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Four Days In 56 - Another FTD Book

August 19, 2011 | Book

'Four Days in 56: A Moment In Time' is the newly announced FTD Book (only, no CD) by "Return To Tupelo" producer Michael Rose which chronicles the four days from early 1956 as Elvis barnstorms from Detroit through Columbus, and finally back to Memphis and his new home at Audubon Drive - May 25 28th 1956..

In Memphis for Elvis Week Ernst Jorgenson said that it is 200 page/200 photo book that is being produced as a companion release to the Sony/Legacy 5CD box set, "Young Man With The Big Beat". Michael Rose has been working with Ernst Jorgenson for the last 12 months hunting down contacts and stories. The book will be released in November. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
linda_433234 wrote on August 19, 2011
Young man with the big beat should be a 1 cd at most 2 cd release,but instead your asked to buy what they know you already have. Hopefully ftd and sony will release an on tour set,and few more releases that i will buy,my buying what i have days are over.
Tony C wrote on August 19, 2011
This looks like it will be a very interesting book, it captures Elvis at a turning point in his life. He was fast becoming the biggest star in America but had yet to reach superstar status. I love the sample photo shown above. 1956 is certainly getting good coverage this year, with the eagerly-awaited box set just around the corner.
Andy_2 wrote on August 19, 2011
Agree with you here Tony. Certainly looks very interesting. Something wortwhile from FTD for a change.
Natha wrote on August 20, 2011
Really new photos or are they also incorporated in The Elvis Files?
dgirl wrote on August 20, 2011
Natha , I was thinking the same thing. Is FTD jumping the gun by geting some 1956 photos out before the Elvis Files book on 1956 comes out?
marty wrote on August 21, 2011
I have enjoyed the previous FTD books and this one looks promising. A good idea not to include a cd that has little to do with the book! It's on my 'to buy' list...
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on September 24, 2011
Hurry up & bring this out!!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 11, 2011
I love collecting pics,hect with the music!