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Greatest Live Hits Of The 50s

August 03, 2012 | Music

MRS along with JAT Productions will release a budget CD at the end of August 2012 titled ‘Greatest Live Hits of the 50’s’. The 24 track CD will contain only the best performance live tracks of the 50’s and will include 9 new performances that will now be released to the General Public for the first time as a new remaster.

Included in the release is a newly discovered unreleased live version of ‘I Forgot to Remember to Forget’ recorded in October 1955 and a new song by Elvis titled ‘Little Mama’.

More details with full tracklist to follow.

And just because it's so beautiful:

Greatest Live Hits Of The 50s

ttwiise wrote on August 03, 2012
Nice cover but surely against copyright
EJF wrote on August 03, 2012
Good for those who can't afford the SUN Box Set. As for me, I will go for the latter. I downloaded the live version of IFTRTF which will suffice for now, until it surface up in some other legal compilation.
Steve V wrote on August 03, 2012
I dont downlaod so this is a nice way to get that unreleased track. Had to happen I guess and probably is the first of more to come.
Deke57 wrote on August 03, 2012
Nice...you have to admit MRS knows how to deliver a great product...
Cruiser621 wrote on August 03, 2012
So, how does one procure a copy of this CD? I live in the U.S.A. and I assume this is overseas? Just by virtue of the fact that "I Forgot To Remember To Forget Her" is on this, makes this a 99.99% Purchase, Period! As compared to the recent FTD Rip-Off.
japio wrote on August 03, 2012
Great cover. Really rock n roll. But strange when they use the new tracks.While the has to be released
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on August 03, 2012
Cruiser621, I just sent you an email, answering your question. I hope you get it.
Tony C wrote on August 03, 2012
The problem I have with releases such as this are that the are hanging on the coat-tails of Sony. The new material on the FTD Sun box has been carefully worked on to get the best possible sound and in some cases, has been bought in. After these efforts, MRS simply copy the product for free and under-cut Sony.
RonBaker wrote on August 03, 2012
Absolutely right, Tony C. Worst case scenario: FTD/Sony no longer works on anything from the 50s or early 60s. Why should they bother if they are just going to be ripped off as soon as they release their work. I'm sure a lot of effort went into restoring acetates that were broken to bits. Why should they even try to locate or restore other Elvis tracks? There's a copy of "Nobody's Child" by Elvis somewhere that was broken. If the pieces are still around, it could be restored. But why should Ernst or anyone else foot the bill to have someone else copy it and release it at no cost to them?
Havard wrote on August 03, 2012
I got the "A Boy From Tupelo" box-set yesterday, and I must say it was worth every penny. The tree CDs are great (great sound!), and the book is MAGNIFICENT! Expensive? Yes! - Rip Off? No! I buy all the MRS releases, and will buy this one too. Apart from "I Forgot to Remember to Forget", I expect that they have just copied the material in the Tupelo box. It does not matter as long as the packaging is so nice.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on August 03, 2012
Now that is a great album cover ! Take a Look, RCA RECORDS and SONY INC.
NONE000000 wrote on August 04, 2012
Ok, there are really valid points on both sides. But you have to admit, this release totally fills a need: by taking (I'm assuming) only the never-before-released bits of the box set and not making collectors re-buy the same songs, you get a 2 disc cheaper version for those who only really want the "new" music. BUT maybe the solution for ftd/sony(RCA?) is to offer a similar disc sold separately from the box. When the Bruce Springsteen box called Tracks came out, you could also buy a "sampler" single disc, containing some previously unreleased songs. (It's a different situation since almost everything on that set had not been released.) But for people like me, who just can't afford the big box, but certainly want "Little Mama" and the other true rarities. I'd rather Ernst get my money (as limited as it is), but they need to start taking into account the fans that just have almost everything already.
Natha wrote on August 04, 2012
KingKreole, you have a very good point there. They did that before, but rather late. They should have announced the release of the same double CD later on (not too late anyway). Yet there is the issue of I Forgot... They could not include this one either. MRS has issued some extremely valuable materials. I thought they had a good relationship with RCA/SONY/FTD. Obviously that is not so much the case. I wish there was more cooperation. That would be a great service to the fans. And they all state that they are doing it for us. I wonder.
Andy_2 wrote on August 04, 2012
great point Kingcreole - seems quite obvious really. Sony/FTD could really put MRS to bed if they wanted to. What a cover though..
Steve V wrote on August 04, 2012
Another fine point by KingKreole. I hope someone at the label is listening.
Mr Cool wrote on August 04, 2012
