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Elvis And Nixon

February 06, 2015 | People

IMDB shows a still for the upcoming movie Elvis And Nixon, starring Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon.

Deke Rivers 6 wrote on February 06, 2015
No opinion untill I have seen it.
NONE000000 wrote on February 06, 2015
I really don't understand all the continued fascination with this one little meeting, and I certainly have no idea how a movie could be made out of it. Elvis wanted a specific badge, since he was a collector of badges at the time. No one seemed able to give him what he wanted, so Elvis, being Elvis, thought--screw it, I'm gonna to go directly to the president of the united states and see if that will work. And it did. The end. I have a feeling trudygillenwater's comment is probably correct--they are going to likely paint Elvis in a bad light. They will probably make him seem hypocritical for wanting a drug enforcement badge or for saying the Beatles were "anti-American". Elvis was saying what he thought Nixon wanted to hear so he could get the badge he wanted. I'm not one of those people/fans who gets all upset about something I have not even seen, but there just isn't much of a "story" here beyond the second sentence of this post. There are pictures of Elvis with Jimmy Carter too, but that isn't worthy of a movie either. I really do not think this is going to be something us Elvis fans are going to like :-(
Mr Cool wrote on February 07, 2015
Totally Agree with the previous comments. If not the subject matter then the fact that its virtually impossible for any actor to portray as big a star as Elvis. An early Elvis bio would have been lot more interesting.
dailyone wrote on February 07, 2015
I will have to reserve my judgement until I see the film and not at the box-office but at hire shop box ( in Supermarket area's) .I am wondering if the general public will go and see this film . I cannot see fans going as we already know the story though if it is a world wide success (maybe??) .ps That cola drink makes me wonder , did they drink it at the meeting have to ask the M M 2 who were there ?? pss There is a TV series on this matter look up Utube and have a look if you have not seen it , a bit of a spoof esp the portrayal of President Nixon . i
Mr Cool wrote on February 07, 2015
As I understand it Nixon had knowledge of a burglary of his opponents offices in a building called Watergate...A federal crime. He didn't start the war but he sure did escalate it. One million+ Vietamese casualties. I doubt this film will ever be on general release in the cinemas. Probably end up on some pay movie channel for it to be seen.
Mr Cool wrote on February 07, 2015
Just read snowfowls moronic comments again about unarmed student demonstrators being shot dead by National Guard in Kent State University. Talk about sad and delusional...
NONE000000 wrote on February 07, 2015
Mr Cool-- you are indeed correct. Nixon tried to illegally cover up the burglary. He was one of America's more embarrassing presidents, although he did manage to accomplish a few very good things as well. As with most people, he wasn't all bad or all good---but certainly not fit for the oval office. He was extremely paranoid and seemed to especially distrust the well-educated. He was rather racist as well, some of which can be seen in the show Nixon's The One which dramatized actual recordings from the Nixon white house. Harry Shearer was an excellent Nixon. Keven Spacey used to be a much better screen actor, but now he seems like he will do any movie to get some cash to finance his real love--theater. He was far too old to play Bobby Darin and that movie flopped hugely, as one suspects this one will as well. It is nice that there are intelligent comments from people like Mr Cool and several other folks, to balance out the insane ramblings also on this board.
Gorse wrote on February 08, 2015
To the question, how can they make a film solely from this meeting, well the answer is they can't. My fear as an Elvis fan is the amount of dramatic license that may be used perhaps suggesting that Elvis by association is an irrational hypocritical bigot, totally absorbed by his own powers and importance. Folk that have seen Cadillac Records appear to see Elvis in a poor light without cutting any slack on a 19 / 21 year old poor Southern boy, so I wonder what the overall impression will be given to the casual viewer from this venture.
TheMemphisFan wrote on February 08, 2015
What the heck are some of you good people carrying on about? "Elvis Meets Nixon" will probably be nothing more than a remake of a 1997 movie by the same title... with actor Rick Peters as Elvis, and actor Bob Gunton as Nixon. It was a lightweight, comedy/adventure spoof that was very funny, and considering Elvis' sense of humor, I seriously think that he would've loved it. I'll be very surprised if this "new" movie project attempts to make it into something different from the 1997 original.
