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December FTD Releases

September 22, 2012 | Music

After adding the October releases earlier this week, we forgot the deletions (yesterday's update) and December releases, here they are:

1) FTD 115 BACK IN MEMPHIS - classic album
2) FTD 116 AUGUST ’72 (working title) - a soundboard of the August 12 Dinner show and a CD of rehearsals for that engagement.
3) FTD 302 G.I BLUES – 2-LP Limited Edition Vinyl

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain
LonElvis wrote on September 22, 2012
I'm probably going to start a disagreement but part of me always liked Back in Memphis better than From Elvis in Memphis. Both are among Elvis' best work, but I always liked the understated soul of the songs such This is the Story, The Fair's Moving On, You'll Think of Me, and Without Love.
genedin wrote on September 22, 2012
Great news. Especially about the 72 rehearsal. I can do without the same aug 12 show as its testament as summer festival. Mayb one song difference. Just my opinion
TCB1974 wrote on September 22, 2012
Back In Memphis is at least a true classic album release again and I am looking forward to hopefully some unreleased takes of these great recordings. The LV rehearsals is also something to look forward to. Indeed no high expectations that the show will add anything to Summer Festival and Hot August Night, but who knows there may be a surprise.
TCB1974 wrote on September 22, 2012
The show to be released on FTD has actually already been released as Blazing into the darkness. It is a good concert.
marty wrote on September 22, 2012
Back In Memphis is a great album with a great cover! Pity it was kinda buried being originaly released together with the live album. Hopefully we will get 'From Elvis In Memphis' soon as well. Rehearsals are always interesting, usually much more than the soundboard recordings! And another vinyl release for those who still care about vinyl (I am one of them). Looking forward to Decemeber...
Lefty wrote on September 22, 2012
Back In Memphis is a great album, but it has already been reissued as the second CD on the fantastic Sony/Legacy release of "From Elvis In Memphis". In my view, it seems that the official label is competing with itself. The Legacy edition is packaged in a double fold CD holder with lots of great pictures, a fantastic booklet, and 14 bonus tracks, all for about $15.00. The FTD release will be a 7" edition (larger album cover), and two CD's with bonus tracks for about $37.00 (shipping included). So I ask myself, do I want to buy this again, just for a few alternate bonus tracks? The answer is No. I think that FTD should limit the classic series to albums that have yet to be upgraded....In Concert comes to mind. MSG would have been a good choice, but Legacy beat them to it. You get the idea. As for releasing "Blazing Into Darkness," that's an excellent choice for a soundboard. Great show from 1972. Hopefully the sound will be improved somewhat. GI Blues, excellent for those in the vinyl market.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 22, 2012
Thats the problem with ftd,your never adding to your collection,your rebuying it. The studio outtakes cd's were nice,but even those were overpriced. Why not have 2 or 3 cd sets? Its simple, its a way to get more money,i for one dont like the oversized lp style releases. And i really dont like rebuying what i have. The august 72 shows are good,at least you get 2 cd's.
claunath82 wrote on September 23, 2012
Great news ! mainly the Back in Memphis album I've always considered one of his best albums. I would have preferred the album "from elvis in memphis" way forward in chronological order of their release, but I would still be very happy with this FTD if the quality is still there.
kink56 wrote on September 23, 2012
FINALLY! The Memphis sessions Classic albums are going to come out. Maybe 2013 will bring From Elvis In Memphis too!
japio wrote on September 23, 2012
Yes,yes. Two great albums. Really great news. Yes they have listen to the fans. So thanks for release this.Do we get also outtakes from the fair is moving on? . I always liked this one. His voice was so good and so intens on TFIMO. And i hope they have more ( don't cry daddy ect). this album deserves a classic release. Very good choice
Jamie wrote on September 23, 2012
Hello, some of the selections on the rejects album Back In Memphis (eg, Stranger In My Own Home Town, Do You Know Who I Am?, You'll Think of Me) were easily good enough to have been included on the primary album from these sessions, From Elvis In Memphis. However there is, in my view quite a bit of filler such as This Is the Story (the verses of which feature possibly the most tuneless chord change in any Elvis song), A Little Bit of Green, And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind, and The Fair's Moving On. I think the reputation of both albums has benefited considerably from a contrast effect - they were both much, much better than Elvis's efforts in the preceding couple of years. These albums are available paired together in the Legacy series, and it may have been better for the 1969 American Studios sessions to have been released by FTD in a completely fresh styling in the format of a couple of 2 disc sets along the lines of the American Way bootleg series.