Yes the cover is awsome but that doesn't alter the fact the contents are mostly copyright of RCA/Sony and will have been 'stolen' from them. At least they could have waited a few months and not rush it out in what clearly seems to be spoiling tactics for the FTD set. I'll go for Ernsts' years of work over tawdry moneygrabbers anytime.
Luuk wrote on August 05, 2012
This fantastic Sun box with book and 3 CD's costs in general euro 100,00 and the better it sells, the more Ernst and certainly Sony are encouraged to release further rarities. If you pay about euro 12,00 for a CD with tracks obviously copied from this box, you not only deprive yourself of obtaining the best Elvis product in years, but also say "we don't want this type of product" to Sony/Ernst.
japio wrote on August 05, 2012
if Sony/ FTD do a single cd , nobody will buy the more expensive box. What about Springsteen. The single cd Tracks has a few songs that was not on the box. So you'll have to buy both if you want everything. Also this Elvis cd is probaly not Legal. Only in Europe we have the public domain rights after 50 years (next year it will be 70 years). But that is when it's released after 50 years. Not recorded. That makes this one an unofficial release. That counts for all MRS releases.And RCA/SONY have all the rights of the Elvis music. It could be possible they have permission to use also this songs.
benny scott wrote on August 05, 2012
That's why KingKreole's idea is such a good one ! What stops Ernst to release a seperate CD with only the live recordings of the 50s ? But let this be clear : I appreciate very much all that has been done by Ernst and Co in the past. They have my gratitude, respect and sympathy.I own almost every FTD release, but also every MRS product that came out so far.So I go for both the Boy From Tupelo Box AND the forthcoming MRS. Always El.
Andy_2 wrote on August 05, 2012
Japio - of course people will still buy the more expensive box set. We all know a lot of fans will buy everything, i'm sure Ernst and sony know that as well. That's why releasing a single cd is such a good idea as it will catch all fans and not loose people such as myself who don't want to pay the over the top price for a lot of what i already have. I'm sure we'd all love to fully support FTD but they have to give the fans what they want and unfortunately a lot of the time they don't or it's far too expensive.
dgirl wrote on August 05, 2012
Especially in these tough times, a single CD with just the new stuff is a great idea and would not distract the die hard fans from buying the big box. I know I would only want what I dont have from a set like this and legal or not the MRS CD makes sense for me. Sure I'd like to support FTD, but I need to support myself first! FTD should put out a single CD as well I think.
benny scott wrote on August 05, 2012
dgirl, agreed ! Always El.
RonBaker wrote on August 05, 2012
Is it true that the repairs, edits and loops used to make the broken acetates into complete performances NOT in public domain, which makes any use of "Little Mama" as released on the Boy from Tupelo set illegal?
Dominic wrote on August 06, 2012
Could someone please tell me how/where to find this item so that I can purchase it? Thanks so much!
theoldscudder wrote on August 06, 2012
I'd also like to buy this. So if anyone can give me a source it would be appreciated. Thanks!
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on August 06, 2012
Dominic- check your messages, for more information.
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 06, 2012
Cheap rip-off that was inevitable from the guys behind it. They have no originality at all. And certainly no class. First they steal the December '56 Hayride concert, now the new Hayride tracks. Why should Sony spend any money at all on new 'finds' when these crooks are gonna rip 'em straight off? Anyone who cares for the future of genuinely sourced Elvis releases should boycott this rip-off.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on August 06, 2012
Theoldscudder- check your messages. I just sent you some information.
benny scott wrote on August 06, 2012
Hi oldscudder, I just did the same ! Check yout in-box. Best regards. Always El.
theoldscudder wrote on August 06, 2012
Benny , 2kisses, Thanks!
Troubleman wrote on August 07, 2012
I will also boycott this release for the same reasons Harvey wrote. I respected MRS because of their high quality release, like ‘Such a night in Pearl Harbor’, but this release is a straight rip-off. First they downloaded the new ‘I forgot to remember to forget’ which came out on Youtube way too late for Ernst to add it to their box-set. Then they wait until the track listing of ‘A boy from Tupelo’ comes out, and then they add ‘Little mama’ to their track listing as well! What source are they going to use for that song? They’ll just copy the one from FTD. Since I already downloaded ‘I forgot…’ myself, and I bought the FTD release, I’ll make my own ‘greatest 50’s hits’ CD. Sure the cover is nice, but this time I believe that MRS have gone too far. TCB
Natha wrote on August 08, 2012
I would appreciate the release of this cd from the moment 'A BOY...' has been declared sold-out. But now it is a shame for MRS to release this one. I am disappointed in their new strategy. They are now behaving just like the other bootleggers. I fully agree with Troubleman. Luckily I also downloaded 'I Forgot..' The only way to get a better copy is to have the owner transfer his original to a digitally copy. (He clearly stated that the sound was not as good as the original,) Maybe within a few months another rare piece will afloat. What then?
