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"Classic Album" Love Me Tender

April 28, 2014 | Music

This 2-disc 7” set celebrates Elvis’ first motion picture LOVE ME TENDER from 1956. Elvis first performed ‘Love Me Tender’ on the Ed Sullivan Show (September 9) and pre-sales reached over 1 million before its release on September 28. It features a 16-page booklet with great photos, movie trivia, memorabilia and full recording data. Disc 2 features the legendary live show from the Mississippi Alabama State Fair and Dairy Show held in Tupelo on September 26. The release date is set for May 11.


1) Love Me Tender 2:44
(Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
2) Let Me 2:11
(Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
3) Poor Boy 2:16
(Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
4) We're Gonna Move 2:31
(Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
5) Love Me Tender – end title version 1:09
6) 20) The Truth About Me 2:09
Original spoken word 45 rpm disc included in Teen Parade magazine
07) We’re Gonna Move –take 4 2:47
08) We’re Gonna Move – take 9 4:39
09) Poor Boy – take 3 original 3 verse master 1:51
10) Poor Boy –remake take 1 1:00
11) Poor Boy – extended verse. Vocal overdub take 6 0:37
12) Let Me – vocal overdub take 3 2:21
13) Let Me – vocal overdub take 4 2:19
14) Love Me Tender 2:52
15) Let Me 2:11
16) Poor Boy 2:16
17) We’re Gonna Move 2:32
18) The Truth About Me Interview 10:04
Recorded August 22 on the set of Love Me Tender, Hollywood, California

All songs recorded for the motion picture LOVE ME TENDER
Recorded August 24, September 4 and 5, and October 1, 1956 at Fox Stage 1, Hollywood.

Producer / A&R: Lionel Newman / Ken Darby
Engineer: Bob Mayer & Ken Runyon

Guitar: Vito Mumolo; Bass: Mike ”Myer” Rubin; Drums: Richard Cornell; Banjo: Luther “Red” Roundtree; Accordion: Carl Fortina, Dominic Frontieri; Vocals: Rad Robinson, Jon Dodson, Charles Prescott

DISC 2 - Mississippi-Alabama State Fair & Dairy Show, Tupelo.

1) Heartbreak Hotel 2:43
(Mae Boren Axton/Tommy Durden/Elvis Presley)
2) Long Tall Sally 2:43
(Richard Penniman/Robert Blackwell/Enotris Johnson)
3) Introductions and presentation 2:36
4) I Was The One 3:19
(Aaron Schroeder/Claude DeMetrius/Hal Blair/Bill Peppers)
5) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 2:52
(Maurice Mysels/Ira Kosloff)
6) Elvis talks 0:34
7) I Got A Woman 2:53
(Ray Charles)
8) Don’t Be Cruel 2:52
(Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley)
9) Ready Teddy 2:15
(Robert Blackwell/John Marascalco)
10) Love Me Tender 2:58
(Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
11) Hound Dog 2:48
(Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
12) Vernon and Gladys Predsley 1:44
13) Nick Adams 1:42
14) A fan 2:26
15) Elvis 1:53
17) Love Me Tender 1:49
(Vera Matson/Elvis Presley)
18) I Was The One 2:47
(Aaron Schroeder/Claude DeMetrius/Hal Blair/Bill Peppers)
19) I Got A Woman 2:52
(Ray Charles)
20) Announcement 1:45
21) Don’t Be Cruel 2:12
(Otis Blackwell/Elvis Presley)
22) Blue Suede Shoes 2:34
(Carl Perkins)
23) Announcement 1:03
24) Baby Let’s Play House 2:43
(Arthur Gunter)
25) Hound Dog 3:53
(Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
Amateur recording made September 26, 1956. Guitar: Scotty Moore. Guitar: Elvis Presley. Bass: Bill Black. Drums: D.J.Fontana. Vocals: The Jordanaires


Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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JerryNodak wrote on April 28, 2014
I won't pre-order or be first in line, but I will definitely buy this release. Here's hoping they were able to improve the sound quality of the Tupelo concerts (even just a little bit). The sound quality was pretty rough when they were released on the Golden Celebration box set back in the day.
Ton Bruins wrote on April 28, 2014
Not interested at all on this on.....the bucket seems empty...
Cruiser621 wrote on April 28, 2014
This FTD issue CD will not be purchased by yours truly. I went so far as to purchase the "Elvis" FTD CD issue, but the "Love Me Tender" CD is another story. I have all the outtakes I want as of today; although I have to laugh, they have a stereo version of "Let Me" showing on this upcoming release. The EP (Extended Play) brings back nostalgia but other than that, enough is enough and the additional "Diary Show" is nowhere near an enticement for my hard earned money. Sorry FTD, not this time.
Orion wrote on April 28, 2014
Nope - won't be buying this one. Does that mean I won't be getting my replacement disc for "Destination" anytime soon ?
VivaLasDavies wrote on April 28, 2014
A great addition to the FTD catalogue and another gap on the shelf filled. Hopefully the previous posters are in the minority and this will have a good take up. As with the previous release, a good idea filling the second disc with a contemporary concert recording.
I Saw the Light wrote on April 28, 2014
Not interested, pass..
Steve V wrote on April 28, 2014
The EP is ok, but never one of my favorites, and not Elvis' finest moment in the 50's. The Tupelo concerts would have to be pretty cleaned up in order for me to plunk down 35.00 on what is essentially a release that seems non-essential at this point and not worth the price at least to me. These FTDs are not exactly cheap. Prob pass on this. The days of completist are long over.
little jimmy tompkin wrote on April 29, 2014
at this rate FTD will soon put out a double disc of Charro !
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 29, 2014
Not a bit of interest in this,would have bough the last 2 ttwii shows left or on april 72 on tour. This soundtrack in my view is not great and i hate the song love me tender.
japio wrote on April 29, 2014
this one is really aq bad choice to bring out ?. Why a few bits. You'll maybe know that the sessions are recorded in binaural stereo. They transferd it few years ago to real stereo. Then poor boy. They edited the 4 verse out of the original. And i have this for a few years in mine collection. few years. We had also let me solo. FTD just use one channel( elvis vocals) from the binaural tape and. centerd the vocal to mid.This could be also with the Poor Boy – extended verse. Vocal overdub take 6 0:37. On the cd JHR/ LMT cd you can hear it clearly the bleeding of the music in Let me. FTD has done more timnes. Mostly with all vocals overdubs. ( only elvis vocals) . like kissin coussins, baby i don't care What they also done was to create binaural stereo on tracks from" it happened at the worlds fair.. They only has channels swap. Once again . too less material, too much remixing on tracks. But it brings also qustions. If you'll have the (biaural tapes) why not using this - the stereo masters: why are they comimg from, are these sessions of master tapes. or made stereo from binaural. What kind of tapes contains the outtakes??.
Jamie wrote on April 29, 2014
Hello, I've been very surprised that FTD saw fit to include 2 very poor quality live recordings in the last few months. The second disc in this set is a listen-to-it-once experience for the obsessive. Had they been unreleased, one could understand the value in putting them out there. But both have been issued already. The New Frontier Hotel gig would have been better had some padding been necessary. It seems to me that the 'Elvis' (1956) release could have been disc 1 as it is partnered with disc 1 of this set. I've got a lot of time for FTD and Ernst, but they're making themselves look desperate. And it's not nice stretching out enough viable product for 1 release over 2 releases. I think Elvis's fan base has been exploited quite enough already, and then some.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on April 29, 2014
Somewere the colonel is smiling,and elvis is laughing his butt off just like ernst,elvis had no idea just how desperate some of his fans were and still are. Enjoy your poor boy outtakes,and the concert u already bought!
TheMemphisFan wrote on April 30, 2014
Jamie wrote - "The 'ELVIS' (1956) release could have been disc 1 as it is partnered with disc 1 of this set." That's exactly right, Jamie. Good point. I agree with you wholeheartedly on that!
Jerome wrote on April 30, 2014
This poor boy happen sto like the Poor Boy outtakes! Together with Old Shep it is probably one of the best recordings he made!...
JerryNodak wrote on April 30, 2014
This release gathers together all LMT material along with The Truth About Me interview (which I haven't heard in decades) and the Tupelo concerts (such as they are) I haven't listened to them in a long time because my older box sets are locked away in storage. Be good to hear them again. All these goodies in one place. Can't pass it up.
VivaLasDavies wrote on April 30, 2014
Nice to read something positive after all the negative remarks (from the usual moaners). What people seem to forget is this - repetition is inevitable with all Elvis releases. If you've bought this stuff once to often then pass on it. I just don't get all the sneering remarks, especially from one individual who seems to hang around here just waiting to pounce on anything from FTD - very odd.
