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King Creole

September 26, 2017 | Music

Released on the French Big Beat Records are several CD and vinyl compilations packs “King Creole”, “Loving You” and “Love Me Tender” as "alternate albums". The vinyl comes one side as black vinyl, one side as a picture disc.

Tracks King Creole - side A:
King Creole (Take 13) - Crawfish (Take 7 - Unedited Master) - Hard Headed Woman (Take 10 - Master) - As Long As I Have You (Take 8 - Long Version) - Trouble (Take 5 - Master) - Don´t Ask Me Why ((Take 12 - Master) - Dirty, Dirty Feeling (Prevously On Soundtrack Not Kept) - Steadfast, Loyal And True (Movie Version) - Steadfast, Loyal And True (Undubbed Record Master)

Tracks King Creole - side B: King Creole (Take 3 - First Version) - Danny (Unedited) - Dixieland Rock (Take 4 - Master) - Lover Doll (Take 7 - Unedited Undubbed Master - Movie Version) - New Orleans (Take 5 - Master) - Young Dreams (Take 8 - Master) - King Creole (Take 18 - First Version)

Cruiser621 wrote on September 26, 2017
After a while one gets sick and tired of constantly seeing recycled Elvis songs; I guess no longer under copyright. Talk about absolute crap. Just glad it's overseas and not here in the U.S.A.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 26, 2017
For those of us born before metrification, 25cm is a 10 inch LP!!