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If I Can Dream

August 05, 2015 | Music

Here we have the cover and full track listing of 'If I Can Dream' which will be released on October 30th. It will feature Elvis and other artists remixed with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Not sure if a bag for vomitting is included.


Burning Love / It's Now or Never / Love Me Tender / Fever - Elvis Presley feat. Michael Bublé / Bridge Over Troubled Water / And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind / You've Lost That Loving Feeling / There's Always Me / Can't Help Falling In Love / In the Ghetto / How Great Thou Art / Steamroller Blues / An American Trilogy / If I Can Dream

Note: Amazon lists more tracks

Source:Essential Elvis

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Brian Quinn wrote on August 05, 2015
This release is issued in two formats - one a standard album and one a box-set. I am really looking forward to this one as it is so innovative and different. Elvis needs such a release to bring him back into the public limelight. There will be a TV show promoting it as well as regular TV advertising. This should be a big seller worldwide, especially in the run up to the lucrative festive season. Both formats will count towards the charts.There is also a double 'A' side vinyl single release of 'If I Can Dream' and 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' although I believe these tracks to be the original ones. I also love the cover.
Lex wrote on August 05, 2015
Nothing wrong with most of the originals, I'll settle for those and will stay far, far away of these altered versions that have nothing to do with the real thing. \____/
elvisfreak wrote on August 05, 2015
Can you just report the news and not provide the dialogue of opinion? Its ridiculous to read these stories about new releases only to have them immediately put down in the same story ("bag for vomiting", really?). Let everyone judge the release for themselves. Its one part of this web site that has really gone down hill over the years, too much opinion and not enough pure Elvis! I don't really care what anyone else thinks of an Elvis release, just tell me what is coming out and let me make the decision if I want it, need it, or hate it.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on August 05, 2015
Elvis freak. Well said, I agree totally with you.
LeeRusz wrote on August 05, 2015
Have to agree with Buffalo Horn as well. How can you judge this album before it has been released?? I always used to think that this site was informative and above all else fair minded. Stick to what you do best, reporting the news and let your contributors air the opinions.
VivaLasDavies wrote on August 05, 2015
"Ridiculous opinions" , "site going down hill". Could we soon be bidding farewell to the previous two posters?
VivaLasDavies wrote on August 05, 2015
Make that three.
Lex wrote on August 05, 2015
I really couldn't care less what you think, I have my experiences with altered Elvis recordings and they ALL stink in my opinion! And sorry, it is my site, so up to me how I bring the news! If you don't like... just stay away. Although I prefer you to react quite often and bash the site, the way we bring the news, the reviews, or whatever... as often as you can! Not that I value them, but every view raises the income. As long as the rules are followed, it is fine with me!
marty wrote on August 05, 2015
Lex: I like you site and I agree with your earlier post regarding the 'real thing'. However your attitude 'it is my site, so up to me how I bring the news' is disrespectful to the website visitors regardless of whether they agree with your views or not.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 05, 2015
The cover design is very attractive. The song/track order seems rather strange, especially with "Steamroller" sandwiched between "How Great Thou Art" & "An American Trilogy". Thank goodness Michael Bublé will only be interfering with one song on the set. Maybe Sony thought/thinks that having a well-known "guest artist" would boost sales. If so, you can't blame them for that. Let's all just be thankful that he's not included on one of the more important songs like... "If I Can Dream"! I seriously do believe this will be a worldwide #1 smash hit... including the U.K. of course. I'm not so sure about it becoming a #1 in the U.S. but we shall see. I personally will wait on reviews to come in (after the release date) before I decide whether or not to purchase it. I hope for the sake of Elvis' continuing legacy that the songs are all done in a very professional, tasteful way. -- On a side note -- Everyone please calm down. Lex should be allowed his opinion on things just as much as anyone else. We don't all have to agree, but let's all enjoy this site and not get too worked-up over others' opinions.
