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Elvis Presley: Legacy Edition

June 16, 2011 | Music

The RCA/Legacy next Elvis release ‘Elvis Presley: Legacy Edition’ is the combination of Elvis’ first two albums and associated 1956 singles. Following on from the excellent ‘Elvis Is Back’, ’FEIM', and ‘On Stage’ Elvis' vitally creative albums are now included in fabulous quality and packaging as part of the Legacy series. Final cover not yet announced.

To be released September 27, 2011.
Priced at US$16.33.


Disc: 1
1. Blue Suede Shoes
2. I m Counting On You
3. I Got A Woman
4. One-Sided Love Affair
5. I Love You Because
6. Just Because
7. Tutti Frutti
8. Trying To Get To You
9. I m Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
10. I ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin')
11. Blue Moon
12. Money Honey
13. Heartbreak Hotel
14. I Was The One
15. My Baby Left Me
16. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
17. Shake, Rattle And Roll

Disc: 2
1. Rip It Up
2. Love Me
3. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
4. Long Tall Sally
5. First In Line
6. Paralyzed
7. So Glad You re Mine
8. Old Shep
9. Ready Teddy
10. Anyplace Is Paradise
11. How s The World Treating You
12. How Do You Think I Feel
13. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
14. Hound Dog
15. Don t Be Cruel
16. Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be)
17. Too Much
18. Playing For Keeps
19. Love Me Tender
20. Let Me
21. Poor Boy
22. We're Gonna Move 

Source:Elvis Information Network

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Jerome wrote on June 16, 2011
I read somewhere RCA's next project is combing 3 classic albums in one release..
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 16, 2011
Surely they wont change this iconic cover for the Legacy release, for the box-set no problem but leave this cover as it is......please.
Andy_2 wrote on June 16, 2011
2 of the greatest rock n roll albums on one release. What more can you ask for? Just look at the track list. Awesome.
marco31768 wrote on June 16, 2011
How many times we have these album ???
elvis-fan wrote on June 16, 2011
They hardly needed to add the Love Me Tender soundtrack to the end of it... fairly anti-climactic
TCB1974 wrote on June 16, 2011
To my knowledge, these are the first two CD's of the new 5CD box - young man with the big beat.
theoldscudder wrote on June 16, 2011
On it's own it's a nice release. Two fine lp's. The problem I have with this release is is that the contents have been so milked that it's appeal is limited to only die hards & aliens from another planet & a few newbies. Got to agree with marco31768 on this.
Steve V wrote on June 17, 2011
concur with scudder here. Nice marketing aimed for newbies or folks that never got around to buying these albums on cd. I cant see why any long time fan would buy it.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on June 17, 2011
Guys, agree with points raised regarding just were a release like this is essential or not, but as this will be a 'Legacy' release are we now saying we don't need it?.
JerryNodak wrote on June 17, 2011
I'm not buying the big box set. So, IF I buy anything to commemorate Elvis' historic '56 breakthrough this would be it Yes, I already have songs many times over.
Herman wrote on June 17, 2011
Where is the DVD ? This edition could be more completer if they put the DVD inside from the classic album-series. They also did it by the Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album.
theoldscudder wrote on June 18, 2011
Steve V Please give me a little respect. It's the old scudder not scudder.
theoldscudder wrote on June 18, 2011
This is my prediction. If the Legacy series makes a profit the label will milk it & eventually the Legacy series will include the rot eg. Blvd. Album, Frankie & Johnny, etc. I'd bet the ranch on it. They always milk the Elvis product because Elvis fans are easily exploitable. Example JerryNodak will buy it even though by his own admission he has these songs many times over. Nothing personal Jerry just making a point.
kink56 wrote on June 18, 2011
Amazon's song listing does not include the 3 Love Me Tender soundtack recordings, just Love Me Tender itself.
Cruiser621 wrote on June 19, 2011
Two classic albums which started it all. I, personally, won't be buying this combo package as I have everything via FTD & regular release, but for the general public, who never knew or experienced Elvis, this is the supreme starting point aka rock 'n roll.
Steve V wrote on June 22, 2011
What has That's When Your Heartaches Begin have to do with 1956 and his first 2 albums? Fans amaze me. How could they forget this one? Really?