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FTD Deletions

September 21, 2012 | Other

After the announcement of the new October/December releases, FTD also note the deletion of the following items.

5" Digi-packs: 'Burbank 68', 'It’s Midnight', 'Closing Night', 'Rockin’ Across Texas'
7" Classic Album Series: 'Tickle Me'
12" Vinyl Albums: 'Blue Hawaii', 'Standing Room Only', 'Good Times', 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Elvis Is Back'.

The new 2012 Book/CD "A Boy From Tupelo - The Complete 1953 to 1955 Recordings" is also Sold Out not to be reprinted.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Dazman wrote on September 22, 2012
Hoorah !! Glad to see the back of Closing Night. Can't believe a show so trashed was officially released, let alone made the FTD Top 40. I thought the closing show in 'Desert Storm' was much better. With all Elvis' obsessive ramble at least he sang properly. With all of the '68 Comeback performances now available since '08 on the Heritage label, 'Burbank '68 was long overdue for the axe as well. As a result of these I hope FTD will use better shows from the same tours and engagements especially from August '73, Memphis '76 etc...
Dazman wrote on September 22, 2012
BTW...with the axing of 'Rocking Across Texas' this should further justify the re-release of the 'Fashion For A King' CD's as a double set, at least collectors will still have a show from the June/July '74 tour available to them. Ernst if you're reading these posts: even for those deleted lines you choose not to reprint at least make them available on iTunes.
Rejane wrote on September 22, 2012
Can't imagine why they don't want to re-print a Boy From Tupelo after selling 3,000 copies in 6 weeks, makes no sense to me. I did get my copy though.
circleG wrote on September 22, 2012
Shame the tupelo book was limited, I would have bought a copy in a month or two. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting a copy which makes me wonder why FTD would produce such a limited series. I can understand the bootleggers doing that but a legit company?
Nariel wrote on September 22, 2012
I'm in the same situation as you CircleG, I didn't buy "A Boy From Tupelo" immediately when it was released (lack of funds, unfortunately), but I was going to buy it, and now it's out of print. I didn't expect it would happen so soon.
circleG wrote on September 23, 2012
Nariel my friend, call me a cynic but I expect we'll see a few copies floating on ebay at extortionate prices soon.
flamingstarlit wrote on September 23, 2012
I am totally not happy this "A Boy from Tupelo" is not being reprinted. Totally. I have never been so disappointed in FTD. Never. I am shocked.
kink56 wrote on September 23, 2012
I was thrilled to see "Tickle Me" released a few years ago. I am sad to see it go.
marty wrote on September 23, 2012
I am happy I bought 'A Boy From Tupelo', it is really a great book! As for reprints, I bet if there is a big enough demand they will reprint it. Cannot see it happening though as most fans who wanted it have already got a copy. I hope all fans who really want it manage to find a copy at a reasonable price...
EJF wrote on September 23, 2012
With regards to "A Boy From Tupelo", now that's it's sold out, my guess is they will release a CD only (2-3 Discs) version and I bet the newly discovered live version of "I Forgot To Remember To Forget" will be on it. Watch this space!
Mr Cool wrote on September 23, 2012
The Now Dig This website still has copies left at £93.95 plus postage
kink56 wrote on September 23, 2012
That would be great if FTD issued a CD only version of Boy From Tupelo.
benny scott wrote on September 24, 2012
At least 1 Belgian Elvisshop has copies left at £78 + postage ! Always El.
alanfalk wrote on September 24, 2012
I remember all the people saying that The Boy from Tupelo was to expensive, mayby the FTD people thought that the demand was lower than it really was ? I got my copy, and it is a GREAT product, I hope all who wants one,gets it. Does anyone know if the Burbank 68 has anything on it that The complete ´68 comeback special don´t have??
kink56 wrote on September 24, 2012
alanfalk, Nothing on the FTD Burbank 68 that is missing on the Complete 68 Comeback box, but FTD's Let Yourself Go has production number outtakes not on the box! (complete my butt!)
Troubleman wrote on September 25, 2012
I agree with EJF that FTD could release a 2 CD compilation ‘Best of A boy from Tupelo’ and include the newly discovered ‘I forgot to remember…’ on it. It could include a small booklet as well. That way, those of us who bought the book/CD would still be happy, and the fans who didn’t get a chance to buy it could at least get some of the recordings such as ‘Little mama’. I don’t think that FTD would re-print the book/CD since it would probably be too expensive, but if fans demand it, they could release a smaller version (2 CD digi-pack) at a smaller cost and still keep fans happy. TCB
Jerome wrote on September 25, 2012
No Amarillo?..
ElvisSacramento wrote on September 26, 2012
I was going to buy the FTD "A Boy From Tupelo" Book/3 CD release next month and I'm extremely disappointed to find out that it won't be re-printed. It's not fair at all that FTD gave this highly anticipated release a one print run. There are so very many Elvis fans that would have bought this FTD release later this year that will now never get the chance to buy it. I only buy FTD releases from ShopElvis here in the USA, nowhere else. I'll never order from any website that's from overseas. "A Boy From Tupelo" would have also sold out very fast if it got a second print run. It's not fair at all to so very many Elvis fans and it will never make any sense to me and others why FTD has this type of policy. FTD should do what's right and re-print this Book/3 CD release soon and sell a few thousand more copies of it. I'm extremely disappointed and I have every right to be. It's obvious that the "A Boy From Tupelo" Book is the best FTD Book that there will ever be.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 26, 2012
Does your items come in one piece from shopelvis? They have to be the most clueless staff ever, i stopped taking the damaged crap they sent me and contacted the manager. I know were you can get tupelo but its not shopelvis priced. Ftd should have releases a regular cd set,but i stopped trying to figure out ftd,hect ernst doesnt even understand the logic behind the label,thats why at elvis week he didnt talk about upcoming ftd's lol.
TCB1974 wrote on September 29, 2012
Just got my copy from "A boy from Tupelo" today and it looks absolutely fabulous. Very happy with it! There are more copies for sale ElvisSacramento but it depends where you live if I can point you in the right direction. If you need the package shipped to the USA, it could well be something like $175 but if you live in Holland it is just 100 euro.
Eap54 wrote on October 05, 2012
I'm retired 7 was planning on buying A Boy From Tupelo - The Complete 1953 to 1955 Recordings this month. Now it's sold out & no more reprints, that makes it hard on the people that have to have to save their money to buy something when it comes out to see the cost of the product. Wish they would do another reprint. How about it E.J.