Ken in Tasmania wrote on August 05, 2015
Looking forward to this ...Again we seem to have two different CD releases..One for the US and one for Europe...The US front CD cover is my personal pick or is one photo the back cover of the CD.. Why not have one release that has the same CD front cover worldwide.
JerryNodak wrote on August 05, 2015
I'm not "against" this CD. I hope it does well. But I'm have no interest in it. Another gimmick to make Elvis relevant. A possible #1? Across the pond, yes. In the U.S. doubtful.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 05, 2015
More details . . . Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, is proud to announce the release of "If I Can Dream: Elvis Presley with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra", worldwide on October 30. The remarkable new album features classic Elvis vocal performances with brand-new orchestral accompaniment, along with a duet with Michael Bublé, and appearances by Il Volo and Duane Eddy. An exciting revisit of Elvis’ work, If I Can Dream focuses on the iconic artist’s unmistakable voice, emphasizing the pure power of The King of Rock and Roll. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London with acclaimed producers Don Reedman and Nick Patrick, the 14-track album features Elvis’ original performances augmented with lush new arrangements by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. “This would be a dream come true for Elvis”, Priscilla Presley says of the project. “He would have loved to play with such a prestigious symphony orchestra. The music…the force that you feel with his voice and the orchestra is exactly what he would have done.” Don Reedman also commented, “Abbey Road Studios and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra are as good as it gets and Elvis deserves as good as it gets.” The album features a scintillating duet with best-selling jazz-pop singer Michael Bublé on “Fever”. The album also includes additional contributions by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist Duane Eddy adding his signature sound to “An American Trilogy” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, and Italian operatic pop trio Il Volo lending their outstanding vocals to “It’s Now or Never”. As producer Nick Patrick said, “This is the record he would have loved to make.” If I Can Dream also highlights Elvis Presley’s diverse musical tastes and appreciation for great vocalists spanning a variety of genres from standards to opera.
Supercapitalista wrote on August 06, 2015
I'm always eager to hear new twists to old recordings. Not that the originals are not great. However, sometimes they do a really good job, such as "A Little Less Conversation" and "Rubbernecking". They are also vehicles to keep Elvis in the music mix and perhaps provide a spark leading to new fans or new hits for Elvis. The best example is perhaps "A Little Less Conversation" that reached #1 in several countries, was used in several movies, increased his sales totals by millions etc. Even back in 1980 the remix version of "Guitar Man" reached #1 on the country charts. I would love nothing more than to have something from this album explode in popularity. If not, no harm done and I'll likely enjoy the material in any event.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 06, 2015
I like your positive outlook, Supercapitalista!
You Dont Know Me wrote on August 06, 2015
I'll pre-order this from Amazon and listen to it! Got to give Elvis a chance in the market place compared to being seen as a 'dead' artist!
GEORGE (GK) wrote on August 06, 2015
The line "Not sure if a bag for vomiting is included" is awful. A lot of us love the "Elvis News website" and would like it to continue with respect and class. Can't we just report the facts and just facts. The new C D. Really can't be judged until we hear it.
Torments my heart wrote on August 06, 2015
The US cover is a cracker. Check out Amazon... a real Sinatra style cover. I'm actually looking forward to this one... not so much the duets but the new arrangements. I'm never too precious about the original backings, I'll always have them... but to me it's always just about the voice.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on August 06, 2015
Difficult to exress an opinion without hearing the music & recent tries at his music "A Lttle Less Conversation" I didn't care for, so I'll wait and judge.
ElvisDayByDay wrote on August 06, 2015
What is all the fuss about? As nicely stated on the FECC forum: "Elvis with an orchestra singing Bridge Over Troubled Water is hardly a new thing - strings and brass were overdubbed to the 1970 master take and released on the TTWII LP, for crying out loud". As for the rules for posting on this site, I'm pretty sure they apply to all posters here :-)
Gorse wrote on August 06, 2015
The choice of songs for an enterprise like this appears potentially to be very promising, and I am willing to give this one a go. Only down side for me was the predicted spectacular release for this year when I let my imagination run riot and envisaged the Pied Piper of Cleveland or some video footage from the 1961 charity shows - poor misguided and hopeful me
The Dark Knight wrote on August 06, 2015
Sorry to be on a bit of downer, but based on previous releases, with the exception of "A Little Less Conversation" remix, I can see this being a bit of a damp squib. It is a lovely idea and I'm sure it will sound great, but realistically what is the point ?
