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Latest Billboard Album Charts & Sales

March 22, 2012 | Other

This week, 'An Afternoon In The Garden' drops from 184 to 200 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts (w/e 31st March, 2012) selling some 2804 copies. Total sales to date: 447,237 copies.

The following also appeared on the Catalog Album Charts:
'Elvis: Best Of Love' selling some 2300 copies. Total sales to date: 248,611 copies.
'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) selling some 1527 copies. Total sales to date: 156,796 copies.
'Elvis Inspirational' (Compilation) selling some 1520 copies. Total sales to date: 79,984 copies.
'Elvis Country' (Compilation) selling some 1367 copies. Total sales to date: 99,603.
'Elvis: 30 No.1 Hits' (Digital Sales Only) selling some 702 copies. Total digital sales to date: 134,799 copies. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 23, 2012
Since June 2012, will be the "40th anniversary" of the "Garden shows" (hard to believe) RCA should repackage the 2 Garden shows, in a Legacy album package at a nice price, with some Radio & TV promotion. (especially in New York). This was a big moment in Elvis history, and it should be celebrated. And if RCA, can buy up some of the raw video footage taken of the shows, it could be a nice "bonus DVD disc" in the 2 CD set. Just a thought, anyone listening at RCA-Sony?
Natha wrote on March 23, 2012
George, Operation Big Apple was intended to do just that, I guess. Pity that Venus did not include a DVD. That would have been marvelous. Your remark was too late for them?! It would be great if Son would do such a thing. Anyway overall it is just great to see the sales numbers. Elvis will never again be #1 in the list, but he will be very high when one would consider the average and comparing them to other albums on the lists. The 'Garden' is doing so well, considering that the evening show was released on LP, while the Afternoon show was only released later on.
Brian Quinn wrote on March 24, 2012
During w/e 20th November, 2011, Elvis sold more catalog albums (32,609) (actually the following week he sold even more - (45,678) than any other artist in the US (based solely on sales from titles listed on the Top 200 Catalog album chart). Elvis also had the most titles listed on this chart - 9. 1 Elvis Presley - 32,609 2 Susan Boyle - 21,219 3 Adele - 18,512 ... ... Pink Floyd - 13,457 Michael Jackson - 11,209 Frank Sinatra - 8,455 Johnny Cash - 8262 Beatles - 4609 Billboard defines a catalog title as one that is more than eighteen months old and has fallen below position 100 on the Billboard 200. The only exception to the 'eighteen months old' rule pertains to holiday releases. A 'holiday' album is eligible for the Billboard 200 only during its initial year of release. After its first year, a holiday-related album appears on Top Catalog Albums. Further, the above figures only include sales from those Elvis albums listed on the Top 200 Catalog Album Chart in the U.S.A. The Elvis Presley catalog is one of (if not the) largest there is. In 2008, over 60 Elvis albums were listed on the UK Year-End (Top 10,000) Albums list - more than any other artist.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 24, 2012
No doubt, in my mind, with strong promotion (marketing) and a good product. Elvis could reach number one again ! My suggestion earlier, was to have RCA, repackage the Garden shows in one Legacy CD collection, as a 40th anniversary set. This had never been done by RCA as of March 2012. Imagine a 2 CD set, with a booklet with pics and a bonus DVD, with the complete New York Hilton Press conference, and raw footage from the concerts, dubbed in with RCA sound of the shows. A fans dream !
bajo wrote on March 24, 2012
Keep up the good work Brian. Those are statistics I like to read!
Natha wrote on March 24, 2012
Brian, your calculations are exctly what I meant. Always wonderful to read your full comments on this topic. Overall the greatest, still after all these decades. I stand corrected when it comes to outstanding promotion to get another #1 hit. However, observing the way RCA Sony is doing their job it will be a very long shot.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 24, 2012
Thanks Freedom 101. I think a "Elvis at the Garden NYC" Legacy package featuring the CDs-"Elvis Recorded at Madison Square Garden -CD" (remastered for the first time) and the "An Afternoon in the Garden-CD" plus extras, like a bonus DVD and a booklet.. at a nice price, with some TV and Radio and Newspaper promotion would be successful, for RCA/ SONY. But it seems RCA has no plans, as of yet, to celebrate this anniversary, in Elvis Music history. Its a missed opportunity.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on March 24, 2012
Great work Brian, we appreciate your sales updates!
Lefty wrote on March 25, 2012
George, your suggestion is fantastic. I think the combo package plus DVD would sell nicely in the general market or as an FTD exclusive. As Natha mentioned, Operation Big Apple is the only re-release of the the Garden shows, and I look forward to seeing what they did with the material. I think Elvis was in top form in 1972 (it's my favorite Elvis year). There's certainly high interest in what he was doing at that time. Remember when Madison released those great CD's from the On Tour material? Fans couldn't buy them fast enough. I'm still holding out hope that either Sony or FTD will release the audio stuff from On Tour, i.e., the Hampton Roads concert, Greensboro, and Richmond. We have the San Antonio show already (disc 4 on Elvis Close Up) and it's great.
