives permission to release the 1977 Cbs tapes in the next couple of years. they assume that it gives elvis too much negative publicity, it is not meant for all the people who like to buy an elvis dvd. we have to stick to our bootlegs for a while, including the great june 26 1977 show. In my opinion Ftd is not going to release a dvd from elvis on tour at short notice, the costs are way too high, they stick by releasing cd's for some time Ernst said a couple of times. But I hope they release it soon! there are some complete unreleased shows in the vaults, we only know the (cd's) audio, which are great. on the other hand, there must be something left to be desired....
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2006report abuse
OK, I am greedy...LoL. No problem.
shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2006report abuse
Ton, those songs may be highlights of those particular concerts (which goes to show how bad the rest of the show actually is if Elvis with so much vibrato he sounds like he's standing on a pneumatic drill singing "And I Love You So" is a highlight!) but compared to the years that had gone and the performances that OTHER PERFORMERS were doing in concert they just sound bland, lame, tired and generally uninspired. His voice was not good here.
And yes, we all agree about On Tour, and no doubt it will come. But, as I said earlier, it is the ONLY major part of the Elvis legacy that has not been made available in a super-duper remastered extended form, so relax dude and think yourself lucky for having had the rest of the recordings made available to you. Think back twenty years and see what was available then!
We do seem to forget that Elvis is just a singer to BMG, and rightly so. Yes, his legacy is important. But is he the biggest selling artist of the current time? No. Is he going to be? No. They have other fish to fry. Let them get on with their job. They don't have any duty to give people exactly what they want, but they have done damned well with the FTD label. Calm down, and stop being greedy!
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2006report abuse
Ok Ton, calm down will you? Nothing personal but it seems whenever theres a negative thing to say about Elvis´ releases you are the first in line to complain!
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 7, 2006report abuse
Please don't give me that "If you don't like it then don't buy it" again. And please don't say that we are compaining because we are not. We just discussing some things here, ok ? I think it's perfectly normal that many, many fans want a DVD release from On Tour. It's from 1972 for God sake !!! and now it's 2006 !!! That has nothing to do with complaining Shakingruud. And if you want to buy the Aloha show again on DVD just because of a few minutes interview that's fine with me, but I think it's a ripp off !
Mielvis (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2006report abuse
Sorry but I don't want re-mixes leave the classics alone.
Shakingruud (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2006report abuse
complaining, complaining, complaining....thats all we like to do these days. As Shaneleebrown said before, dont forget our hero is dead for almost 30 years. And still we got lots of releases on cd and dvd. If you dont like it, dont buy it. Dont forget Sony/Bmg is a company that wants to make money. Simple as that. Elvis still sells, so they will release a x-mas cd, a greatest hits cd, a love compilation cd, because people still buy those releases! Its a fact that Elvis is not forgotten, people still want to hear the hits. Next year its 30 years after, and, again, we will have the compilation cds. I dont care, cause its the only way to keep my hero in the spotlights! Yesterday i bought the newly released 68 comeback and Aloha dvds. Most of the stuff i had already, but the ´easter eggs´are great, and i really enjoyed it. Also, the design is very good of both dvds, they really did a nice job.
Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2006report abuse
Well, Elvis In Concert have a few more highlights. I Really Don't Want To Know, Hurt, You Gave Me A Mountain, My Way, Trying To Get To You, Faitytale, It's Now Or Never, Unchained Melody, If You Love Me Let Me Know, Little Sister, See See Rider, That's All Right Mama, And I Love You So, How Great Thou Art, Early Morning Rain. (See The CBS Tapes) Leave out his monologues and we have a great DVD ! I don't care about the general public really. The general public doesn't care at all. His voice was good and that counts. He was not a monster, wasn't he ? We are fans and a lot of fans want In Concert to be released on DVD officially, we all know that. It's for the FTD label to release it. And what about On Tour ? Don't we all think that it is about time that we get a DVD release just like That's The Way It Is ?
shaneleebrown (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2006report abuse
The problem here seems to be that many fans forget that Elvis has been dead for nearly thirty years. Fans are getting at least four new albums a year through FTD - whether they be concerts or outtakes - there is no other artist, dead or alive, who has been given so much material from the vaults. What more do you want? Yes, OK, On Tour and In Concert. But, considering they are now the only main things not available, I think we, as fans, have damn little to complain about. I also collect Sinatra material. There has been something like five concerts released since his death ten years ago. No out-takes, no rehearsals, no new live concerts on video/DVD - despite the fact that they are known to exist and are around on the underground circuit.

Elvis fans seem to forget just how lucky they are. Quit moaning folks! There is not a never ending wealth of material left so, of course, the label has to repackage old material in the hope that it will attract new fans. And the genre CDs must be selling or they wouldn't have released this latest batch. But they are not aimed at hardcore fans. I think it must be only Elvis fans who are mad enough to buy the same material over and over again!!!!

