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Elvis And Nashville

August 08, 2012 | Book

Noted music writer, Dan Cusic, recently had his latest book released.

The 300 page account of Elvis' relationship with 'Music City' Nashville was published in softcover by Brackish Publishing. ISBN-13: 978-0985556143.

Publisher's description: Elvis Presley and Nashville were connected from his the earliest days of his career. In 1954 he appeared on the Grand Ole Opry and recorded his first number one hit, "Heartbreak Hotel" in Nashville in 1956. Elvis' manager, Colonel Tom Parker, lived in Nashville and Elvis' fan club activities and merchandising were headquartered in Parker's office. Elvis recorded 260 songs in RCA Studio B and performed several concerts in the area. "Elvis and Nashville" documents the connection between Elvis and the city known as " Music City U.S.A."

Source:Elvis Information Network
Bill Rauhuff wrote on August 10, 2012
I have always heard Elvis did not care very much for Nashville and the power brokers there. I think he liked a lot the music but it was not his cup of tea. I think the way he was treated in 1954 at the Grand Ole Opry bothered him a little which I would understand. He actually only did 1 concert there in the 70s and that was July 1973. One thing for sure is he did not need Nashville.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on August 11, 2012
Interesting book, but beyond the front cover, which is a rather dusty slide from the June 10th 1958 session, there are absolutely no pictures whatsoever. Pity. (Actually page one has just the word "Cover" printed in black, so maybe there was meant to be the same picture as the cover inside!)