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Elvis On Tour – The Alternate Movie

November 04, 2012 | Video

Forty years years after the original movie premiered, STAR releases an alternate version! This time you will get a completely new approach to the movie Elvis On Tour. With little to no talk, this is the one you will play over and over! The original movie still is a fan favourite, but the multiple screens spoil a lot of the actual performances. Now you can enjoy FULL SCREEN, and will discover angles not seen before!

Some songs are presented with Elvis wearing multiple suits. All songs are brand new edits, and can not be compared to previous star releases like Through My Eyes and BTR. Better sources are used to make this must-have Christmas release! As a little Christmas bonus the new duet clip I Love You Because with Lisa Marie is included, in excellent quality.


Johnny B. Goode (The original version re-edited with footage of the rehearsal) / See See Rider (Live – multiple suits) / Proud Mary (Live – different camera angles used) / Never Been to Spain (Live – different camera angles used) / Always On My Mind (Newly found source, excellent clip!) / Where Do I Go From Here (New clip, Elvis travelling footage) / Suspicious Minds (An INCREDIBLE live edit using multiple suits and footage taken from the original movie) / For the Good Times (Live version re-edited) / Burning Love (Brand new clip, using the single version with multiple ‘live’ and ‘rehearsal’ performances) / That´s All Right (Elvis On Tour 1971) / I Got A Woman (Elvis On Tour 1971 combined with ’72 footage) / A Big Hunk O´ Love (Re-edited rehearsal clip) / Until It´s Time for You to Go (Live version, multiple suits – three different ones) / Polk Salad Annie Live (Different camera angles used) / Love Me (Live version re-edited) / Teddy Bear-Don´t Be Cruel (Live version, re-edited) / Heartbreak Hotel (Newly found rehearsal edit) / Hound Dog (Newly found rehearsal edit) / Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Live version, re-edited) / I Can´t Stop Loving You (Live version, re-edited) / Release Me (Live version, re-edited) / Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live, different camera angles used) / Lead Me, Guide Me (New clip, audio is the studio version) / How Great Thou Art (Live, different camera angles used) / An American Trilogy (Live, different camera angles used – with reprise).

Source:Essential Elvis
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on November 04, 2012
Anyone know what the picture quality on this is like?
jjsmith wrote on November 04, 2012
It's a shame MGM/UA or whoever owns all the footage doesn't come up with something like this. They are missing out on a good deal of revenue.
KINGE wrote on November 05, 2012
They will take the source material from the best boots available.....nothing new but STAR is great when it comes to footage editing and adding sound in perfect sync. I do hope they wont mix inferiour bootleg footage with PRO clip from official on tour,this is elvis and lost performances dvd/laserdiscs. They have done that in the past and its annoying seeing fantastic picture quality stuff then it suddenly goes to poor (in comparison) video quality.
Jerome wrote on November 05, 2012
there is a lot of 'newly found footage' (from youtube)...
Gorse wrote on November 05, 2012
Star have given me hours of pleasure with their releases,both CD and DVD, and I will buy this regardless for a few dollars. Some of their releases miss the target, but many do score, and then I do my own editing as in the case of The Fantasy Concert release where I add and take a few bits out to satisfy what I require. I believe that I was one of the first people to edit and join Presley amateur film way back in 2003 and released it on ebay as a full DVD, so fully appreciate the efforts of this guy. The powers that be could learn a lot from him/her, as they seem to know what Presley fans want
GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 06, 2012
I wish the owners of the "original film" (Warner Brothers) would do a search through the film vaults, for unreleased material, and release it !! What are they waiting for ? With, all the rumored, unreleased film footage,and the right editing, "Warners" has another concert movie, for the fans to enjoy ! Lets get it done ! I'll edit the film myself and turn a profit ! Call me !
tigergirl wrote on November 06, 2012
Where can I buy this little beauty??
circleG wrote on November 07, 2012
sounds good
marco31768 wrote on November 08, 2012
Another boring comment of Jerome.
Tony C wrote on November 08, 2012
Warner Brothers have stated for the past couple of years that they would like to have done something with the unreleased footage, but the problem is that they do not own the rights to it or even the raw film itself. The footage is not rumoured, it exists and has been heavily bootlegged since 2005. A vault search is not needed, the footage is catalogued in great detail and stored in a film vault. The stumbling block is that the current owners show no great desire to do anything with this footage. As for the pathetic Youtube comment from the comedian among our midst, it just shows the complete lack of knowledge of anything the makers of this forthcoming DVD produce. Their material is certainly not copied from Youtube.
japio wrote on November 10, 2012
Ok the quality is maybe ok. But the problem is the "self"made edits. Next time there will be new edits again. And that's goes on for years. And strange that a label as STAR find new found reheasal edits. One big lie. But it's not a easy job to make this , but that makes it not a essential release. But this time a nice one for all who waiting on a special edition from Warner.
Boxcar wrote on November 11, 2012
Tony C: Warner / MGM wants to use the material. BMG waits for Warner to use it. EPE waits for Warner and BMG to use it. The fans wait for Warner, BMG and EPE to use it ..... Did I understand that right? Who else is involved in this (except Chuck Berry who didn't answere the phone when MGM called for the rights for Johnny B. Good)? Sound to me like a chapter of a cheap slapstick-movie.
2012wiseman wrote on November 12, 2012
Badly managed by "all",; especially EPE Graceland. So, did they throw away those unseen but filmed by MGM 200 hours of Elvis on stage during all his performances in several cities ? Smart EP-Management I tell you that boys ! Also, just minor detail...this news comes about 40 years too late. Should be in all University marketing courses as a brilliant example of how to mismanage and (almost) destroy a world icon. I am so pissed off and don't believe in the (false) hopes they are tryin' to give us (so that we buy again and again this movie remake with the same materials, over & over). Soory folks.
circleG wrote on November 15, 2012
" Should be in all University marketing courses as a brilliant example of how to mismanage and (almost) destroy a world icon " - couldn't have said it better myself.
2012wiseman wrote on November 15, 2012
You bet ya, CircleG friend !! All those who think they know better are wrong as can be. Perfect for University courses in marketing (major textbook mistakes like Ford calling a new car the "Nova" deluxe car...means in spanish it does NOT work...!). Yes, gang, thàt bad ! And it also recently happened with the (amateuristic) production of the 3rd Disc of the Prince from another Planet-MSqGarden DVD where Ernst & Roger did not replace those "black hole spots" by still pictures of Elvis on stage (I guess they were shot if I'm not mistaken by my friend Ed Bonja !!a truly great photographer of EP in action, looking super ! By the way, where are those film reels (in the Kansas salt mines underground); 200 hrs of footazge of which for sure a new 2 hr movie of EonTour 72 could be made, if it's done for fans by Elvis' personal friend and someone who truly understands what all those loyal fans have been waiting for...ever since 1972....Mr. Jerry Schilling. Why doesn't give Priscilla her OK agreement and sign off for those ??? Elvis' image in '72 was still pretty good, despite his long hair... Who knows more about this ? Please communicate to us. This (bootleg) version seems to have corrected and edited some of crap scenes of the original movie (interviews with stupid dumm illiterate caretakers, garbagemen and the like). Has someone bought it and actually seen it ??? Please share your opinion and comments about it to us all, please friends.
tcb1 wrote on November 15, 2012
picture quality is ok but not perfect, not an alternate movie, more a compilation, its an ok release get a friend to make a copy not worth spending more than a fiver
randelvis wrote on November 17, 2012
i like to k now how do i get this from star productions i think there from italy? can you tell me or point me in the right direction? thanks