FM wrote on April 30, 2014
I for one can't wait for this release, I agree with VivaLasDavies, I have been collecting these 7 inch FTD since they started and I am not stopping now, I have all the releases that FTD has put out and I compliment Ernst and the crew for doing a great job and keeping Elvis' memory alive,because of them we have all these fantastic releases. Keep putting them out and I'll keep buying them.
Troubleman wrote on April 30, 2014
I agree with VivaLasDavies and I also don't understand some of the negative remarks regarding the recent FTD releases. We all know that there is probably not much 'unreleased' material left in the vaults. I just don't like the comments regarding 'desperate Elvis fans' buying everything. The 'Classic album' series is for 'collectors' so it is not for everyone. My only complaint is trying to stretch a single CD release on a 2 CD set. But otherwise, I am glad for these releases since there are very few remaining. Besides other concert releases, the only movie soundtrack 'Classic album' releases that may be coming would be 'Flaming star', 'Kissing cousins', 'Roustabout', 'Live a little, love a little', 'Speedway' and 'Change of habit' (with Charro as a bonus song). As for regular releases, the only ones left would be the 1957 'Christmas album', 'For LP fans only', 'A date with Elvis', 'Welcome to my world' and probably the last release 'Elvis in concert'. So that's 10 'Classic albums' left, then that will be it. So for those who keep complaining, don't worry the end of the label is coming soon. As for fans like me who take this series for what it is, a collector's label, I will be sad when it ends. If you buy something for a collection, it is not wasting money. I buy the 7 inch format because I enjoy them, that's it. If I have duplicates CDs, I can bring them to Elvis conventions for trading. If you do not want the new FTD releases that's fine, but please stop insulting fans who like the label. TCB
VivaLasDavies wrote on April 30, 2014
Totally agree with the previous two posters. I'd also add King Creole and The Trouble With Girls to the soundtrack list. It would also be a shame for the '68 Special not to get the 7" treatment - just for the cover (my favourite) alone!
Andy_2 wrote on April 30, 2014
Classic album???
Orion wrote on April 30, 2014
I do applaud and appreciate the loyalty to Elvis' music and legacy by continuing to support FTD and the efforts of Ernst & co that many on here have. I am also envious of your deep wallets. lol Seriously though, I have purchased almost every title that FTD has given us collectors since its inception. However, as I stated previously, I will pass on this one. There is simply not enough unreleased material to warrant my purchase. I wish FTD would've combined this soundtrack with "Flaming Star" and then it would have been another automatic purchase for me. Instead I'm afraid that FTD will put together a release of "Flaming Star" and the Hawaii '61 show due to a lack of FS outtakes and alternate versions. If it is compiled that way, I again will have to pass.
JerryNodak wrote on April 30, 2014
Personally, I would no problem with FTD combining Flaming Star with the Hawaii '61 benefit concert. A likely purchase for me IF it happens.
benny scott wrote on April 30, 2014
I welcome this release with open arms ! Great to have it in my collection. Together with the Loving You, Jailhouse Rock and King Creole releases our man's 4 pre-army movies are very well represented here. If you don't like or need a certain release, OK, no problem, to each his own, but respect ( like per example Orion does and (luckily) some others ) those who'll buy it . Pls stop attacking, bashing or making fun of fans who feel different. Behave in a mature way, it can't be THAT difficult I think! Always El.
Troubleman wrote on April 30, 2014
VivaLasDavies - I forgot about `The trouble with girls` and King Creole also deserves the Classic album treatment. The 68 special would make a great 2 CD set! Great cover indeed! TCB
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on May 01, 2014
Release every compilation as a classic album,no wonder the catalog is a mess,fans will buy anything and i do mean everything!!!
marty wrote on May 01, 2014
I should add that 2 cd classic album releases by FTD are the same price as regular 1 cd FTD releases. As such, who can complain that the Tupelo shows are included in the 2nd cd? See it as a bonus! The same applies to the previous classic album release 'Elvis'. As for this release, I will buy it mainly because I like to collect them. Expensive hobby? Yes it is, but not as much as other hobbies many people have... For those who are going to buy it, enjoy it! Thanks again FTD.
JerryNodak wrote on May 01, 2014
That's right, mature_elvis_fan75. Get it ALL out there as a part of the 'Classic' series. Give the FTD consumer the choice to buy or not to buy. I've bought some and rejected others. But at least I (and others) had the choice. Put it all out there, Ernst. Give us the choice.
VivaLasDavies wrote on May 01, 2014
Jerry, I assume you realize the "fan" you quote is attempting sarcasm. The catalogue is "mess" ? Just what planet is this character on? Basically he resents people buying things he disapproves of - which is more or less everything.
Jamie wrote on May 01, 2014
Hello, of course we could save money by listening to our other Elvis CD's for a few years. Then we'll be able to snap this material up for half the price AND twinned with another disc when Sony/BMG give it a Legacy release.
Lou A wrote on May 02, 2014
