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Rock Around The Bloch

February 05, 2015 | Book

Some additional information on this March 2015 release by Flaming Star/ FTD. The book will have a CD with the show newly remastered and a newly found press conference. The book itself will have 288 pages and over 100 unpublished photos.

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on February 05, 2015
The OEPFC of Great Britain is still coming up with accurate news first!
marco31768 wrote on February 05, 2015
In my opinion, there no will be a "sound upgrade".
benny scott wrote on February 05, 2015
Have my doubts about the "newly remasterd" thing , but one never knows. The book looks promising but how much will this release cost ? I'll wait and see. Always El.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 05, 2015
One never knows,so true,remasterd means nothing,no new tape,sorry too much for a book and bad sounding cd,my silver set will do just fine.
benny scott wrote on February 06, 2015
mature, I do understand your point of view ! Me too I'm afraid the book will not be cheap. Nice cover tough, but I'm not prepared to pay too much money for a book with a nice looking cover. It's the content that counts. Having in general less interest in books with only pics and a minimum of text I'll wait for some reviews about this one.Don't know yet what the content will represent. Always El.
Lefty wrote on February 06, 2015
"Such A Night In Pearl Harbor" from MRS was remastered and considered to be about the best you could get. I bought it, I listened to the concert once, and I shelved it. After some time I sold the set on eBay. Just not my cup of tea. The concert was awesome, and if it had been professionally recorded, it would have been a must have. The sound quality of the only known recording of this concert is not very good. No matter what they say in the press release, I doubt they'll be able to make it sound great.
thekingisalive wrote on February 06, 2015
Dear I Am Buffalo-Horn, The OEPFC of Great Britain were not the first to bring this news. I believe that honor goes to Ken Jensen over on the FECC forum.
Cruiser621 wrote on February 06, 2015
I tried listening to this amateur recording and to be honest it's really an effort in futility as to the sound quality. It's unfortunate the "powers to be" did not have the foresight to record his concerts using professional recording technology at the time. Sad, really sad, but then again were talking back in the 1960's. No matter what FTD can attempt, I fear nothing will be gained, period. Crap in, crap out as far as the original recording; what does one expect from a cassette recording. On the other hand, the man and the music were at their peak. Sorry FTD, nothing from this boy.
Moody_Blue wrote on February 06, 2015
Seem like another great CD/book release from FTD to me, one of Elvis’ best concerts re-released, hopeful with approved sound quality with rare/unseen photos from the show, I’m looking forward to purchasing this book
Steve Morse wrote on February 06, 2015
Cassette recorders did not exist in 1961 (re. Cruiser621 comment) - they were about 5 years away. A high quality reel-to-reel tape recorder could have got excellent results. To those complaining about the sound quality : just be thankful we have a recording of any sort from this fabulous show !
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on February 06, 2015
Whether or not the sound can indeed be improved is a moot point. But this is also a book & a very important one too. Not a great deal of recognition has been given to this concert, certainly by the Rangers who run the Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbour, built mainly with the funds raised by the concert. Try looking for some sort of placque about on site Elvis there. Also many fans have very little information or photos of this concert, Elvis' last live appearance for over 8 years. Two charity shows were done the same day in Memphis on Feb 25th 1961& a month later on March 25th he did this final concert. It's been a particular interest of mine; I'm one of the few fans to have been lucky enough to actually get inside the Bloch Arena, & also to get some good interior & exterior photos of the venue, so I greatly look forward to this book! Hopefully it will help Elvis get the recognition he rightly deserves, denied to him by the staff who run the Arizona memorial. (This comment does not apply to the kind people who manage the Bloch Arena itself, where there are indeed details of the concert displayed in the corridor leading into the venue!)
dailyone wrote on February 07, 2015
Agree at least we have the recording , so long a go !!! Took a while to release .Looking at photo now I thought he had a frilly shirt on , still learning . Love the mike , me thinks Rudee , Bing , Frank and Elvis , the GREATS of that GOLDEN TIME . ps well maybe Deano .
santiagisitestar wrote on February 12, 2015
I remember when Ernst said Elvis On Tour material was waiting a DVD release before FTD would do it. That day has long come and gone. Why on earth are they not touching the On Tour, Elvis at the height of his vocal ability? Commercially, it would make much more sense! I think a 5 disc box set of all 4 concerts plus the studio stuff would be one of FTD's top sellers of all time. Is there anyone here on this thread that can get through to the powers that be?
OtisBlue22 wrote on February 16, 2015
I remember the first time I became aware of this recording, listening to samples from the Elvis Aaron Presley Silver Anniversary box set. An incredibly rare performance, and the air was electric. The set list, too, is very imaginative. As for the recording, it's very clear for the most part. Sure, there's the occasional drop-out, but the live album was very much in its infancy in 1961, as far as pop/rock music goes. We should be thankful! I purchased the MRS version a couple of years ago. Not a drastic improvement in terms of audio fidelity, but a great package overall.