Steve V wrote on August 06, 2015
I agree with everything JerryNodak posted.
woody1 wrote on August 06, 2015
I'm in agreement with Supercapitalista's earlier post, I may or may not like it but I personally can only decide once I've heard it. To me at this early stage of the proceedings it looks like a class act, I can't imagine the Royal Philharmonic being involved with a poor product but I will have to wait and see. Every few years our man seems to be brought back to the into the public eye, I think the last time was The Nations Favorite Elvis Song and that did seem to make some people stop and think "hey that Elvis guy was quite good really" to this day it still pleases me when other people start to appreciate how good he really was. I remember spending a lot of time in the early 70s at school trying to explain how Elvis was the real deal compared to the likes of Gary Glitter and the Bay City Rollers etc. Like Supercapitalista I've quite liked some of the things that have been done to Elvis's music, I even have to admit to liking parts of Viva Elvis (expecting a horses head in my bed for coming out with that one) I feel it's not as if the originals are taken away from us when the revamps are done, they are still there to be enjoyed when ever we want them. I understand that Lex just doesn't like the music to be messed about with and he knows that he's not going to like it, that's fine, I can understand that, fortunately for me I stand a chance of really enjoying a new Elvis product but I'll have to wait and see, here's hoping.
joemin wrote on August 07, 2015
I think this idea was first put forward by Todd Slaughter about 10 years ago. At the time I was very much against it. I thought at the time it would damage the "cool" image Elvis had during that period. Now that it is there I will definitely be giving it a listen, and I expect to enjoy it. I hope it is a BIG success, and there is no one better than the Brits to make it so. I think the choice of songs is good for this project. Perhaps we'll have a number 1 for Christmas??????
You Dont Know Me wrote on August 07, 2015
Well i noticed it at #19 on Amazon UK top 100 seller list today!~
Martin DJ wrote on August 07, 2015
Also something to look forward to: the documentary veteran Elvis fan Joanna Lumley is doing. The press release: “Elvis fan Lumley was invited to Graceland after meeting Priscilla Presley at London’s Abbey Road studio where the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra were recording an album of Elvis songs, If I Can Dream. She also visits the town he was born, meets childhood friends and explores the legendary Sun Studios where he recorded his first album. Lumley said: 'I have loved Elvis as a devoted fan since I first heard his fabulous voice when I was ten years old. The opportunity to visit Graceland and spend time finding out more about his fascinating life from Priscilla, and those closest to him, was absolutely thrilling.'"
moseleyman wrote on August 07, 2015
I could also do without the opinion on this news site Really bag for vomiting !! Just remember this news site is only in existence because of Elvis and the way he treated his fans I can't remember back in the day TODD Slaughter saying anything derogatory about a Elvis release it should be about ALL OF US GETTING BEHIND EVERY RELEASE and TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS of promoting Elvis WE have to move with the times can't wait for this released think it's going to be my most enjoyed release since VIVA ELVIS AND YES I LOVED THAT and I've been a Elvis Fan since 1969 so remember the old days
marty wrote on August 07, 2015
As an Elvis fan I do not care about this release, the originals only matter. Elvis had no personal input, only his voice was used taken from old recordings. Priscilla said that he would have loved it but the fact is we do not know! Maybe yes, maybe not... As a music fan and collector in general I am looking forward to this release and I am interested to hear how it sounds. If it becomes a big seller it might bring Elvis back to the spotlight and even better might inspire more people to listen to the 'real' thing, i.e. his original recordings...
