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Elvis (NBC TV Special)

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, May 29, 2016 | Music

It was a classic moment in his career for sure and now FTD releases the soundtrack in their classic albums series.


We are used to the design of these series by now: informative booklet, with memorabilia and of course pictures (only one with Susan Henning, a huge mistake).


Also here we know the concept: the original album, with bonus and outtakes. I always preferred watching this material. The production is too much over the top for me in general and where not Lance LeGault’s tambourine irritates me. Okay, this reflection is a bit over the top too, but I guess most know what I mean. Of course there are some very strong performances, but I rather listen to them in a different setting (some collection) or watch them.

I still recall the tapes we scored in the early 90s (or was it late 80s?) with hours of outtakes. I really loved them (again: especially the rehearsals with Susan :D). Nowadays we have quite some on DVD legally, and I still do watch them every now and then. I think that won’t happen often with this second disc. I thought it was quite boring to hear the outtakes like this, out of context. There are some amusing parts, but overall not enough to make me listen over and over again. I have too much great music to listen to.


There are a handful of unreleased outtakes, so for the completists it might still be a must, if not for the die-hard collectors.

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JerryNodak wrote on June 11, 2016
With the purchase of this FTD Elvis TV Special release, I'm done buying and re buying this material. 5 stars.
Ton Bruins wrote on July 24, 2016
How many times must an Elvis fan buy the same old stuff ???
TheMemphisFan wrote on December 12, 2016
This is the last item I'll buy relating to the '68 NBC-TV Special. I now have more than enough.