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Two New Elvis Books In The Making

December 05, 2011 | Book

Two new books by Erik Lorentzen (The Elvis Files) and Pål Granlund (Fashion) are in the making: 'Jailhouse Rock: Frame By Frame' and 'King Creole: Frame By Frame'. "Norway may famously be the home of giants, but it’s fast gaining a reputation as the home of gargantuan books on The King.

The two men who deserve all the credit for this are well-known Elvis fans and long-standing buddies, Erik Lorentzen and Pål Granlund. After working together on the best-selling Elvis: The King Of Las Vegas (Flaming Star, Oslo, 2009), Erik and Pål have reunited to offer collectors two essential books on Jailhouse Rock and King Creole, The King’s best and most dramatic movies.

Both volumes will be released in hardback on 8th January 2012 as the first parts of an exciting new series called Elvis Presley In Hollywood. They will each contain more than 400 pages and, alongside text written by Mike Eder, many hundreds of stunning, previously unpublished photographs that have been carefully selected by Erik and Pål from their extensive private collections.  

Elzo wrote on December 05, 2011
I hope they also take a shot on Elvis on Tour & That's the way it is......
benny scott wrote on December 05, 2011
I don't think so (hope I'm wrong !) On Tour and TTWII wouldn't fit in this new series "Elvis Presley In Hollywood". Always El.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 06, 2011
Let us hope that when they come to do "Girls! Girls! Girls!" they are a much more thorough than they were with their "King of Hawaii" book. There was abslutely no mention anywhere of the "Paradise Cove" location shooting at Miloli'i on the big Island of Hawaii. There is a fascinating story behind the shooting there. A 5 mile tarmac road was built just to get the heavy equipment in, & a whole 'fake' fishing village was constructed, boats & all. There are photos of this & numerous shots of Elvis on location there. But absolutely none in the Hawaiian book. Why on earth not? (The small house he stayed in, with the Kim Yungs, is actually still there, although in a very run-down state. The Jetty/Pier has totally gone, destroyed in a large storm in the mid 60's. In fact working out where it actually was took a lot of detective work.) Having been down there myself I was very disappointed. Please do a much better job on this will you guys? Also the overlap between the "Elvis Files Vol 2 1957 to 1959" & "King of Hawaii' books resulted in some rare 1957 Hawaiian concert shots being duplicated & others being missed out. Not to be totally negative, the Vol 2 book is good, but these items are very expensive, so give us value for money please!
Natha wrote on December 09, 2011
Don't worry Buffalo-Horn, these photos are put aside for another expensive book 'with recently discovered photos'. Just to be able to make more bucks. I get weary of this definitiveness and repaired super etc of it all. I stopped expecting all available stuff and be pleased (if applicable) with what is offered. These are at least about two of my most fav movies! So - without initial high expectations - I look forward to them.
Steve V wrote on December 09, 2011
If I had to buy movie books, these 2 would be the only ones of interest to me. They are by far Elvis' best films. Erik puts out great books (The Elvis Files) so I'm sure they are of high quality, yet the question remains how many photos are new, how many do we actually need that we dont have in The Elvis Files, and how expensive? I can only answer the last one for sure, Very expensive.
Harvey Alexander wrote on December 10, 2011
These are gonna be good! Word is that Erik recently bought something like 3000 rare / unseen photos from a Canadian collector. None of the images in the 'King Creole' book will duplicate what's in the FTD book on The King's best film. Looking forward to these two!
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on December 23, 2011
Just had a look on the Elvis files web site to check the cost of the "King Creole" book. With shipping to the UK it is exactly 100.00 Euros, which is £83.58........... Ridiculous.