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You're Driving Me Crazy

November 13, 2019 | Music

MRS have now released  'You're Driving Me Crazy'  (Anita Wood calls Elvis Presley) a one-sided vinyl 'Promo LP Track' to help advertise their new 6CD/Book combo 'Elvis: Back In Living Stereo'. This is surely one of the strangest Elvis collectable's ever to be released. It features a 25 minute phone conversation between Anita Wood and Elvis that she recorded in 1961 when she was becoming suspicious of Elvis not being faithful to her. Worth noting is that because it is a phone conversation recorded in 1961 the audio quality is terrible.

Anita Wood has since stated that she wished she had never made the phone call and it is interesting that in the low-tech early 60s she had decided to record the conversation. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on November 13, 2019
Too many people recorded Elvis for their own ends without telling him. Red West is another example. There is zero excuse for this devious behaviour.
Natha wrote on November 20, 2019
Wow, what spectacular news. Not! This happens all over the world between people. No big deal. Okay, it was recorded - a thing that happens nowadays more with all the modern gadgets. Elvis was a human being with urges just like the rest of us. What is the dubious reason to publish this? His music is what counts. Would I spend money on this? No way. I rather take my wife out for a nice dinner than spending it on this garbage. Shameful to publish such crap.