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New Original Elvis Box Set Announced

July 30, 2012 | Music

SONY Music has just announced the release of another Original Album Classics set, for September 14th. This time the focus us on 5 of Elvis's live albums: 'Elvis' (68 Comeback Special), 'Aloha from Hawaii', 'On Stage', 'That's The Way It Is' and 'As Recorded Live In Memphis'. The concept remains the same: all discs come in paper sleeves and sell for less than 20 euro (25 $US).


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lacke lee wrote on July 30, 2012
well i have them all so this would be wast of money......but for the new fans it will be cool
Spankox wrote on July 30, 2012
Why should we Elvis fans buy again the music that all of us already have?
EJF wrote on July 30, 2012
Yeah right! Original indeed. Good for a 3-year-old just starting on Elvis.
Steve V wrote on July 30, 2012
Spankox - who is telling anyone you should buy this? Its out there, thats it. Pass it up then. I will. Are we to feel guilty because we dont buy every single release? I certainly dont. Why does anyone buy previously released stuff anyway? Doesnt make sense to me at all. Now my next door neighbor may want it! Doubt it.
jim- wrote on July 30, 2012
There is wide range of Elvis fans- I have heard every song Elvis recorded -have all these on vinyl records- There in storage ! Id buy this! Im gonna buy Prince from another planet too.
Steve V wrote on July 31, 2012
But Jim - and I'm not being facetious, why would you want this? You surely have all these albums, probably muttiple times on LP and CD and possibly expanded versions as well I just dont get why fans feel the need to buy this. The Prince release I can understand, it offers something new & improved, but this release not at all. I guess I just dont get it sometimes.
tommyboo wrote on July 31, 2012
From a marketing angle this is great. Obviously aiming at a new audience, the newer fans. And the 'must have' collector of course. The selection shows Elvis' versatility as a live performer. These are ways to ensure continuity and I'm all for it, just as long as the packaging is of a high standard too, pls.
wildfishie wrote on July 31, 2012
and they still make the same mistakes... why not include "Elvis In Person" to give the new Elvis fan the chance to have a complete set of live albums? Elvis' catalogue will always be mess, so hard to collect.
wildfishie wrote on July 31, 2012
"That's The Way It Is" is misplaced in this set... which proves that the people responsible for this release are a bunch of retards who have no clue about Elvis' discography. Even "Elvis In Concert" which RCA/BMG/Sony tries so hard to overlook would be a more logical inclusion... I'm sure Ernst wasn't contacted before the annoucement of this release. I don't think he would have allowed such embarrasment...
Lefty wrote on July 31, 2012
As Recorded Live In Memphis was taken out of print after the FTD version hit the shelves. I saw people hawking the original version CD on eBay for upwards of $100.00 around that time. Now it's back in print! I guess everything comes full circle.
Martin DJ wrote on July 31, 2012
The Original Album Classics series contain five albums. Since Elvis released more than five live albums not all can be included. TTWII is not a totally live album (neither is the Comeback Special) but calling the people behind the series (which covers a wide range of artists) retards for including it in this set? (Especially when it comes from someone who lists TTWII in his profile as his favorite.)
bajo wrote on July 31, 2012
I think the releases of Classic Albums are great value for money for those who are not so into Elvis and want to find out more. No reason to complain for us who have everything newly restored, Legacy and FTD. I actually buy these now and then when it comes to other artists that interests me.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on July 31, 2012
I would like to see "Elvis Country" issued with the segment's, it was ok back then....bot now let's have the album without please ! It's like Elvis singing "but the suit is to tight" from "You Lost That Loving Feeling" eveytime, kinda spoils the song after a while.
wildfishie wrote on July 31, 2012
Think of the new fan trying to have a collection that makes sense: S/he wants to have only the live albums, then five of them will be paper sleeves and 2 of them jewelcases, it'd look terrible on a shelf. If this set is supposed to have concert albums they should have done it right. Yes, "That's The Way It Is" (my favorite album) does not belong here, it has only 4 live songs out of 12. This set would be correct like this: In Person, On Stage, Aloha, Live In Memphis, Elvis In Concert. Simple as that. "68 Comeback" is a TV Show. "That's The Way It Is" belongs with Elvis Country, Love Letters, Fool, etc... studio albums. I'm saying all this because I have been al Elvis fan all my life and I worry about the new fan. One of the things that most bothered me all along was this lack of coherence in the releases, rereleases of Elvis albums. It's difficult being an Elvis collector when you have to face all this mess, one of the things that end up forcing us to rebuy stuff all the time... Sorry for calling the Sony guys retards, but this type of thing really gets on my nerves.
theoldscudder wrote on July 31, 2012
This company puts these box sets on various artists. They are always 5 original albums. That's the reason you will get 5. Actually they are very reasonably priced. I believe everyone on this site has these so why bother?
Wiebe wrote on July 31, 2012
Or maybe the newer fans that buy this set get so impressed that they will buy the other live albums at full price
Jamie wrote on July 31, 2012
Hello, it's the old 'Aloha' cover so I'm assuming the '68 Special' CD is the rotten quality one from c. 1990; and 'Aloha' would be the tinny CD they put out years ago - the dodgy one they mastered from the same lo-fi source used for the double vinyl album. The chief clue to this apathy and laziness was the presence of the fades in- and out where the old LP's needed to be changed or flipped over. Unbelievable. I would infer therefore that 'On Stage' will predate the last two BMG releases, 'Memphis' will be savaged by the worst overdubbed canned audience responses known to man, and 'That's the Way It is' will be the dated digital remaster again from 20 years or so ago. Just as 'Welcome to My World' was the bait on the other recent set, so 'Memphis' is on the hook this time. Elvis's catalogue has moved on many, many years since these CD's first emerged. Strictly for those with severe retail therapy issues.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on August 01, 2012
These are good value, & to be fair Sony/RCA Legacy have not stated this is purely a "Live" set. (And certainly "TTWII" is not!) We will never get 'coherence', as everyone's definition of how that applies to Elvis releases is different! However, I do wish they would put a volume number on these issues. 5 box sets with exactly the same title is confusing (And difficult when making file lists!)
EPbastard wrote on August 01, 2012
I understand the confusion but also feel that Jamie has a valid point. Some friends are screaming if fans sometimes say it the way it is and not find just everything OK or super. Funny crowd those hard-liner arrogant fans who have access to this forum as if they speak words of truth and are wesemen....I happen to like this announcement and will buy at least 12 sets of this box for presents to friends (like I did with the 5 movie soundtrack box). Only this: I would have added some bonus songs on each CD with the result that many fans would buy this box anyway (that's innovative marketing, but these days we can no longer expect great creative things from Madison Ave. Marketing gurus in NY NY-certainly not from Jack ). DO hope that many fans will keep Elvis alive everytime they buy another CD or album in the future.
Martin DJ wrote on August 01, 2012
No matter which profile name he writes under, it is always a treat to read the postings of our marketing expert. It would indeed be a splendid idea, marketing wise, to add bonus songs. Well, perhaps bonus songs are included, we don't know that yet, do we?
FTDfan wrote on August 02, 2012
Fully agree, where is the beef ? This box should contain BONUS songs so that fans would buy it over & over again. Who are those arrogant idiots that always knock down good ideas ? We haven't seen any of their suggestions yet...only complaints (stupid people always do) it seems.