Cruiser621 wrote on March 25, 2012
Who cares? The man has been dead since 1977. His music certainly counts in the scheme of things, but do you really believe the youth of today really cares? That's like substituting Frank Sinatra or Bing Crosby. All in the age and time people grow up in my friends.
dgirl wrote on March 25, 2012
Its amazing how people care about the charts. The charts are pointless. Everything has changed since the age of downloads. Downloads is what mostly relates to sales today, not selling hard copies of a CD. Most people I know do not even own a CD player anymore excpet for the one in their car. Young people (who still buy most of todays music) do not download a lot of Elvis, believe me, they dont. So to get to #1, it would have to be something new & attractive like a duets cd with major top stars that have huge followings. A re-issue of an ELvis CD even with nice promtion by Sony wont do it. His 3 best albums EIB, FEIM, and EC were nice legacy packages and didnt sell that well. So stop worrying about chart postions and another #1. If anything, a double CD set of the Garden shows will likely be an FTD release more than a regular CD release since AAITG is still seliing modestly in whatever reatail outlets are left. Its 35 years since 1977, get over it.
marty wrote on March 25, 2012
How many no 1 albums did Elvis have in the 70's when he alive and recording new material? Just 1 'Aloha From Hawaii'. 'Madison' only made it to no 11! How can we expect music recorded 40 years ago to reach no 1 today is beyond me. It could happen but only because people today hardly ever buy albums and it is only a few 'die hards' that still do. That Elvis still charts today only proves that there isn't much of a market for CD's anymore. And as others have commented, should we really care that much?
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 25, 2012
Yes, we all know, that, in 2012, CDs don't sell as well as "digital downloads" (Itunes, etc), and that, most of the kids today, aren't downloading Elvis. Thats obvious. But there is a "market" for Elvis and he continues to sell nicely, on CD and on digital downloads, so there is nothing wrong wtih creating some "excitement" over the 40th anniversary of the "Garden shows" on CD, and on digital downloads. Our regular "Ms. negitive know it all" tells us , how its not important for Elvis to chart, and the charts are pointless, etc.. but in the next breath, she is stating how the new Legacy CDs, didnt sell that well, how does she know this? Is she looking at the sales charts? And she tells us all "to get over it". Somehow she thinks she knows more about music, than the rest of us Elvis fans ! So tired of the negitive comments !
dgirl wrote on March 25, 2012
How do I know this? Well for one, I never see these albums listed in the constant barrage of chart postions that are always posted on this site. If they sold well they'd be there right? Its mostly comps(that Elvis Country!) and the Afternoon Garden CD. Its not rocket science to assume they werent big sellers. Why are obvious facts always taken as negativity on this site? What marty posted is 100% correct. The cd market is basically dead and 45-50 yr old music wont be #1 in the download age. What's wrong with that?
Steve V wrote on March 25, 2012
Elvis could be #1 again but not with a double Garden CD or any of his back catalog. The music is great but is dated by todays standards. If Tony Bennett can have a #1 album, why not Elvis? Yes I'm talking a Duets CD and not the type that was done for Christmas . I'm talking updating the tracks on rock tunes & ballads, well know or not, with the likes of Lady Gaga, Adele, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, & other stars of today as well as legends Elton, Paul Mac, Clapton, Bruce, Tony himself, etc. Thats the only way I can see it happening. There are too many comps to ever have a #1 again and the regular albums are not going to do it either. Whether you like the idea or not, it would be a winner if done right.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 25, 2012
I work in music and I know well of the charts and the behind the scenes stuff. Yes the CD format is dying out, and we are dealing with 40 to 50 year old music, etc, in the world of "digital downloads". Bottom line, Elvis' albums, singles, 8 Tracks, Cassettes, CDs, and digital downloads, sold well, and still sell better, than you assume. Regardless of how old the music is, In time, the new Legacy collections will achieve some decent sales, but unfortunately, not as well as it would have, when CDs, were the rage, and when these albums, were new. And, dgirl, you telling people to "get over it" isn't cool. Your not a record-CD- reviewer for Rolling Stone magazine !