Keriaboo - you say that you want Elvis out there for the mass audience, and yet you also want Elvis In Concert released? Have you REALLY watched this lately? You want this out there for a mass audience? These are great performances? Nah, I don't think so. There are a few sparks of greatness there, but very few. The rock n roll numbers are a joke, How Great Thou Art shows an artist trying to over-compensate for his vocal inadequacy on this occasion, Mountain isn't a patch on earlier versions. Perhaps Hurt and I Really Don't Want To Know are the highlights. But they would make a short DVD!
Steve V (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2006report abuse
I think you can please all fans here. The remixes are a good idea as it really open up a new audience to Elvis. My son's fave Elvis songs are the 'new' ALLC with Rubberneckin a close second. So despite the purists, this stuff does have a market with today's youth. You dont have to buy it, you have the original. As for TTWII & On Tour, yes by all means release whatver there is in the vaults for the 30th. I'm not sure this is going to be easy as I hear Turner owns the rights. I have mixed feelings about In Concert. I can watch it, but not often, and I dont think I want the mass public to see it on the store shelves. Just another excuse to have the media blast Elvis when they review it. The 50's, 60's, & &70's box sets were the best things ever released by RCA regarding Elvis. Some of the streamlined CD releases have been excellent as well, such as Burning Love, ELvis 56, #'1's, 2nd to NONE. Every release has been downhill from there. And Please! No more Christmas compilations! I vote Elvis By The Presleys as the worse release ever.
Lex (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 6, 2006report abuse
Yesterday I watched Disc 2 of the NBC special and some outtakes of TTWII. That is the real Elvis for me. I do have of course the In Concert stuff too, but I never ever watch it. Saying he was good there is like sticking your head in the sand. He had some okay performances but overall he was not even a pale shadow of what he was just a couple of years earlier. Fans might want it, but you won’t do a larger public a pleasure with it.

I agree on On Tour thou, it’s time for a 5 DVD set in great quality. If I may add something… put some time and money in cleaning up the TV performances of the 1950s and the Sinatra show… that will be attractive to a large audience… if they don’t wait too long :-)

My opinion about remixes was, is and will ever be: no more messing please! I know the bottom is (almost) reached, but that is no excuse for raping Elvis’ legacy. Those “uninspired” releases are so much better than remixes… people can learn how great the man really was, and not how much noise some computer freak can add. That has nothing to do with music. I stopped buying those releases a while ago; maybe that’s an idea for you too?

Nowadays I only buy the FTDs and an occasional bootleg. Sometimes I wonder why. There’s not often something new there, but a man has to collect something ;-). This is what I noticed the last couple of years, the more I have… the more I stick to the original releases. In the whole they released what was best back then, but hey, that’s just my opinion.
elvissims (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2006report abuse
I agree to a point. For me as a hardcore fan, I'd certainly prefer other "new" material. I'd even enjoy albums of every take of songs Elvis recorded to see how the song progressed. Wouldn't it be cool to have a Burning Love album where every track was the next successive take of the hit? However, this is not for the casual or new fan. The good and bad thing about #1s and 2nd TO NONE was that they gave a smattering of Elvis songs with no emphasis on style. That was one of the biggest critiques of Elvis' albums in the 70s - the styles were too scattered on a particular album. The GOOD thing about the genre albums is that it allows casual / new fans to begin to experience more of Elvis' range and abilities. I could see someone who owns 2nd TO NONE saying, "I really like 'Kentucky Rain' and 'Always on My Mind.' Can I find more stuff like that?" Then they go to the store and pick up COUNTRY and realize in addition to those great songs, Elvis did a ton of other great stuff like that. Hopefully, this will get the newer / more casual fans to want more stuff like we do making more stuff available. My frustration is the FTD releases. They are TOO expensive, and the few I have do NOT have liner notes. If I spend $35 for a single CD release, one would think I'd get details about the sessions and / or concert. I guess we can't have it all. . .
corey3rd (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 5, 2006report abuse
I have to agree with you that BMG has reverted its ways to glut the record bins with redundant comps. For a while it appeared that they were getting it right with the Complete 50s boxset and streamlining the collection so that a fan didn't have to keep rebuying the same titles over and over. But now it seems that BMG has decided to push all the studio albums and soundtracks onto FTD while just filling up the bins with greatest hits collections. How many times can they repackage the Xmas and Gospel collections? Who really cares about buying the genre collections? It's all previously released tracks. People with a large Elvis CD collection can just create these collections. BMG needs to focus back on the actual records with the occassional hits package as a good sampler for the casual fan. They're undoing all their good work. And the "In Concert" stuff needs to be released - Graceland doesn't mind showing clips from it in the record vault.

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