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Seven Lost Childhood Years In New Book

June 23, 2011 | Book

The publisher writes:

"Seven Lost Years in Elvis’ Childhood Revealed in Stunning New Book

Before there was Michael Jackson and The Beatles, there was Elvis. Of all the entertainers who have influenced pop culture over the past 50 years, Elvis Presley stands at the top. His influence can be felt in music, film, fashion, and in the emotions of all the lives he has touched around the world.

In this phenomenal book written by Heart Lanier Shapré, amazingly, seven lost years of the King’s childhood are revealed. Learn the foundations of what shaped this mega star’s life. The truth of these lost childhood years is based on interviews with the book’s narrator, James Samuel Denson, who was selected by Gladys Presley to help raise her son Elvis, and on the DVD Elvis Through My Eyes. Notes the author, “The story has to be told; there was a person up there on stage beneath those costumes who had struggles, FBI involvement and is a phenomenon of life. What was the price?” To quote Elvis, “My image is one thing and the human being is another … it’s hard to live up to an image.”

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Presleyville wrote on June 23, 2011
DO NOT BUY THIS RUBBISH Makes Goodman look like an honest guy. Abosolute fiction that even the gutter press would not print. Shame on elvisnews for giving this publicity. If you want to know more about this would suggest you take a look at Elvis Express Radio's site.
Natha wrote on June 23, 2011
Not that I am interested, but thanks for the warning. Anyway I rather spend my money on the music by than a book about the King of Music.
benny scott wrote on June 23, 2011
Thanks for the warning indeed! The book "Early Elvis :The Tupelo Years" is a real good one on Elvis as a kid .It was written in 1994 by the late Bill Burk who was a personal friend of Elvis, and I mean "a real personal friend". This book is, unfortunately, out of print now. Always El.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on June 23, 2011
Yes, unfortunately this book is really about Jimmy Denson, who was a resident of Lauderdale Courts when Elvis was there. Jimmy was older than Elvis & could never really understand Elvis' success. His brother Lee Denson wrote "The Miracle of the Rosary" which has for rather strange reasons been removed from current Sony albums (Something to do with Catholics & the Bible belt I believe!) I have interviewed Jimmy Several times regarding Elvis & those early year. He certainly was there, but he gets more & more extreme... If you want a good book on the Lauderdale Court years, get hold of a copy of "Elvis Before He Was King" By Gene Myracle from Stories told by (Elvis' boyhood friend) Paul Dougher
theoldscudder wrote on June 23, 2011
I'm not into fiction so I'll pass.
Lefty wrote on June 23, 2011
What will it be next? Elvis parted the Red Sea?
ELV1S 1S K1NG wrote on June 25, 2011
Here are some quotes from the book. I suggest boycotting it on all Elvis sites that truly care about Elvis. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Denson makes these vicious and fake statements in this book: "Elvis was a babyfied male...he was a skin and bones baby and one time, while in front of the old St. Joseph's Hospital on the corner of Jackson and Lauderdale, a gang of kids came by; a gang in front and a gang across the street and they started yelling at him, "Hey, baby! Mama's baby! Sissy, baby!" "Elvis was the Forrest Gump of the Lauderdale Courts and if Priscilla or any woman saw those green teeth he had, they wouldn't want to kiss his mouth" "Elvis did not graduate from Humes High (the Colonel bought him his diploma years later) Jimmy & Jesse Lee Denson were Elvis' ...mentors, his masters, we were the power in his life" "Graceland should have been called Drugland" And then of course there is this totally sane statement made by Denson regarding seeing something in Elvis......"I saw the Devil in Elvis' brain one day and his Momma told me to look. She said, "Jimmy, look at Elvis' eyes," and "Elvis," she said, "show Jimmy what you showed me" and he flashed his eyes and his skull looked likeā€¦ his eyes looked like two piss holes in the snow. And back in his brain I saw Lucifer in there. July 5th, 1956. He was stoned out of his head". ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WITH these kinds of things being said, I beg fans NOT to buy it and that's all I can sat.
Sanditcb wrote on June 25, 2011
This is a horrid book and I can't imagine that anyone who calls themself an Elvis fan would buy it, read it, give it any credence at all. It is filled with lies, trash and ugly stories. Shame on Jimmy Denson and Heart Sharpe.
ElvisCriticsSuck wrote on July 02, 2011
Elvis rose-above these "White Trash" Hillbillies such as the author of this book, and became loved throughout The World. Apparently some think it is still popular to write lies and slander, as with the other Uneducated Bums who expected Elvis to pay their bills the rest of their lives! "Elvis News" should look into this printed Ass-Wipe before giving them Free Publicity.