Elvis Lives – The 25th Anniversary Concert

By ElvisNews.com / KeesSep 17, 2006
Elvis Lives – The 25th Anniversary Concert
Finally released officially on DVD is a performance from the “Elvis The Concert” tour; the 25th Anniversary Concert. Can we drop the fan releases? Design The design of this release is very simple, just a shot of the stage from the audience. Although I would have preferred the use of the actual 25th anniversary concert poster, this cover does show exactly what you get. A few liner notes (from Lisa Marie?) would have been nice too, after all this was a celebration concert and for many fans an historic event. Content More important than the image on the box is the content inside. Most of us have visited the “Elvis The Concert” tour one or more times. And indeed it is the closest thing to the original for many of us younger or non American fans. This concert is an extract of the 25th Anniversary Concert and gives us basically the complete “Elvis The Concert” concert. We have reviewed that several times, so I won’t go into the concert itself, you can simply relive that experience by watching this DVD yourself. Knowing the program of the actual 25th Anniversary Concert we have the first disappointment, why not bring us the complete concert?!? If this was filmed, so was the other half of the show. That additional material would have been great for the fans who could not attend that very special concert with the many additional artists and performances. As for the presentation of the concert, we can only compliment the editors. The audio is very good, so is the video. Contrary to the live concert you see Elvis very clear in stead of on a bubbled screen. It is just like watching a real concert registration. Only Elvis hair due and the split screens with the old and new footage of the band members gives it away. The camera sometimes misses the solo’s, focusing on the wrong band member or performer. The second minor is that in between the songs they edited commends from Ronnie Tutt, Joe Guercio and others, that spoils the sequence. There is a bonus section in which the guys sit around and talk about the show, just leave it there. We do wonder why the show is available through the EPE store only before releasing it worldwide January 2007. The complete product is available so why not press a "few" copies more. Conclusion A very fun release to experience the concert over and over again, unfortunately again an incomplete release, so hold on to the fan releases for the complete concert.

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Ton Bruins (profilecontact) wrote on Oct 4, 2006report abuse
I got a copy now and it's beautiful I must say. Especially because I was there that night in 2002 in Memphis. Highlights: "How Great Thou Art", "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "If I Can Dream".
Dan (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 26, 2006report abuse
I just wacthed the clips on YouTube. WOW! I had no idea they were done so well and seamlessly! I can't wait to get this video. It's done so well.....This one is a winner!
JerryLee (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 24, 2006report abuse
If any one is wishing to view some footage of the dvd, check out youtube, wow!
Teacher (profilecontact) wrote on Sep 18, 2006report abuse
The answers to many of your questions can be found in the news section of Elvis.com. Why just Act 2 and Gospel and not the entire show? To maximize distribution of this DVD, Coming Home Music had to make sure it could get it into mass-market retail outlets that will not sell a DVD that goes past the $14.98 price point. Without getting into those major outlets, paying all the clearances for non-EPE footage used in our very long show and paying for clearances from all the singers, musicians, music publishers et al, plus production costs for a longer program, would have put a DVD of the complete show into a budget realm that would have made that $14.98 price point impossible.

Act 1 focused mostly on 50s/60s movie and TV footage for which isolated Elvis vocal tracks, essential for proper "Elvis-interactivity" with the live band, do not exist, unlike Act 2, which focused on 1970s concert material for which isolated Elvis vocal tracks are available. The 50s/60s segments of Act 1 were highly enjoyable for those present for the live concert event, but from a theatrical standpoint, the excitement doesn’t translate to DVD and TV viewing as beautifully as the 1970s concert material of Act 2 and the gospel segment from Act 1. Within the budgetary limitations on clearances and on the run time of the DVD, it was determined that focusing on Act 2 and the gospel segment would give the audience the best possible viewing experience if the complete concert event could not be on the disc.

Update 6/10/06: Coming Home Music has found that they need more time in setting up full retail distribution of the DVD. The general release date and full retail rollout has been rescheduled for January 2007. However, as the DVD and its packaging will be complete within the next couple of weeks, Coming Home will be able to provide product to Graceland/EPE for its retail operations - the shops at Graceland and ShopElvis.com - starting in early August 2006 as planned. Coming Home Music continues to pursue possible television airings in addition to PBS affiliates.

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