I'll be getting this one . I think it's great that FTD is releasing the album and EP's in the 7 inch format with out takes etc .Now we can store all of Elvis music chronologiacally together. I can't see how organizing Elvis music this way could be called a mess. This is the best organized catalog of music available to fans of any artist I can think of . And Sony is getting the catalog out there two ways - FTD and LEGACY .You can buy either one or both. The original Lover Me Tender Ep was never one of my top favorites , but I like it ,and I'm looking forward to getting all of this material in great quality in one place . Like others , I hope the concert material is in improved sound. Keep "em coming Ernst!
VivaLasDavies wrote on May 02, 2014
Well put Lou, a perfect summing up of this release. Next up, let's have Flaming Star.
Jamie wrote on May 02, 2014
Hello, I'm sure all my friends out there who remember the utter chaos of Elvis's catalogue before Song/BMG took it on will agree whole-heartedly with Lou A: chronology has been achieved and the booklets are finely detailed. Regarding the enhancement of the sound quality of the distorted amateur recordings from the '50s, there is very little that can be done. My personal view is that the timbre of the live discs partnered up with FTD's Elvis (1956) and 'Love Me Tender' releases is too poor for issue on an elite label. As I've ventured before, I feel that disc 1 of each should have been twinned in the form of a 2 CD Elvis (1956) package. For me, it is exploitative to deploy previously issued concert recordings in low grade quality in this way. But Lou's right - at least we haven't got 'Burning Love' and 'Guadalajara' on the same product.
VivaLasDavies wrote on May 02, 2014
The point of these is to release each one as a Classic Album. Twinning them would distort the concept. Remember, the early ones were single CD in many cases - therefore look upon the second disc as a bonus.
Jamie wrote on May 08, 2014
Hello, I didn't mean that the FTD issues of Elvis (1956) and Love Me Tender should be twinned together under their separate titles. There is a dearth of out-takes from the Elvis (1956) sessions, so FTD included bonus tracks such as 'Hound Dog'. I think it would have been in keeping then with the concept of that FTD release to have included the song Love Me Tender and the rejected takes from the LMT soundtrack sessions. The whole could have been released as a double CD set billed solely as Elvis (1956). That would have concentrated the professionally-taped recordings in one product. And there would have been no need for FTD to have regurgitated those horribly distorted live concerts. I think they've performed a magic trick, conjuring two products where only one viable one exists. I know I'm not telling my friends out there anything you don't know, but the Love Me Tender soundtrack was a 4-track EP: what's with this 'Classic Album' nonsense? It isn't any kind of album.
Troubleman wrote on May 09, 2014
Jamie – I have to disagree with your comment about the ‘Classic album’ nonsense because Love me tender was only a 4 song EP. Does that mean that ‘Jailhouse rock’ (a 5 song EP) did not deserve the ‘Classic album’ release? What about ‘Follow that dream’, ‘Kid Galahad’, ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and ‘Easy come, easy go’? They were also only released in EP format. And no FTD release for ‘Wild in the country’ and ‘Stay away Joe’ since they were not even released on EP, only on 45s. To have an FTD 2 CD set called ‘Elvis 1956’ would have had to include both albums released in 1956 and the Love me tender EP which basically would eliminate the ‘Classic album’ release for either LPs. The ‘Classic album’ concept is for collectors and has released gems such as ‘Standing room only’, ‘Elvis sings Memphis Tennessee (the lost album)’ and ‘Guitar man’. These were never released on LP but they make a great ‘Classic album’ release. I respect your opinion and I also believe that the last 2 release ‘Elvis’ and this one should be a 1 CD set only. They do not need to stretch it out, but I am not going to complain about the extra CD. The 1956 concerts were not recorded professionally so there is no way of getting them in great sound, but at least we have them. TCB
Jamie wrote on May 09, 2014
Hi Troubleman, thanks for responding to my message. I certainly think FTD's Jailhouse Rock double CD sets are magical. But, no I don't think they - or the other historic EP's you mention - should be billed as "Classic Albums". I don't think they need any label at all beyond an obvious title. In fact, I think there have been a few FTD issues of notoriously disappointing LP's - Elvis Now and Elvis (1973, "Fool") spring to mind - that stretch the value of the word "Classic" to breaking point. Kind regards, JK
kink56 wrote on May 10, 2014
Many people equate the word "album" to a 12" LP. The original album was a collection of 78s in one book-like container or "album". It could be Beethoven's 5th on several volumes of 78 10" records, or a collection of Bing Crosby songs intended to be released as a unit or "album". CDs can also be albums. Now if you recall RCA called these EP, "EPA" or Extended Play Albums. Yes, these 4-6 song collections on 7" 45 records are "albums". So to include them in the Classic Album Series makes perfect sense. LP = Long Play Album. EP - Extended Play Album.
VivaLasDavies wrote on May 10, 2014
"Classic" in this context means an original LP/EP release (or ones that should have been). To question the term on the grounds that you think it's a weaker album is missing the point by a mile. Like I've said before, a LOT of fans want these in this format - that's reason enough to put them out.