All Shook Up

By Dan SicilianoAug 31, 2005
All Shook Up
My boy, My boy, after the last few years, it seems as though we have had so much released from Vegas, that there wasn't much else in the can... boy was I wrong! The latest release from FTD "All Shook Up" has Elvis performing a midnight show at the Las Vegas International Hotel in August of 1969. First let me say that this year, being the Las Vegas Centennial, it is fitting that this concert is finally released. Think about the Las Vegas of the 50's, 60's and 70's. It was an adult, 'round the clock playground that was dominated by "The Rat Pack" and all the other Vegas staples of the time. Elvis was no exception. To put it into words, This is the Elvis in Vegas for adults. Right off the bat, one can tell this is a midnight show, since Elvis at times gets very blue in his language and his metaphor's. Many "sum-bitches" and I loved the "elephant in heat" bit (trust me, you've got to hear it in it's proper context). Elvis is having so much fun, he is singing to adults and talking with adults at his very own "midnight party" and it's a classic recording. Now I know why he was laughing so much during "are you lonesome tonight", because he was having such a great time during the entire show! The music is full of energy and fast paced, as most of the early Vegas stuff is. I won't go into the songs one by one, but a great set with Elvis in top performance. What really makes the recording is the whole mood of the evening. Elvis really connects with the audience and they are hanging on to his every word, in short, electrifying! Man, after listening to this, I now have another concert to ad to my list of "wish I were there" shows. Yes, in it's time this concert would never have been released in it's entirety, if it had, it probably would be on the record shelf with the Redd Foxx party albums! One of FTD's best releases to date! The audience is having a blast, Elvis is having a blast, and while I'm listening, I'm having a blast! This will go down as one of the best of the Vegas Shows. If you really want to hear the Funny, humorous, grown up side to Elvis, this is the recording for you. Forget about the "Lilo and Stitch" Elvis... Elvis sings for grownups, not kids! Hey, that's what I would have called the album! Dan Siciliano Las Vegas


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