benny scott wrote on February 08, 2015
Gorse and MemphisFan, I couldn't agree more ! Always El.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on February 09, 2015
Looks more like Jerry Schilling than Elvis! Have the film company got their source photos muddled up!?
JerryNodak wrote on February 09, 2015
I certainly haven't spent a large amount of time wondering about this film. And I certainly won't spend any time or money on watching it. Yawn.
Steve V wrote on February 11, 2015
I have no real interest in this., but why on earth does one think this will be a remake of a 1997 movie that was a flop? Surely it would make no sense to do that would it? No, I think this will be a bit different, a better production with top actors. Again, I have no interest in this . To me, it signified an embarrassing low point for Elvis
TheMemphisFan wrote on February 12, 2015
Steve V, why do you refer to the 1997 movie as a flop? It served its purpose on pay-television back then... and wasn't intended for theatrical release. As for top actors - Bob Gunton was/is a very good character-actor.
TheMemphisFan wrote on February 12, 2015
trudygillenwater, maybe if we're all lucky, this new project of "Elvis Meets Nixon" won't be for movie-theatre release.
Steve V wrote on February 12, 2015
MemphisFan - the movie was a flop for 2 very simple reasons. 1) it was a silly satire and made him look foolish, something that Elvis' reputation didnt really need did it? . It added nothing for his legacy other than another stupid film about him. 2) who knows it even exists today beyond the Elvis fandom? No lasting power equals a flop IMO and in this case I'm glad. A horrible film that should be forgotten. Anyway what purpose did it serve exactly other than bring Elvis more ridicule? I cant believe this will be a remake of that travesty.
NONE000000 wrote on February 16, 2015
Snowplow Floater --- I said Nixon was not all bad or all good and that he accomplished good things as well---the EPA for example. He was, however, viewed as the epitome of unhip and uncool and those pictures of Elvis shaking hands with him represent a low point and an embarrassment for many Elvis fans, including myself. Countless jokes are made claiming Elvis looked stoned in those pictures and another stupid movie about the encounter (which is obviously not a remake, BTW) only invites more ridicule Elvis' way, with the hypocrisy of Elvis wanting a drug enforcement badge as well as drawing more attention to Elvis' calling The Beatles unAmerican, etc. If this movie were to put things into the correct context--that Elvis was a savvy guy and could even BS the leader of the free world into giving him whatever he wanted--that'd be great, but it probably won't go that way. Regarding "colorful language"--if that means Elvis used profanities, I couldn't care less. If you are saying Elvis was a racist and anti-Semite the way Nixon was, I do not agree and I think Elvis was a more enlightened human being than Richard Nixon was. Read the transcripts of some of the White House tapes of Nixon--or make it easy on yourself and watch a few episodes of Nixon's the One--all of the dialogue came directly from those recordings. Nixon was paranoid, hated Jews and "east coast elites" and the Ivy League (that Poison Ivy League....) If Elvis felt that way, I am really relieved no recordings of him speaking that way have ever surfaced, to my knowledge. As for Beyond The Sea---I own the dvd, as well as everything Bobby Darin ever did (that's on CD anyway--his boxed set is one of my favorites). Keven Spacey was older than Bobby Darin was when he died when he played the part. That would be like a 43 year old playing Elvis from age 21 onward. Still, I enjoyed the movie and bought it. That doesn't mean it didn't flop commercially and critically. I assume this movie will do the same because there simply is no story here--Elvis wanted something, Elvis went and got it. Some embarrassing photos and a letter also resulted. I'd rather see a movie about how Elvis admired John F. Kennedy. (Actually, I wouldn't, as there isn't much of a story there either, and Kurt Russell's portrayal touched on the Vegas death threats and Oswald)
Natha wrote on February 18, 2015
I don't think Elvis had any other thought in his mind than just meeting the President of his country. He always kept his political views to himself (as he so aptly stated time and again). He had a reason and that was to be fulfilled. We may have any idea about Nixon, but that was most likely not too relevant to Elvis. Of course when he met most people in the world had their ideas about 'Mr. President' and that he did not really deserve to be called Mr. Anyway, politics are all over the world a doubtful business - a necessary evil. Abut the movie? Well, to make a full movie on this short event seems boring like h*** to me and I will definitely not spend a cent on this. Next.