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The New Leader In Las Vegas

July 18, 2014 | Book

Essential Elvis UK will publish a 144 page book full with rare and unseen pictures of Elvis in 1969. It will be printed on luxury paper and the hardcover book wil have a cardboard slipcase. Included is an 8x10" glossy photo signed by Joe Esposito.

Source:Essential Elvis
NONE000000 wrote on July 19, 2014
Luxury paper! I have a feeling I can't afford anything printed on luxury paper.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on July 20, 2014
Yep, KingKreole £49.99 + Postage. Realistically cardboard slipcases just take up more room on the book shelves. But maybe we could save a tenner & skip the photo signed by Joe!? (I'm guessing it's a shot of Elvis with Joe somewhere in it!)
Freddy Freeman wrote on July 20, 2014
Is this going to surpass Ken Sharp's excellent book on this period in Elvis' life? If it comes close, it'll have done well. Regardless of what the book might offer, who's really interested in a signed photo by Joe Esposito?
DekeR wrote on August 11, 2014
Not really interested in a photo of Joe Esposito. He was the Parker's boy.
JAG wrote on September 02, 2014
Oh Boy! An 8x10" glossy photo signed by Joe Esposito. Don't really need or want that. Full of rare and unseen pictures of Elvis? I've heard that before.
burton wrote on September 25, 2014
I noticed the price wasn't mentioned. Should I take out a re-mortgage now?