Eddie Cochran wrote on August 07, 2015
'....and explores the legendary Sun Studios where he recorded his first album.' Really? So much for a devoted fan.
Jamie wrote on August 07, 2015
Hello. Lex has a right to express his views in his own terms, though he may find his members attaching more credence to those views if he refrains from using trite metaphors. That he doesn't care what his readers think is made implausible by the bare fact that he took the time and trouble to address them with his opinion. I'm pretty horrified by Lex's comments because they show a financial cynicism toward his membership. I for one deserve better, and I won't be rewarding and incentivising such a patronising mindset by logging in to this website again.
Lex wrote on August 07, 2015
Bye Jamie, I will miss you!
Christer wrote on August 07, 2015
To attract new fans they should promote some play lists with more interesting and lesser known songs on spotify. They should also release some FTDs there.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 07, 2015
~ The possibility of this release becoming a #1 hit album in the U.S. will depend on what else is released by other artists the same week. Timing is often the key. Chart results/positions are usually always decided by the current competition.
Martin DJ wrote on August 07, 2015
Eddie Cochran: "'....and explores the legendary Sun Studios where he recorded his first album.' Really? So much for a devoted fan." How so? The quote is from the press release, it's not a quote from Joanna Lumley. What she actually says comes after "Lumley said:" in the press release.
Eddie Cochran wrote on August 08, 2015
Martin DJ: sorry, my bad. Read the press release wrong. Still, a bit of a mistake in the press release to state that Elvis recorded his first album there.
marcel.hallo wrote on August 08, 2015
Very distastefull comments Lex.
Lefty wrote on August 08, 2015
Imagine hearing Elvis sing Bridge, Trilogy, How Great Thou Art, and If I Can Dream accompanied by a world class orchestra! Come on, doesn't that appeal to you? It's a super cool idea! I recent saw the Seattle Symphony perform the music to Disney's Fantasia, with the film running in the background. It was astounding! This new Elvis release will not take away from the original music, which has been released, re-released, re-re-released, and released again to infinity! Your collection of original music is safe. Take a chance, expand your horizons, and dream a little bit. I think that this album will be incredible, except for Bublé, but hey, nothing's perfect.
Rob Wanders wrote on August 08, 2015
prefer the amercan cover. Its much cooler than this one.
joemin wrote on August 08, 2015
I see on amazon that there is a double a-side single in oct also, If I Can Dream and Bridge over troubled water. That sounds positive.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 08, 2015
The U.K. cover is done with class and looks much more official. The U.S. cover looks like something that the bootleggers would come up with. The printed words look amateurish to me. I just might have to order mine from across the pond even if I have to pay a little bit more in shipping cost.
woody1 wrote on August 08, 2015
Thanks Lefty, looking forward to this even more now.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 08, 2015
It's too bad that the song "In The Ghetto" is included on this new project. Over the years this has become one of my least favorite songs... as the meaning and purpose of the song is now outdated. The time has come already that many black Americans need to stop blaming society for their problems and start taking personal responsibility for their careless decisions and actions. The black-on-black crime in Chicago (and other major U.S. cities) is disgraceful. I fully agree with Dr. Benjamin Carson's intelligent way of thinking and reasoning on such issues. For anyone interested in seeking the truth, many of his worthy talks and speeches can be found on YouTube.
claunath82 wrote on August 09, 2015
The cover of the American version is much more original and current while remaining sober and class with a beautiful and rare photo in studio that the English version is cheesy. the song list is rather well chosen except perhaps lmt who seems to me now boring. I'm not a fan of orchestration additions but if that attracted new fans why not! a little more rhythmic songs would be welcome, but they certainly less correspond to a large orchetre.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 09, 2015
I've read that Hall Of Fame guitarist Duane Eddy will play on a couple of songs including "An American Trilogy", and the Italian operatic pop trio of IL VOLO will lend their vocals on "It's Now Or Never" with Elvis.