LonElvis wrote on September 24, 2012
I agree with japio that The Fair is Moving On is a great song and one of my favorites. Despite Jamie's opinion to the contrary, I think The Fair is Moving On is a brilliantly understated and subtle performance with captures the feeling and nuances of the song. It's a very unique performance.
Orion wrote on September 24, 2012
I agree with those of you that BIM is in some regards stronger than FEIM. Either way, both albums are excellent examples of the power, soul, and beauty that was the voice of Elvis. I can't wait to hear what Vic Anesini did with the sound on this one. Speaking of good ol' Vic, I was reading the liner notes on a reissue CD of David Cassidy that my wife just got the other day and low-and-behold it was mastered by Mr. Anesini himself. Looks like he's not going to be loking for jobs now that Ernst and co. have let him go. As far as the Aug. '72, release, I'm curious about the rehearsal disc since we got a small sampling (Any Day Now) of it on the stage rehearsal CD. My only complaint is now that Cisco is on board with FTD for the soundboard releases is why he chose a show that so many of us already have on disc. Isn't there a show from the Aug-Sept. '72 engagement that we don't already have available on boot ?
Dazman wrote on September 25, 2012
Orion: Actually, I'm all for re-releasing bootlegged SB's. Let's face it prior to both '48 hours' and Cisco's involvement FTD's unrelesed SB's haven't been good. Not to say that they should discontinue this, by all means keep'em coming but there are too many bootleggged shows not yet given the recognition they deserve. My objections against the date chosen is that while it's a decent show, it only differs by one song (Proud Mary) to the Aug 11 D/S used for 'Summer Festival'. the Aug 11 M/S used for 'Full Blast' was a much better gig which makes me ask , was this one even considered?? I also think that using both closing night shows from this Vegas stint wouldn't be a bad idea either.
Johnny2523 wrote on September 25, 2012
Cisco wasnt involved in this soundboard + rehearsal set you guys...
Troubleman wrote on September 25, 2012
I agree with Marty that it was a great album which was lost behind the ‘Live at the International Hotel’ album. From Elvis in Memphis was promoted with a single ‘In the ghetto’ but back in Memphis was not. The great song ‘The Fair is moving on’ was the B side for the soundtrack single ‘Clean up your own backyard’, so BIM never got the promotion it truly deserved. RCA re-released the album by itself in 1970 but many fans already had it with the 1969 live album, so it obviously didn’t sell. I’m looking forward to this album, and the 1972 show + rehearsal as well. Keep up the good work FTD! TCB
Jerome wrote on September 25, 2012
From inside sources I heared that the rehearsal is without his band & orchestra but just Elvis signing under the shower. Anyone who is able to confirm this?..
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 26, 2012
Yes jerome,thats also what i have been told,when ask for comment ,ernst would not answer,so it must be true.
Lefty wrote on September 26, 2012
Elvis rehearsing in the shower? That's a new one! Who was in there with him recording it?
Steve V wrote on September 26, 2012
I took all kinds of heat for saying fans were buying the same thing all over again if they had the Suspicious Minds 2 cd set and went ahead and bought the Legacy edition of the 2 Memphis albums. I was told this was to be the ultimate sound for these sessions. Now again I am hearing if Vic is involved with this release it will be better. How much better? Does anyone really believe all ths hype or do you just like to keep buying the same old stuff again? Oh yeah, you get some outtakes which you probably have most of anyway. The best song on the album, Stranger in My Own Home Town, doesnt have any. 1 brilliant take.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 26, 2012
Thats why there should be outtake only releases,lets say a nice 3 cd set to cover the american sound sessions. I am just tired of rebuying what i have,it just makes no sence,i cant justify it anymore. JUst think a 3 cd set full of nothing but outtakes,and no not everyone,geesh,i dont need everything. You could even have some of the outtake already releases and have room for at least 2 full cd's of nothing but unreleased material,but instead you buy the same outtakes plus the original versions. As collectors ,we already have the masters and enough with the remastered, remixed bullcrap. I t could be so cool,you have the legacy release of from elvis in memphis/back in memphis,then you could add one cool set for $30 bucks but no instead you pay double. I am not into a ton of outtakes anymore either,but would have loved cool 3 cd sets on the american sound.staxs & even the jungle room sessions. Think about it,american sound sessions would cost $30 then stax sessions another $30 and jungle room.so about $100. Instead you buy 2 releases from american studio releases,3 stax's releases and 2 jungle room releases for a total of about $220 ,not too mention the other studio albums your buying the same way instead of nice outtake sets. I know i know ,people will say be glad to have ftd but i say ftd should be glad they have people that will buy there releases. Its too bad ftd went the classic album route,to me there not enough value with ftd releases.
