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Preview King Creole

December 14, 2011 | Book

Here is a sneak preview of the upcoming book King Creole by Erik Lorentzen (The Elvis Files) and Pål Granlund (Fashion).

little jimmy tompkin wrote on December 15, 2011
This looks like another classy book on Elvis's finest movie - any idea on price yet ? - Merry Christmas !
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on December 15, 2011
Appartently both books ( KC & JR ) will have loads of 'new' photo's from a recently purchased collection so as we know what to expect from these guys, and we know the price will reflect this........so start saving your xmas money for Jan 2012 and get a late xmas pressie or two?
Tony C wrote on December 15, 2011
I love the layout shown here, these books will make a great collection documenting Elvis' film career. I have always felt that part of the reason "King Creole" worked so well was because of the tension caused by the forthcoming Army service, this could well have been the end of Elvis' then short career. Some will complain that the books contain previously published photographs, but if these are to be the last word on each film they must contain the best shots available, not just new ones. Yes, they are not cheap, but quality printing costs money. It does not really have anything to do with the nationality of the authors. Regarding the question of the release of any further "King Creole" audio out-takes, I will answer the question on Ernst's behalf because I fear he will fall asleep if the subject is put to him again, it has been answered so many times. The only out-takes handed over to RCA by Paramount in 1958 were those very few that have already been released, the rest have never been located despite exhaustive searches. The facts are still the same, Sony/FTD can only release what they have, the missing tapes are just that, missing.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on December 15, 2011
Can't wait ( stupid saying,I know) but I love this film.
dgirl wrote on December 15, 2011
JeanMarie - Please Please Please I beg of you stop your rant about the King Creole outtakes. It has been going on for years now under your many aliases. Its boring now and you have your answer many times over. Enough!
benny scott wrote on December 15, 2011
Yep ! For heaven's sake ! Tony's right, dgirl's right. Excerpt from Pete Seeger's song "Where Have All The Flowers Gone" : "When will they ever learn, when will they ever learn". Always El.
Andy_2 wrote on December 15, 2011
The book looks great and hopefully will be much better than the Inside King Creole book which i found to be a bit dissapointing. My fave film and the one which proved he could act, not a Dean or Brando but one which shows he could have had a respectable Hollywood career.
Tony C wrote on December 15, 2011
I never mind answering what could appear to be stupid questions to those more knowledgeable because we were all new fans once and had to learn as we went along, but when the same questions are asked by the same person, albiet under yet another alias, it gets very tedious. Also the aggressive tone and demanding nature is wrong, Ernst can only deliver what they have access to. Quite frankly, we are lucky that so much tape exists. We had the same rant over the recent FTD "He Touched Me" package which was branded a rip-off because the out-takes that are not in the Sony archive were not included, as well as a statement that MRS have ripped people with their previous releases. The user name may change, but not much else does.
Steve V wrote on December 17, 2011
JeanMarie alias #15 - With all due respect do you really think Gordon Stoker is holding back outtakes? An insider at the studio says the Jords taped outtakes? Why would they? I never heard the Jords proclaim this. I positively (a positive comment) think you are dreaming but hey if they just found 1000's of new photos, who knows? Maybe we all should look in our attics!
Tony C wrote on December 18, 2011
Quite how did The Jordanaires tape the studio sessions alongside RCAs own recordings? Did they have a mobile truck outside with a feed from the main desk? I have heard some stupid suggestions in my time, but this gets close to the top of the list. The posting doubts the non-existance of the "King Creole" out-takes, but if they do exist, why would they not be released? The record business is actually about making money, why would Sony not release them in the same way they released the "Jailhouse Rock" recordings recently? Who wins by keeping tapes under wraps? Nobody. I notice the posting demands that only postive comments are welcomed and that they contain no nonense. I think all of the nonesense has been used up, every word that a certain contributer contributes is complete nonsence. Looking forward to alias number 16, it takes me all of about five seconds to see through every new disguise.
john9904 wrote on December 19, 2011
Does anyone know the story behind Roustabout not having any outtakes etc....Or any other films for that matter?
Tony C wrote on December 19, 2011
When a recording session was finished, the takes considered masters or alternative masters were literally cut out of the reels of tape and re-assembled on another reel named the master reel. The original session tapes were then stuck back together. At an RCA session, the session tapes and master reel were archived, although as we know, many session tapes were re-used for other artists and a vast number destroyed in 1959. On the film soundtrack sessions, the film company were in charge and usually only the master reel would be handed over to RCA for the record release. The session tapes would be retained by the film company and either filed away, mis-filed or discarded. These tapes were regarded as scrap material and their great importance was not realised fully until after we lost Elvis in 1977. RCA/BMG did manage to rescue many session tapes, even buying some from bootleggers. Unfortunately, there will always be casualties and some material is lost. Under those circumstances, I think it is a miracle that so much does exist, far more than what has been lost.
benny scott wrote on December 20, 2011
Tony, very good posting and explanation . Hats off ! I always appreciate your comment(s). And yes, you are so right : it's a miracle so many material is still available. Good for us ! Always El.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 24, 2011
The price? Including shipping to the UK is..... 100.00 Euros.... £83.70 Quite ridiculous...