benny scott wrote on August 08, 2012
If one is pro or con, just got the info the release is postponed until the end of september. Always El.
theoldscudder wrote on August 08, 2012
Aren't these songs public domain? If so MRS is doing nothing illegal. I like this label because of their sound & artwork. I think they have the best packaging & that includes FTD, Sony , & the rest. I hope this is the same format as their previous releases. They say it's a budget release so we will see when it's released. Hope I'm not dissapointed.
japio wrote on August 09, 2012
except the all welknown hayride tracks are all songs not public domain. Like already said. Only when it was released 50 years ago it would be domain public songs. So outtakes, new found songs are not. Except they have the right for releasing and ofcoures pay the rights for it.
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 09, 2012
Nothing on the 'A Boy From Tupelo' set is public domain, simply because it's all been remastered from original sources. That way the tracks get a new publishing date, meaning they should be in copyright - or at least the versions on this actual box - for another 50 years. MRS don't respect that fact at all and are simply ripping off the audio to sell at a cheaper price. What about all the work (and expense) that has gone in to making these tracks as good as they do on 'Tupelo'? Is that just forgotten about because MRS stick it out in a cheapo package with a colourised cover (the WRONG colours too)? Come on, will ya? Wake up and smell the coffee. These guys are crooks, plain and simple.
TCB1974 wrote on August 09, 2012
Actually, I do like what RCA/FTD are releasing for Elvis product and dislike the bootleggers in general. They are just like RCA/FTD in it for the money but have never invested in Elvis his image, career or legacy like his recording company or today EP Enterprises. The bootleggers were very functional though in the 90's when they forced RCA to start with the FTD label later. I will skip this one for sure, but do like their first releases.
Pietro S wrote on August 09, 2012
... And because FTD's release is ready for download (yes, already!), MRS and other leeches will not have to wait long. It's very, very sad... I'm with those who want to boycott this MRS release. And I'm not fond of the cover either.
theoldscudder wrote on August 10, 2012
This box set is going to appeal to only hardcore Elvis collectors. The average person is not going to spend the big bucks. The MRS will also appeal to the same audience. The difference being those that have the money will buy the BFT. Those that do not (poor schlubs like myself) will buy the MRS. So I don't think the MRS will effect the sale of the BFT. I think it's a win win suitation for all. That's the reason I support both efforts.
Lecelvis wrote on August 10, 2012
Interesting Comments from all. A few questions: Does anyone know where and when the photo was taken? and also, is there currently any compilation of the live 50'savailable that includes the 'new' IFTRTF? Thanks.
FTDfan wrote on August 13, 2012
Although I really don't go for such material, it's worthwhile to have it released for those who liked Elvis in 1955-57. Great newly found song 'Little Mama' that Hanna should have sold before to FTD so that they could have included it in the SUN project.... Now we have to pay extra (again) if we want it...(Or was it all planned by Ernst ???). Food for thought...
Tony C wrote on August 13, 2012
"Little Mama" is in the FTD "A Boy From Tupelo" Sun box set, that is where MRS ripped it from. I'm not sure what the previous contributor thinks Ernst planned, or what is food for thought. Pay extra for what? We can either buy the FTD box set or this cheap bootlegged version.
benny scott wrote on August 13, 2012
Tony, I think the previous contributor meant the newly discovered "I Forgot To Remember To Forget" instead of "Little Mama". As for the forthcoming MRS release we'll have to wait for the tracklist . In any case, there seems to be serious trouble (again) between Ernst/FTD and Pirzada/MRS, that's why "Greatest Live Hits..." is (provisionally) postponed untill end September.( My source told me one of the e-mails Pirzada sent to Ernst was signed by Pirzada "FYE". I'm not going to write the first word in full , but the 2 other abreviations stand for F...You Ernst ).As long as we don't have the tracklist we cannot know which songs are Public Domain and which ones are not. I have to disagree with an earlier posting of another member, stating that due to the fact all songs have been remastered they therefore are no longer Public Domain but are protected again for another 50 years. I was quite sure this was not correct but to exclude any doubt I contacted my former record company AND the Belgian Society Sabam who protects the rights of songwriters and publishers and controls the "ownership" in general. Both the record company (being publishers too) and Sabam confirmed that remastering has nothing to do with Public Domain. Remastering is a technical intervention that does not change the status of being or not being Public Domain. And just for the record : I listened (on an Australian site) to sound samples of a couple of "Hayride-recordings" released by FTD and the same songs released by MRS. To be honest, the difference in sound quality is much, I repeat, much better on MRS. But like I wrote before, I have bought almost ALL FTD releases and I will do so in the future, but I have to admit that MRS never let me down so far, audio-wise and layout-wise, I purchased every of their releases so far. Just like Oldscudder wrote, I support both labels too. Best regards. Always El.