FM wrote on March 25, 2012
You know out of any artist the world has ever seen, only Elvis and conquer the #1 spot again, and believe me he will again.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 25, 2012
There is definately room for new Projects as "duets" and putting new music and arrangements, behind Elvis' vocals, like what was done with, "Rubberneckin" & "A littlle Less conversation" etc. And this could do well on digital downloads and have moderate success on CD. The "Garden CD package" with decent promotion, would also do well, but possibly as pointed out, not as well as a new project, of duets with current artists and such. And, as perfectly pointed out, if Tony Bennett and Paul McCartney and others can reach the top of the charts, with digital downloads, and CDs, so can Elvis ! Its all about great music, great product and great promotion.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 25, 2012
Of note: Put Elvis Music (from the classic Legacy CDS) in TV-Radio Commericals and in the movies and you stir up interest in the back music catalog. It worked for the following songs: "Unchained Melody" for the Righteous Brothers from the movie "Ghost". Worked for "A wonderful World" by Louie Armstrong, from the movie "Good Morning Vietnam" and, "Twist & Shout" for the the Beatles from the movie "Ferris bueller's day off". And so many more examples can be pointed out, but you get the idea. Movie soundtracks are often able to sell a back catalog of older music. There is always a way to generate a new audience and interest, to classic (older) songs.
Lefty wrote on March 26, 2012
Apparently, Elvis sells enough to keep the presses running. How many official releases are churned out every year? More than a couple, I'm sure, not counting the FTD's. It's amazing when you think of how long Elvis has been dead. Sony keeps updating the Elvis catalog, so there's more to come. And I wouldn't count CD's out yet. I'd like to know if any artists strictly release their music in the digital download format. Don't all new albums eventually come out on CD? The format may be in decline because there are alternatives, but I doubt CD's will go the way of the 8 track any time soon. And on the flip side (pun intended for old dudes like me) LP's are making a resurgence. People still like albums that can't be deleted with a click or that have to be kept in the clouds.
Brian Quinn wrote on March 26, 2012
According to Sony (UK) Elvis is a constant in their Top 10 Back Catalogue Artists. As Steve V has pointed out Sony are now interested in producing a Duets album along the lines he mentions due to the success of the Tony Bennett albums. Singles from the album could be produced using new technology similar to that used for the 'If I Can Dream' video with Celine Dion and advertised during such programmes as 'The Jonathan Ross Show' and 'Desperate Housewives' which have massive TV audiences. The secret of success is an excellent producer, intelligent marketing, sufficient money allocated to the project and a radio request campaign. One thing is for sure - Sony have stated that if, and when, such an album is produced it will only be with top established singers/musicians and NOT with 'X' Factor' winners etc. Elvis needs the charts in order to increase his popularity and sell his back catalogue. I for one, hope it comes off. Sony feel, as I do, that what is really needed to get Elvis back in the limelight is a well made film along the lines of the Johnny Cash biopic 'Walk The Line'. As regards 2012 I am told that there will be two major album releases - one in August and one later in the year.
benny scott wrote on March 26, 2012
I couldn't agree more with Lefty's posting. The decline of CD's is probably higher in the USA than in (some countries of) Europe I think, but this audio-bearer will not be gone that soon I guess. Me too I'm glad I kept all my vinyls, the first ones being bought from the moment 45rpm saw the light of day in the 50s. Even kept my 78rpm too ! Nostalgia ! As Lefty wrote , the vinyl-LP is in the running again. My 20 years-old grandson recently bought a recordplayer, but I must confess he's not playing our man's music. As for Elvis being #1 again, well, would be nice of course, but for me not really necessary, 'cause chart positions give me not more or less pleasure listening to my hero. If he reaches #1 again : OK, nice, but if he doesn't : so be it . For those who find a #1 position really important : may their hopes be fullfilled. Always E.
Natha wrote on March 26, 2012
And Benny, I have a feel that the #1 is known for a few weeks and forgotten in a few days. Hence the impact of Elvis might be more as being on lists as such, rather than flimsy one hitters.
benny scott wrote on March 26, 2012
Yes Natha, you're right ! That's why this #1 position it is not that important to me. Que Sera Sera, Whatever Will Be Will Be ! Always liked that Doris Day song. Always El.
benny scott wrote on March 26, 2012
Sorry , typos, should have written : that's why this #1 position is not that... I'd better re-read and check what I wrote before pushing the Save button. Always El.
LonElvis wrote on March 26, 2012
If Elvis never sold another album he's already sold more than any other solo performer. He set the standard for others to follow. I'm not sure remxes are the road to "new" success because Viva Elvis didn't do well, in part because a lot of the fans didn't accept it. And at the same time the fans own the Complete Masters and there isn't anything outside of FTD that we don't already own. Sales figures don't matter. Elvis has transcended all of that. Elvis is bigger than all of that. His record speaks for itself and will forever be the measure of success.
Brian Quinn wrote on March 31, 2012
'An Afternoon In The Garden' rises from 200 to 191 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart (w/e 7th April, 2012) selling some 2668 copies. Total sales to date: 449,905 copies. It was also at 47 on the Catalog Album Chart.The following also appeared on the Catalog Album Charts: 'Elvis: Best Of Love' selling some 2339 copies. Total sales to date: 250,950 copies. 'Elvis Rock' (Compilation) selling some 1432 copies. Total sales to date: 158,228 copies.