Steve V wrote on September 26, 2012
Back In Memphis although a good album, wasnt given a proper release in 1969. it was the backend of a double LP!! Now its a classic album. It might have been classic if it contained the recent smash single Suspicious Minds (its had its B side) and Dont Cry Daddy, but no , that was too much Elvis to give to the public according to the Colonel's rules. Like I said its a good album but the Legacy edition has already given you both Memphis LPs at a decent price. I was hoping for a Memphis box, containing all the sessions. After all, it was a landmark session for Elvis and should be given special treatment, in my opinion, but I am still happy with the Suspicious Minds set and the various outtakes that have been released over the years. I dont want to buy them over again.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 26, 2012
Thats my view on this as well,a box set,i think that would have been a much better idea,even on the movie soundtracks, Maybe a 4 cd set of the best outtakes,instead you have to rebuy to get maybe 4 or 5 new outtakes. They really milked the soundtracks,clambake classic album? i mean come on really. I sold off alot of those soundtracks,most unopened,i just cant justify $35. Back to the classic album of back in memphis,the fact that suspicious minds wasnt on it or from elvis in memphis is amazing. Did elvis care that such a great song was left off the albums?
japio wrote on September 27, 2012
At that time . Most of the artists/bands has albums versions and /or single's that was not included on the album.i dont think Elvis was involved by the albums anymore. Rca made decisions what's included on the album or not. And yes a it would be a great idea to have a box set. But i don't have the legacy cd. That's a real rip-off. You could have saved your money guy's.
bajo wrote on September 27, 2012
I have always held Back In Memphis high as an album. At a time, after running through From Elvis In Memphis a "million times", I actually played this one just as much. I love both albums. I agree that Suspicious Minds should have been included, maybe also Don't Cry Daddy. In The Ghetto was on the first Memphis album, so why not? Still, to me it's a classic album and I look forward to the FTD. (I got hold of the Legacy edition also. Why change the pattern?)
Cruiser621 wrote on September 29, 2012
Originally released in conjunction with Elvis' first live album back in 1969. I was stationed in England with the U.S. Air Force and had received this double album as a gift from my parents which was an absolute surprise. The live album was awesome; the studio album was lackluster with the exception of the ballads. I don't think this studio album was paced correctly; too many slow, monotonous from the same mould songs which did not inspire repetitive listenings. This second album was to become a stand alone long player; FTD before it was FTD! Let's gouge the consumer some more. I think if this second album would have been sequenced with the first MEMPHIS album as a 2 long player, it would have been awesome.
paisley wrote on October 05, 2012
The cover picture of BIM would have been a great choice for the original "At the International"LP. When I was a child I didn´t know how Elvis looked in Vegas in 69. I just wondered why he wore leather on the cover and different clothes/different hairstyle on the inside of it. It´s depressing that RCA never managed to present Elvis in a fitting way - shame on them! If Elvis were alive and recording today, I´m sure they still would use "Aloha"-pictures for his records....bet?
Jamie wrote on October 06, 2012
Hi Paisley, yes - they used shots from NBC's Burbank studios taken in 1968 for the covers of the following year's Elvis In Person and From Elvis In Memphis. The Elvis In Person cover had the tracks listed on a nasty yellow mock poster butchered in one corner to stop it masking Elvis's mike stand. And you're right - it's amazing they haven't reissued them with Aloha stills as covers.
genedin wrote on October 08, 2012
I would not have ever been opposed to spending a little more for a 3 cd FTD as in back in Memphis or even ep blvd
UrsulaHound wrote on October 09, 2012
Great futur FTD release. Just hope that the outtakes of the follwing songs are added to second CD of this 7" pack : - Stranger in my own home town (slow version + re-do from the Memphis record !!) - I'll hold you in my arms/heart *** like they already put on a 5" FTD CD before...different version GREAT !! - If I'm a fool - Kentucky rain -Long black Limo - I'm movin' on - Anyday now - You'll think of me - Let's be friends - I'll be there - Let's be friends - From a Jack to a King That would be a real gas (as Felton Jarvis would call it). Also, when will Legacy Records release the double CD + 10 bonus songs of "From E in Memphis + Back in M"?? Be more creative Sony !
little jimmy tompkin wrote on October 09, 2012
I wouldn't say Back in Memphis was a classic album - apart from Stranger In My Own Home Town the other tracks seem to be fillers - hope the extra tracks & out-takes make it worthwhile !