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The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956

September 23, 2011 | Music

Coming in 2011 from the ‘Memphis Recording Service’, in association with ‘Joseph A Tunzi’ (JAT Productions), is a release for the first time on CD, the complete live recordings of the Louisiana Hayride performances by Elvis Presley.

All of the 29 tracks therein are re-mastered using the most sophisticated technology. It will include restored and more complete versions of many of the tracks than ever before.

The CD will also contain the recent discovery of Elvis’ last performance on the Louisiana Hayride in December 1956. This will be a more complete version of the show and for the first time, be speed and pitch corrected, which Sony has failed to master for their upcoming release.

The 100 page bonus book has many rare and newly discovered photographs that were due to be shown first, in the upcoming FTD Sun book. More details and a firm release date of this will be announced shortly.

Natha wrote on September 23, 2011
How do they know that Sony has failed in their upcoming release? Clearvoyance?
Tony C wrote on September 23, 2011
Exactly my thoughts, although we have heard online extracts, we are yet to hear the finished CD. Presumably the release date will be after that of the Sony box set, to allow time for MRS to bootleg the live recording and do all of the corrections that they claim will be required.
dgirl wrote on September 23, 2011
I knew that unreleased 1956 concert would soon show up on another release!
Andy_2 wrote on September 23, 2011
Always a quality release from MRS so looking forward to this.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on September 23, 2011
On Sony's YMWTBB set they have cut some of the opening track 'Heartbrak hotel' and also cut a couple of minutes of the ending.....fans reaction to Elvis leaving the stage etc,so this may be what MRS plan to release as a 'More complete version'. Received my Sony boxset yesterday and until MRS's appear can only make a comparison with sound quality and just what one has to offer against the other.I doubt very much that MRS and JP want another tic-for-tac session with Ernst and Sony about copyright but we have been down this road before and will see what develops in the coming weeks,as for the bonus book again this may p**s Ernst off as again JAT may of taken the thunder out of Ernst's maybe someday 'Sun Box set.As for MRS we all know what sort of quality products that have emerged over the years and i have no doubt this will be in the same league,for me i will have both versions so no loss for me as to which is better than the other.Anyway give Sony 10/10 for the packaging for YMWTBB and i am sure sales hopefully on this will reflect the hard work put into it by all those responsible.
benny scott wrote on September 23, 2011
Have to agree with Natha and Tony about speed and pitch correction. Let's wait and see (hear). Don't think EPE will be able to prevent and/or stop this MRS-release . We're talking about 1954-1956 recording-stuff here. The fact that the copyright-law has been extended to 70 years instead of 50 yrs has no influence yet 'cause the new law will be applicable only in two years from now. Always El.
John Burrows wrote on September 23, 2011
Yes Benny, but even if the law was in effect today, it is not retroactive so it will always remain public domain. The fact that it has not been released on CD before makes no difference. The Hayride was a radio broadcast so it was relased to the public in 1956 and therefore went PD on January 1st 2007. However another interesting point must be noted to understand this more clearly. For example if FTD found the King Creole sessions and released them on CD next month, because they were not released within the 50 year period they are already PD, so MRS can turn right around and release them straight afterwards. The new law will have no effect when it comes because its not retroactive. So everything that is now PD will remain so, forever.
benny scott wrote on September 23, 2011
Right you are John ! Always El.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 23, 2011
If MRS have more of the show than there is on the new Sony box set it stands to reason they did NOT copy it from the Sony set! Obviously both MRS & Sony used the same source, so it is quite probably MRS have spent more time adjusting the pitch & speed to produce a different sounding product. MRS always bring out good stuff, their included books are always well done so I look forward to getting this. I'm also looking forward To Ernst's Sun set too – between them us fans will eventually get everything!!
John Burrows wrote on September 23, 2011
I got my YMWTB yesterday and I must admit it the hayride does sound a little slow. I am going to do a comparison test over the weekend. If this is true, then MRS have just stumbled on a fortune opportunity to correct it,then we all have to but it again. But then I am sure I would have bought both anyway as there are other things that i do like about this new Sony release.
benny scott wrote on September 23, 2011
Good remark about the speed and pitch, Buffalo-Horn ! And indeed, MRS-releases have always been very OK. Untill now not a single release disappointed me. I'm sure this one will be a treat as well. Always El.
djm wrote on September 23, 2011
Every time MRS put out a set there is always something wrong with the Sony/ftd sound. Young man has only just come out yet already there is something wrong with it?? I think its just a sales ploy. The best thing about their releases is the packaging.
Macca316 wrote on September 23, 2011
This is one I want, so I'll getting this on my list to buy. :) Should have Young Man next week, but I still want this because I have always been a fan of the MRS releases.
dekerivers57 wrote on September 24, 2011
Sounds like Ernst has a leak somewhere in his team...the last hayride has been avaliable for download on several sites for over 2 months and now his photos that were to be used in the FTD Sun book will be published first in this MRS project. what's up??
livingstonsn wrote on September 27, 2011
Pirzada may or may not be a leach, but at least I won't be having to spend $150 for a bunch of material I already have juswt to get this Hayride performance.
John Burrows wrote on September 28, 2011
That maybe Harvey but i am hoping that MRS will upgrade the sound on all the other shows which i believe they will. Hearts of Stone could sound better than ever before. What I like about this release is that all the Hayride shows are in one place together with a 100 page book. Spending a $100 on 90% of a boxset that I already own just to get an extra 20 minutes is an idea of having to applud Sony. I have the new box set regardless since i had ordered it before the MRS announcement . For some its is great espcially with the 8 x 10 photos and membrobilia (which I can live without since i have the real stuff), so for some I welcome the MRS release.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 28, 2011
The '56 Hayride show on YMWTBB sounds fine to me, it doesn't sound like it's running slow. I did notice that the closing comments re "Elvis has left the building" (the first time it was used?) are missing, which is a bit strange as we've had it on other releases before. It's typical that MRS are planning a release of this nature. They are so jealous of Ernst that they'll do anything he can to try and 'top' his plans. Their Tupelo DVD was excellent but their fake, colourised Sun books were very poor, with several incorrect dates used. Ernst's Sun package will be the definitive article when it eventually arrives, but I'm sure MRS will pick up plenty of sales in the meantime. They'll add the ending to the '56 Hayride show after they've lifted it off YMWTBB and claim it's a different source, though of course it's not. Typical MRS. If they genuinely have a different source they would've put it out before YMWTBB.
Ferbabe wrote on October 01, 2011
Will there soon be a review of ENews re.the quality and the tracklist ? I'd love to buy that one as a present for my elders (they love those nice memories of their young days).