Elvis 2nd To None (Bootleg)

Feb 4, 2004
Elvis 2nd To None (Bootleg)
We though to be smart buying a “silver” edition of the “Elvis 2nd To None” CD from eBay. We got a few surprises. Design This version contains no booklet, only a folded insert with some artwork from the predecessor “Elvis 30 #1 Hits”. The print quality is bad, there is no silver in this “silver edition” and the back looks like a bad quality bitmap, which is quite an achievement in dark colors. The printing on the CD is based on the E1 album too, they replaced the “I” with an “II”. The content of this CD contains a few surprises, and this time we’re not referring to the quality of the songs as we got these on the regular edition. The first surprise is the opening track, we don’t get Elvis first hit in the SUN recording but a seventies live version. The next surprise is “King Creole”. Where is that classic bass intro? We got an alternate take, #18 to be precise from the extended soundtrack album released in 1997. “Promised Land” starts with some studio chatter we heard before, and after some browsing we found it on “Rhythm And Country” as an alternate take 4. "Trouble" is not the 1958 song, but the 1970's "T.R.O.U.B.L.E.", another "mistake". But fortunately we have the bonus tracks to look forward to! Or do we … It must be hell for bootleggers to have two songs titled “Roustabout” so indeed; we get the version we have known for nearly thirty years. Listening to the last bonus song, the “Rubberneckin’” remix we got the last surprise of this CD, in stead of Paul Oakenfolds remix we got the “final groove” version which was made by a fan. Although good to have it on a CD this version contains two real bad errors, a screeching sound which last for several seconds making this track impossible to listen to. There is some variation in the volume, probably caused by the various sources (including MP3’s from internet, the only source for the “groove mix”). Conclusion Probably a nice one for the collectors but a real “stay-away” for the general fan. You're better off buying a good copy with the shoplink below.


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DDH (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 12, 2004report abuse
E3 [my views, add yours] Elvis Presley. Three decades of Elvis songs. No singles, but songs that would have been big hits had they been released as a single.
1 One sided love affair, 2 Shake rattle & roll [alt take, 3 Reddy teddy, 4 Baby I don't care, 5 Doncha' think its time, 6 Let me, 7 How do you think I feel, 8 Young & beautiful, 9 New Orleans, 10 So glad your mine, 11 Like a baby, 12 Soldier boy, 13 No more, 14 Fountain of love, 15 Memphis Tennessee, 16 Tomorrow is a long time, 17 Just call me lonesome, 18 Wearin'that loved on look, 19 A little bit of green, 20 And the grass won't pay no mind, 21 The fool, 22 Bridge over trouble water, 23 I washed my hands in muddy water, 24 For lovin' me, 25 I got a feelin' in my body, 26 Love coming down, 27 Walk a mile in my shoes [live], 28 You gave me a mountain [live], 29 Where do I go from here, 30 How great thou art
secondrichard (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 11, 2004report abuse
Just received the same bootleg version. It's a weird thing indeed. One addition to the tracklisting: Trouble is not the 1958 song, but the 1970's T.R.O.U.B.L.E. Another 'mistake'....
Null (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 5, 2004report abuse
Well done on reporting this con. If it were a genuine attempt to made an alternate version of the official release with rare out-takes, it would be quite a novelty, but this just sounds like a complete rip-off.
James69 (profilecontact) wrote on Feb 4, 2004report abuse
That is nice to let us Elvis fans know, but WHY NOT tell us the name of the seller on ebay so we can all AVOID him or her?

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