Lex wrote on August 09, 2015
I just clicked - against better knowing - the "preview" of What Now My Love of Elvis' new album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra... probably one of the songs that suffers the least from this treatment, since the original is already pretty over orchestrated. Still it is what I was afraid for... sounding sooo artificial, as if you are listening to 2 different recordings played at the same time... I will indeed stay far away of the remaining of the album.
Brian Quinn wrote on August 09, 2015
This is the album release I have been waiting for. Absolutely fantastic. I have heard two of the tracks already 'If I Can Dream' and 'What Now My Love' and they are light years better than the originals. Mark my words, this will be a worldwide No.1 and Elvis' biggest selling album since the '30 No.1's. Bring it on!!
Lex wrote on August 09, 2015
Better than the originals? Yeah, of course, and the pope is muslim.
japio wrote on August 09, 2015
This newsite is not what is was before. They make rules to stay a nice site. But what i read now? "Not sure if a bag for vomitting is included" . I don't like it either, but it's a nice way to promote Elvis his music.But that reaction is stupid..
Martin DJ wrote on August 09, 2015
Burning love with an orchestra? Guitar legend Duane Eddie playing on An American Trilogy? The other way around seems to make more sense...
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 09, 2015
Duane Eddy's guitar playing is also featured on "Bridge Over Troubled Water". I'm glad he's not included on "Burning Love" or "Steamroller Blues". Perhaps the producers didn't want to interfere with the sound of the original guitars on the rock tunes.
circleG wrote on August 10, 2015
I'm a bit hesitant with projects like this, by mixing new instrumentals with old often there's a fight to be heard and the new can be slightly over done . Unless you have something like ALLC where it's all new except for the vocals. I'm glad a gospel numbers been included but Burning Love? With an orchestra? I'll have to hear it to believe it.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on August 11, 2015
Both C.D. album covers are nice.. but I like the American album cover the best. Great photo..
Supercapitalista wrote on August 12, 2015
TheMemphisFan, Ditto on Ghetto. I totally agree with your comments on the black victimization hoax! If Elvis were singing today he would have a song called "In the Barrio", a duet with Donald Trump and Ann Coulter singing backup. Got to go. Leaving for Graceland and Elvis week!
Martin DJ wrote on August 12, 2015
It seems some commentators want to bring back segregation. Good for them, but there are plenty of other forums to express such views and none have to do with Elvis.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 13, 2015
I wonder if they used Elvis' studio versions or Elvis' live versions for "How Great Thou Art" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water"?
LeeRusz wrote on August 13, 2015
The title track is available on iTunes to download, sounds quite good actually. It will be interesting to hear the rest of the album when it is released, if anything for curiosity value.
Pedro Nuno wrote on August 13, 2015
I don't think there is nothing wrong in giving the news and and opinion at the same time. That's fine. In fact it move us to discuss and give diferent opinions. Lex always had his own point of views, some (most of it) I follow and agree, others i don't. In this case i agree with him 100%. The reason is because my Elvis is The Rocker not the crooner. But if the record goes big good far all Elvis fans.
Lex wrote on August 13, 2015
Thanks Pedro and at least I give people the possibility to give their opinion too, even if I do not agree (as long as it is within the rules). This is unlike other magazine owners on the interweb. Then again, some like anything as long as they can sell it... That's an * essential* difference with me. I do have a honest opinion, even if it costs me money (but so far this news item does it very well, thank you all for that).
