Elvis Presley - Follow That Dream Edition

By ElvisNews.com / KeesAug 10, 2006
Elvis Presley - Follow That Dream Edition
50 years after its initial release this album gets the Follow That Dream gatefold make-over. Could it get any better than it already was? Design Both the design and the content rocked when it first came out. The live picture of Elvis screaming his lungs out, in Tampa Florida, set a generation free. It was a bold choice to select this image for the cover but it became a classic, imitated many times, even by some big names in pop music, but equaled … never! The booklet – illustrated with memorabilia - contains more images of the boy who would become a king overnight scoring the first million-selling Popular Music LP and the world’s first #1 Rock And Roll album. It describes the few months leading up to these historical events until it reached #1. Besides this historical information it contains background information on the takes on this release. The only thing we can come up with these releases is that it is a pity they don’t use the vinyl look CDs which have been used on several Elvis CD and single releases the last few years. Content This release rocks! It did when it first came out; it does when listening to it 50 years down the line. Kevan Budd did the restoration of these tapes and the transfers were made using DSD technology. We may be thankful that fifties fan Ernst Jorgensen is in charge of Elvis catalogue, making sure this historical album gets the treatment it deserves. I don’t think many producers would have allowed all this material to be restored to this quality. These songs sound like they were recorded yesterday, so crisp and clear. And right Ernst was, these recordings mark the breakthrough of Rock And Roll to the general public. I would say, make sure this release is available worldwide and only through the fan clubs. Many of the classic albums from the past have been released as special packages keeping up with the best possibilities at the time of (re)release. Elvis’ classic albums somehow never did. As for the content, does it need a review? The tracks are all classics going back to the SUN era, with RCA imitating Sam Philips “slap back” sound using several recorders and Sam’s “echo” with a stairwell. Stories like this add to the history of a classic release like this. You hear Elvis making history, and doing so having fun in the studio with everyone involved. All the chatter and working on the songs makes this a very vivid release to listen to (over and over again). The outtakes, presented in their historical order are a joy to listen to. When we reviewed the “Loving You” album we were not very enthusiastic on all the takes of that soundtrack song, mainly because the song isn’t as vivid as these classic Rock And Roll gems. What still makes me wonder is why “Heartbreak Hotel”, the song that made it all happen, was left off this album. That breakthrough song would have linked this album to musical history. Now Elvis remains a single artist, contrary to an album artist (the favorite medium of most music critics). Conclusion This release rocks! The original album did when it first came out and still does when released 50 years down the line. I’m not a real big fan of all the reissues and repackaging of the same material (including this album twice since 2005) but if I can get Elvis complete catalogue in this quality and in a package like this, I’ll renew it completely.


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Sandman (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 1, 2010report abuse
Saved by the grace of its half-dozen Sun leftovers.
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 29, 2006report abuse
Lyle- If the back of the cd cover say DSD transfer, I asume it´s a Direct stream digital CD. (Check). If then..I admit I was wrong about this particular cd. Apart from that, I was just giving straight facts about DSD.
lray (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 28, 2006report abuse
My copy of this FTD CD just arrived as well as the DVD 25th Anniversary Concert-Elvis Lives. Jesper take a look at the back of the CD package. It does say "DSD Transfers: Andreas Meyer at Sony Music Studios, NY." Does that mean that Matt wins this debate. I don't think so but I do know that this double CD sounds fantastic!!! So we all win. Maybe Kevin Budd and the DSD transfers has something to do with the great sound.
Greg Nolan (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 19, 2006report abuse
In either case, this is a phenomenal, "must-have" release! For this alone, Ernst Jorgensen, Kevan Budd, et. al. deserve all the praise in the world!
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2006report abuse
Wrong my friend! DSD was originally designed as a storage medium thas is correct, but that has nothing to do with how DSD is used as a transfer after the mastering process to make a "Direct stream digital" cd. (DSD is about 20bit by the way.) Dont confuse the two. DSD STORAGE is one thing, DSD TRANSFER in making DSD cd´s is another. In other words.. -Original tapes + superb mastering + DSD transfer = Best possible resolution 2006 for making cd´s. This EP release contain 1 out of those 3 steps. If you cant hear the difference, and are satisfied, -good for you!
Matt W (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2006report abuse
All CDs are 16 bit. DSD is not mastering, DSD is a storage medium. ie tapes transferred to DSD. Recordings then mastered as if just using the original tape. The 2005 BMG versions of these tracks are no better or worse than the 2006 FTD edition.
byebye (profilecontact) wrote on Aug 10, 2006report abuse
It´s a 16bit ordinary CD instead of the better sounding DSD edition earlier released by BMG. If they had the opportunity to work with better tapes this time, (still not the originals..!) then why choose a second degree format like a normal CD?! Is it because FTD is a budget label, made to still the demand for outtakes, rather giving FULL quality to the fastidious listener? Sure this cd may sound better compered to other normal EP cd´s, but not as good as it could with a technology like DSD (for a low cost as well.) But I guess going 95% is a strategy one has to get used to when it comes to Ernst and EPE... What I want is a product like the well thought over "Christmas peace" special edition, with it´s beautiful book cover and DSD.

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