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Hawaii 1957 Footage

January 08, 2013 | Other

From the new exhibition at Graceland: some "new" footage from Hawaii '57... great present!

Source:Elvis Information Network
Colonel wrote on January 08, 2013
Not '61 but '57
Steve V wrote on January 08, 2013
If only someone (the brilliant Col?) had the brians to record or film these shows professionlly. There were certainly enough shows in 1957. And again Pearl Harbor in 1961. A travesty this was not thought about. Elvis at the peak of his powers.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on January 08, 2013
This is from the old Honolulu Stadium, November 10th 1957. Just a park there now with a marker, but took some snaps anyway of course! His final 50's appearance was next day at the Schofield Barracks Post Bowl! (Also known as the Conroy Bowl &? the Boxing Bowl) That is very much still there, pretty much as it was then. Been there too!! Great footage!!!
Ronaldv wrote on January 08, 2013
Amazing footage, like I'm in the virtual world.
Andy_2 wrote on January 08, 2013
Too fantastic for words. there has to be more. Please, one day.
Tony C wrote on January 08, 2013
This is fantastic quality, really close-up footage, quite a find. It is somewhat harsh to blame Tom Parker for not having any of Elvis' concerts films. Hindsight is something none of us have, if only we did. We have to take into account contracts with TV shows, film studios and obviously RCA for the audio side, as well as the equipment required for such a project. These days it is very easy to record the audio and video of concerts, most artists do it routinely, but then it was much more difficult. I have in the past read people here complaining that soundboard recordings do not exist of Elvis' fifties concerts, but they forget that in the fifties there were no soundboards!
Gorse wrote on January 09, 2013
This is fabulous absolutely fantastic and I wonder how many other film perfromances exist in someone's attic. I fully agree with Steve that there were so many missed opportunities in his career with the big omissions being 1961 and 1969, when he was the biggest thing in the musical enertainment world in the former and vying for popularity with the moon landing on the latter. I see what you are saying Tony but surely there must have been a bit more film from the 50's than has been seen to date.
Pedro Nuno wrote on January 09, 2013
This is unreal! I'm just overtaken with this footage. The Pure Elvis The Pelvis on stage. The Real King. There has to be more than just half a minute. This is like finding Incas's gold, in Elvis catalog!
Steve V wrote on January 09, 2013
Many 'big' artists have had their concerts recorded in the fifties, Ella, Frank, Judy, Darin, Ray Charles to name a few. To me it was just Parker being Parker and not letting the public have too much access to Elvis.
Deano1 wrote on January 09, 2013
I have to agree that we are being a little hard on the Colonel for not filming concerts in the 50's. Even the Colonel thought Elvis was a flash-in-the-pan as did most of the entertainment world in the 50's. "Love Me Tender" "Jailhouse Rock" and "King Creole" were even filmed in black and white due to the studios feeling the movies would be in a theater for four weeks and then forgotten. I do agree that when Elvis came back from the Army bigger than ever, it should have been a sign for the Colonel to change how he treated Elvis. The Hawaii show in '61 should have been filmed and professionaly recorded and this was a major mistake by him. I don't really feel that the Colonel ever respected Elvis the artist, but I don't hold that against him. He is just like the manager in "Jailhouse Rock", worried about the bottom line only and Elvis had to know that. Elvis could have recorded studio LP's from 64-66 in conjunction with the movie soundtracks. Elvis could have said no to the films after the first contract was completed and not signed a new one in '63 or '64. Elvis could have said no to Vegas in '73 and could have insisted on a world tour. He even could have insisted that RCA and the Colonel not botch up his recordings with albums like "Burning Love", "Separate Ways" and "Elvis". No singular artist ever reached the heights of Elvis and I don't think the Colonel, RCA or Elvis knew how to react or exactly what to do except ride the wave. In retrospect, despite the mistakes, what a fantastic wave it was.
Steve V wrote on January 09, 2013
Deano - you are prob you are right on me being harsh. Not only Elvis but rock n roll was considered a flash in the pan as well in the 50's. But no excuse for either 1961 benefit concert not being recorded (never mind filmed!) or no more tours after the Army. That's just bad artistic management, and yes Elvis should have demanded better for his career than a bunch of silly movies and songs.
Tony C wrote on January 09, 2013
I have read in the past that Parker tried to get a film made of the 1961 Hawaiian concert but could not get any takers, presumably because of the price tag attached to it. I don't know if this is true or not, it could be an urban myth, or whether the project would have been a TV special or made for theatrical release. It has been mentioned on this site so maybe others can shed some light on this.
sitdown revamped wrote on January 10, 2013
There are recordings of Mahalia Jackson at Newport 1958. So there is never an excuse for not recording Presley professionally at Honolulu in '57. Would be by far a great rariety in FTDs vaults! Same for '61. This was music history being written and someone missed the momentum. Especially after Hawaii '61 they could have published the official live recroding to raise additional money for the U.S.S. Arizona memorial or for the benefit of Pacific War veterans.
benny scott wrote on January 10, 2013
I can hardly believe there's only 30 seconds of footage from this concert Who's the owner of this footage ? EPE ? If not, who is it ? Is there any chance that some day ( asap !) we'll have the chance to see more ( if there is more) or even made available on DVD ? Questions ! Always El.
Steve V wrote on January 10, 2013
Sitdown makes a LOT of sense about the 1961 Pearl Harbor show. If they really wanted to raise as much as they could for the memorial, a live album and its sales proceeds would have contributed a lot more money than the initial ticket sales. It's what is done today for every benefit concert( dvd, cd to follow etc.) Were they really that short-sighted then? Of course we use hindsight here and feel we were cheated out of the chance for a great professional release, so a bit of greed on our part, but Sitdown really nails it with his comment.
Lefty wrote on January 11, 2013
I get the arguments about logistics, the times, and all the rest, so forgive me for holding to the notion that The Colonel is to blame. In my opinion, The Colonel was smart -- but short sighted. He did not think beyond the fast buck. If he had, the Elvis legacy would have been handled in a much better way. Case in point, this event....in addition to MSG.
sunrecords56 wrote on January 15, 2013
When is comes to Tapes I honestly believe there is more SUN material burried someplace. after going over the tons of 706 Music that has surfaced over the years including recently a whole buch of Perkins outtake material, and stuff by small artists and Presley stuff non existing. I never beleived that Sam taped over the material. Its out there someplace