Steve V wrote on August 13, 2015
If I Can Dream is ok, but certainly not better than the original lets face it. Its one of Elvis' signature performances and cannot be topped by the big orchestra. I dont mind new concepts, but cant say I agree with this one. It would have been nice to have an all rock and roll album for a change (when was the last one?) with guests providing new backings like Bruce, Keith, Eric, Fogerty, whoever. An album to remind us why Elvis got to be where he was in the first place and how he earned the title King of Rock N Roll. BTW, why is Duane Eddy not on Burning Love or Steamroller Blues? No offense to Burton but it would have been cool to hear this pioneer HOF guitarist put his spin on the only few uptempo songs on here.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 14, 2015
Elvis' singing sounds fabulous and is very distinct without vocal accompaniment on What Now My Love... (from the U.S. Postal Service CD). The flawless, fresh sound by the Royal P. Orchestra adds a world-class touch. I agree that the "new" recording of If I Can Dream doesn't necessarily sound better, but nor does it do any damage to Elvis' singing or the song as a whole. I was very skeptical about this project a few weeks ago, but now that I've heard a couple of songs, I'm a believer.
Natha wrote on August 14, 2015
I don't feel attracted at all at this new venture. On the other hand I wonder what the King himself would think about it. At the end of his life he obviously went from basically RnR to balad, and in addition to the latter also more orchestra backup. Anyway all these new releases changing the original music have given me up till now only disappointment. So I guess I leave this to others.
Natha wrote on August 14, 2015
And about the news item, I appreciate this site because everyone can contribute and share their views. Most of them are interesting and helpful in judging whether or not to buy some releases. As far as I know this is the only site where all fans can join in. Apart from a few useless contributions (I try to stick to the rules) this is always fun to read. So, Lex, thanks for all your efforts to keep this site up and running.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 14, 2015
Every year in Memphis (on or around January 8) the Memphis Symphony Orchestra performs a lengthy concert with the Terry Mike Jeffrey band in honor of Elvis. The show is always spectacular. The new "If I Can Dream" cd, featuring Elvis' isolated vocals with the world renowned Royal P. Orchestra, will also be nothing short of spectacular. As a lifelong, 56-year old Elvis fan, I'm convinced that Elvis would be absolutely thrilled and in awe that his singing is being honored and complimented by such highly talented musicians!
circleG wrote on August 14, 2015
Anyone know if the vocals are from master takes or alternates?
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 15, 2015
For any studio cuts... probably the masters, but that information hasn't been revealed yet. For "An American Trilogy" I hope they've used Elvis' vocal from the Aloha special instead of the less exciting 45-rpm single version. I'm guessing they have since the vocal on "What Now My Love" is from the Aloha main show. For "Steamroller Blues" Elvis' vocal is better on the first half of the song during the March 20, 1974 Memphis show, and maybe better on the second half of the song during the Aloha show. However the CD turns out, I'm confident that the producers have used the best available vocals by Elvis (supplied/offered by Sony).
Torments my heart wrote on August 15, 2015
Just heard What Now My Love... I think it's the first time I've really appreciated how wonderful his phrasing and pitch is on this number... he's as clear as a bell, no back up singers, great orchestration... love it. I never cease to be amazed at how truly vocally great he was on stage... no-one come close.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 15, 2015
Torments my heart, you are tormenting the hearts of all the doubters!
Steve V wrote on August 15, 2015
Sorry. I think the ending of What Now My Love is awful. It was orchestrated terribly. It almost seems they are in a different key in a different song. As for Elvis? Well I'll just say Im glad he had the backup singers behind him on the stage.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 15, 2015
Yeah, that ol' Royal P. Orchestra is terrible. Maybe they should practice more often so they can at least be considered... fair... by people that probably can't play any musical instruments themselves. The orchestra would be soooo much better if someone like Joe Guercio or Felton Jarvis was the conductor. Oh, please!
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 15, 2015
Maybe if Spankox had added his magic touch to What Now My Love it would've sounded a lot better. Yeah, that's the ticket!