elvis77ro wrote on August 14, 2012
I don't think MRS worked with a youtube file sourced.. so only for this discover it deservers for die hard collectors a new release by pressed cd. Also if MRS will offer as in all other cases a better sound processing for what we have already from FTD fantastic project, it make a huge sense for same category of collectors. TCB I can't wait to listen this new MRS project.
Natha wrote on August 14, 2012
Benny Scott, maybe you can shed some light on this:the newly found I Forgot... was broadcast on the radio in the fifties. So I would say that the rights expired, although it was recently found. If my assumption is right, I hope MRS will be able to dig up some more broadcasts and the delay is due to that! Even though the sound might be 'old' it is always a great pleasure and joy to listen to those old recordings anyway.
benny scott wrote on August 14, 2012
Natha, good reasoning ! The fact that the newly found "I Forgot To Remember....." has been broadcast more than 50 years ago, makes this version of the song to be considered as PD. Due to that broadcast it can hardly be considered as "unreleased", but just like I wrote in a previous posting I want to exclude any doubt. Therefor I'll check again with the Belgian Society SABAM (society protecting the rights of songwriters and publishers). As tomorrow we are the 15th of August (assumption of the Virgin Mary) all offices in my country are closed. Asap I know more about it I'll let you know. As for eventual new finds (broadcasts) I have my doubts. MRS anounced "a 24 track CD". My guess is they already know (knew) which songs will be on it. The only thing that puzzles me a bit is that MRS is talking about "9 NEW performances that will be released for the first time as a NEW REMASTER". A bit cloudy imho. I really don't think the delay is due to the search for new material, but rather to the (see my my previous posting) "war" between Ernst and Pirzada. Time will tell. Always El.
Natha wrote on August 14, 2012
CaptCanary: The triple approach is exactly what I asked. What is the difference in rights? By the way, most if not all bootleggers are alike, I think. I appreciate FTD and would definitely choose their output first. Yet I also feel that RCA/ SONY and in that line FTD is rather late in offering us those rare recordings. Let's face it. Those recordings are over 50 years old and for many a year we are asking for those releases. There was ample time to relate to us in a better way. Needless to state taht this CD is piracy. Though FTD made the book+cd too expensive for most of us and could have anticipated this release.
theoldscudder wrote on August 14, 2012
I have a feeling since I heard of the delay that MRS may not release this cd. Nothing specific just a feeling.
benny scott wrote on August 14, 2012
Oldscudder, you could be right ! Still, I hope they release it sooner or later. I have to agree with Natha about bootleggers in general. Every bootleg has its origin in 'stolen property'. That goes for ALL the bootleg labels. I think it's not fair to aim at MRS and make it the big scapegoat. If MRS is guilty, then all other bootleg labels are guilty too. Let's face it, MRS releases can be bought at Amazon, HMV, CD Universe, etc..., so not everything they release is piracy. Always El.
japio wrote on August 15, 2012
very great comment here and all with respect. Great to read this all. But there's one thing. There are a few very good import labels. And all have very good quality. But what's the difference between MRS and them. Why only have the fight the war alone with MRS? if they want stop the import scene then stop them all. Not only MRS. And yes a good one for who's not have the big money to spent on expensive boxsets.Import or not it will be a good product
Tony C wrote on August 15, 2012
I don't think it is fair to equate MRS with the many people producing bootlegs out there. While there are doubts over the legality of copying Sony material, MRS do pay royalties to the writers as it is only the performance rights that have expired and as a legitimate company, they pay tax. Bootleggers pay neither of these.
TCB1974 wrote on August 15, 2012
Those are valid points Tony. Our governments definitely need taxes to be paid!
japio wrote on August 16, 2012
Good point TonyC. That's why i said this. MRS is not a bootleg. But that's why i asking myself. Somebody said earlier that MRs have their problems with ernst and company. So that's was my question between import labels and MRS.I have the feeling that labels are also not imort labels.But thats my feeling. But there are at this moment several CRAP ( most fanclub) releases with IFTRTF with the youtube source. Also for the quick buck. let's stop this CRAP.