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It's A Sin

August 29, 2015 | Music

The Rockwell Records label announced a new vinyl release entitled "It's A Sin". A 12 inch 'clear coloured' vinyl record album, featuring classic Elvis recordings from 1961. This limited Edition is limited to 100 numbered copies. 

Side One:
Feel So Bad / It's A Sin / Give Me The Right / There's Always Me / In Your Arms / I'm Comin' Home / Gently / I Want You With Me

Side Two:
Starting Today / Sentimental Me / Judy / Put The Blame On Me / No More / Aloha-Oe / Ku-U-I-Po / Hawaiian Sunset / Slicin' Sand


Cruiser621 wrote on August 29, 2015
Talk about absolute crap. All the "clowns" are out to make a fast buck because they think vinyl is the new rage and the fans will buy en mass.... Not!!!!
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 29, 2015
What's that dripping from the letter "N" on the cover?!... Don't answer that.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on August 30, 2015
Anyone out there know just how many Rockwell LPs, of various vinyl colours, there are floating around? Not sure when they started doing these. I'm a collector, but I have never thought these were worth collecting. There seem to be a lot on Ebay..