LonElvis wrote on August 15, 2015
If I Can Dream and What Now My Love sound terrific on the new USPS CD, with the later being more noticeably different and in my opinion a real treat to listen to and enjoy. The new arrangements are very tasteful and I for one appreciate them being available to us. These are much more in the vein of Elvis' taste (based on the originals and other songs from the time period) than Viva Elvis and other remixes (though Viva is enjoyable itself). I think the essence of Elvis shines through in these two new versions and I look forward to hearing the new album. Elvis was all about having fun and we need to let go of pretense and judgement and just relax, enjoy ourselves, and leave the driving to Elvis' voice.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 16, 2015
"... leave the driving to Elvis' voice." - Very well stated, LonElvis! I'm looking forward to the "If I Can Dream" CD attracting many new Elvis fans around the world. The positive news that'll surround this release in October/November will be interesting (and fun) to observe. Elvis Presley will finally be taken seriously as a legitimate artist by many people that had ignored him in the past.
Lex wrote on August 16, 2015
From someone with taste:
Natha wrote on August 16, 2015
Indeed, Lex.
joemin wrote on August 17, 2015
I was browsing for Elvis news yesterday and came across the new recording of If I can dream. I was very pleased with what I heard. I thought the orchestra backing was less intense than in the original, Elvis was what you really hear. It sounded so fresh. There is NO CHANGE to Elvis singing, just a different packaging. I am looking forward to getting the album.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 17, 2015
Indeed, joemin.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 17, 2015
What a huge year this is turning into for Elvis fans! There's something for everybody to choose from. ~ The FTD releases (with more to come), the U.S. stamp (and the "Elvis Forever" USPS cd), the "Elvis Today" Legacy Edition, the forthcoming "If I Can Dream" cd, and . . . drum roll . . . . . . . . A mammoth box set celebrating the 60th anniversary of Elvis' RCA contract with replicas of every album released in his lifetime and a 300-page book!! (Perhaps to be released in November)
Steve B. wrote on August 17, 2015
I am looking to "If I Can Dream." The label is trying to make money and that is what all labels do. We have to choice to buy or not to buy. For me, it will be "buy."
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 19, 2015
Well look, "snowplow floater" is back.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 19, 2015
snowplow floater, hopefully the "If I Can Dream" cd will be good enough for you to listen to it at least twice.
circleG wrote on August 22, 2015
Where's the promotional video? Maybe use the version that cuts the black leather suit and white suit from the 68 Special? or if they really want to get creative use the white suit version with the RPO in the background !
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 24, 2015
For those that have doubts about buying this cd... Look at the purchasing of it as broadening your musical horizons. Just think of it as a Royal Philharmonic Orchestra cd with Elvis singing on it... and singing very, very well.
Lex wrote on August 24, 2015
What a weird thought, listening to music you don't like to extend your horizon... I have the originals that I do like. When I am really desperate, I have about 300 albums by other artists I like more than this abomination with Elvis' voice on it.
John4126 wrote on August 24, 2015
I'm not adverse to this sort of thing but from the two tracks I've heard I've not been impressed. I'm in agreement with Steve V, the backing to What now my love appears to be in competition with Elvis' vocal. Sounds wrong. If I can dream adds nothing to the original.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 25, 2015
Elvis' vocal is slightly too low in the mix on "What Now My Love" with the RP Orchestra, yet his voice also stands out distinctly without the additional vocal accompaniment. On a related note -- The "Elvis Forever" cd debuted at #11 on the Billboard 200 Album chart on Monday with over 27,000 copies sold during its first week of release.
Natha wrote on August 25, 2015
I have no inclination to listen to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It might be different if Elvis was still alive and chose to perform with that orchestra in the background.
moseleyman wrote on September 21, 2015
I've just heard Priscilla s interview with Johnnie walker where they played a few tracks from the album. All I can say superb luv can't help falling in love and Its now or never. Burning Love sounds amazing. Just received the duet with Michael Buble and really like that a lot very classy I hope they get a big hit with it Michaels voice blends great with our Elvis s both the if I can dream single and the duet should sell well. Really hope the fans get behind this so we can have more volumes
woody1 wrote on October 01, 2015
I've been lucky enough to get old of a promo copy and I think the majority of tracks sound great, wouldn't be surprised if Burning Love will be a hit all over again, another high spot is Bridge Over Troubled Water, those who are looking forward to it I believe will enjoy it as I do.