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Discovering Elvis

July 27, 2011 | Book

Newbury Press will release a new book by Joe Esposito entitled 'Discovering Elvis'.

From the press-release:

A long time coming. A tour through Elvis’ life told by the one man who really knew him…Joe Esposito
We all sat in the audience but have you ever been onstage with the greatest performer of all time?Have you ever been backstage or at Graceland with him? Discovering Elvis gives you an unprecedented look at the myth, the superhero and human being. It’s taken over 30 years to assemble some of the facts that are contained in Discovering Elvis. Elvis as you never saw him. 

I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on July 27, 2011
30 years to assemble some of the facts? What about "Good Rockin' Tonight", "Remember Elvis", "Celebrate Elvis" & "Straight Up"? For those who don't know the last two they are extremely slim & non-essential paperbacks – not worth bothering about. Frankly, what else could Joe possibly have to left to say? I look forward to reading Marty Lacker's review of this latest offering!!
Henryk wrote on July 27, 2011
A Blu-Ray screen grab for a front cover. Classy. ;-)
Cruiser621 wrote on July 28, 2011
I guess "Diamond Joe" is low on funds and needs another infusion of cold, hard cash to keep him going? I have Diamond Joe's DVD and I paid around $5.00 for it, if memory serves me correct, and although this book has a flashy cover I can't imagine what else this guy has to say that I haven't read or seen about. I'll pass Joe!
Tony C wrote on July 28, 2011
From what I am lead to believe, Joe is short of cash but before we start to accuse him of cashing in or greed, we should examine the reason why. Joe's wife Martha is suffering with cancer and the treatment to attempt to save her life has been very costly, hence the need for some cold hard cash.
WayDownUnder wrote on July 29, 2011
That can't possibly be the cover and won't be the cover, will it??
TCB1974 wrote on July 29, 2011
The fact that they have re-used the text to promote the movie Elvis on Tour does not promise that lots of effort has been put in the production of this book.
dgirl wrote on July 29, 2011
I have met Joe and he is very nice & good in conversation. You can tell the man has smarts (perhaps why the other Mafia resented him a bit? ). Elvis did rely on him the most. I am very sorry to hear about his wife, but I wont be buying the book because I know already what will be in it from his other books. I have read several and they were basically the same. Sorry Joe, but good luck.
benny scott wrote on July 29, 2011
I really do hope Joe's wife will get healthy and well again and overcome this terrible desease. As for the book I'm afraid there will be nothing to read we didn't know already. Always El.