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Guitar Man

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, April 24, 2011 | Music

FTD released another classic album that originally never was. Guitar Man is the extended outing of the late 90s CD Tomorrow Is A Long Time.


As usual with the classic album series this one is very well taken care of. The informative booklet contains besides all background information some great publicity shots, cover art, pictures and memorabilia.


There are not many Elvis songs that I really dislike. Unfortunately this outing holds three of them: Beyond The Reef, Singing Tree and Just Call Me Lonesome. The fact that the CD Tomorrow Is A Long Time is on my phone (okay, I have to admit, not completely) shows that I do like the remaining very much. In this case all the great songs can easily make up for the before mentioned three songs on CD 1, containing the masters and early takes.

CD 2 is something different: all the toppers can’t make up for 4 takes of Singing Tree, 2 of Just Call Me Lonesome and another Beyond The Reef. So I guess I have to make myself a stripped version of CD2. This is certainly worth the effort since the sound quality is superb. A remarkable track on this disc is the version of Come What May with the background singers very upfront.

As soon as CD 1 is entered in the online database for Windows Media Player by someone I’m gonna rip it and replace the TIALT-album on my phone and probably I’ll add most of CD 2 too.


This album shows that Elvis was on the way back musically and besides collector’s reasons I am glad with most of it.

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Dixieland Rocks wrote on April 24, 2011
Seeing how Singing Tree and Just Call Me Lonesome are two of my favorites from this time period I'm going to love this CD.
Rob Wanders wrote on April 24, 2011
i must say i really do like the songs Singing tree (silly words but who cares) and Just call me lonesome. Looking forward to this cd.
Tony C wrote on April 24, 2011
It really does take all sorts, I have always quite enjoyed "Singing Tree" and "Just Call Me Lonesome". Not classic tracks, but easy on the ears. You will all think that I have gone mad or am joking, but the one track here I have never really liked is "Tomorrow Is a Long Time", I just find it boring. Each to their own, I suppose!
Jamie wrote on April 24, 2011
Singing Tree! Please no!
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on April 24, 2011
I Love Singin Tree and Just Call Me Lonesome..so Please yes!!
marco31768 wrote on April 24, 2011
There are few unreleased outtakes...
Jerome wrote on April 26, 2011
Actually Singing Tree was the main reason for not buying this..
JerryNodak wrote on April 26, 2011
If I weren't going to buy this album based on a song(s) it contains it would be for the unedited version of Hi Heel Sneakers. Long, boring, repetitive. As it is I'll just hit the skip button. I have no problems with Just Call Me Lonesome or Singing Tree.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on April 26, 2011
Actually we don't care Jerome if you won't buy this FTD for Singin Tree,there are more songs on this release then only Singin Tree.
Lucio wrote on April 26, 2011
I love the 'Singing Tree' and 'Just Call Me Lonesome' is one of my wife's favourite tracks. Outtakes are very welcome.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on April 26, 2011
I agree with you Lucio!
Jamie wrote on April 26, 2011
What a legacy! 'Baby Let's Play House', 'Mystery Train', 'If I Can Dream', 'Singing Tree'...
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on April 26, 2011
If you don't like it? fine...but don't make it any bigger then is it..there are also fans who like these particular songs ,just accept it, seems to be hard to do by some fans.
Steve V wrote on April 26, 2011
There are some really good songs on here. Unfort some bad ones as well, such as Singing Tree. Really folks, would you have listened to this song more than 30 seconds if another person was singing it? Its a bad song and herein lies the fault with Elvis' recording career through the years. He just got a new producer in Jarvis, set up a non-soundtrack session, the first in a while, and yet still was receiving songs like Singing Tree through his publishing company because of that dumb policy they had about having the songwriter give up his rights. Of course some good songs sneak through, but a lot of great ones were missed because of the Colonel and his money making empire. A very bad manager for Elvis artistically speaking. Remember ,a classic like Don't would not have happened had Elvis not gone to Mike Stoller and personally requested a ballad, an action he was not allowed to do after that. Imagine the biggest singer in the world not being allowed to talk to songwriters. Astonishing.
Andy_2 wrote on April 26, 2011
have to say that if this had been released as an album in 67 then i think it would have been well received. Some really great tracks alongside some duff ones but it doesn't take away from the fact that this was a huge step in the right direction. It really is amazing how badly the colonel managed Elvis from say 64 onwards. Nobody has yet explained why Elvis let this happen. As for singing tree, come on it's bad. As Steve says would you really listen to it sung by anybody else? As an FTD i think it's a good release which shows where Elvis was at in 66/67.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on April 26, 2011
I don't think it's a bad song end of story , the outtakes of this song are even better still
tornado wrote on April 27, 2011
I can't really dislike any of the songs in there. It was so refreshing to hear Elvis doing some good stuff again. But his exposure was so much on movie soundtracks and in a period where the movies were poorer than ever, that these singles never really made a hit, as If I Can Dream and the gems from the Memphis sessions did futher. High Heel Sneakers as a B side was a real surprise and a joy for me to listen to. Elvis hadd regained his guts and so with Guitar Man and Big Boss Man. I can understand people having their reserve about songs like Singing Tree and Just Call Me Lonesome. Personaly, I always loved them. Especially take 6 of Just Call Me Lonesome where the pedal steel guitar hits it harder than take one wich we know now was released by mistake according to Ernst Jorgensen's A Life in Music. As I said before this FTD release, like they did with Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee, rewrites history for the good cause: restoring some dignity to Elvis musical efforts at a time where too often his talent was buried into mediocre movie soundtracks, while the pop and the music industry was innovating in new creative ways of making this art that says so much about who we are as human being. A big thank you to FTD for that magnificent release: another gem to our collection. It shows just how RCA should have present their star at the time. But that we can't rewrite.
tornado wrote on April 27, 2011
People lack a bit of poetry here concerning Singing Tree. Nature can be a cure for a broken heart and so a tree for whom it means somethning. I see a lover going back to a place where a certain tree reminded him of his lost love , like with the leaves of that tree in the fall... It's very touching to me. Some of you seems to have a refrigirator in their chest. If Elvis did it it's not only because the Aberbach brothers had only that to offer. Beside in country music, love gone wrong is a classic theme. Oh, well, it you don't agree: just call me lonesome :-)
GEORGE (GK) wrote on April 27, 2011
Great songs, and nice artwork, and photos. And, I guess I'm one of the few who Likes the song "Singing Tree"
Lex wrote on April 27, 2011
To each his own, but I get a bit tired of people that feel the need to react on every negative opinion on anything. Especially if they use a fake name or should be dead.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on April 27, 2011
Well lex good for you now isn't it, everyone has its right to it's own opinion yes..it's the people who give negative reactions who ask for to get a reaction back to their negative ones,they call it upon their selves.Yes to each their own, i 'm getting a bit tired of reactions like yours,because it's clear to me you attacking a few fans who reacted on this topic who disagree with certain negative reactions, it's their full right,you can't stop it.
benny scott wrote on April 27, 2011
IMO there is nothing wrong "an sich" giving negative reactions on certain topics, songs, articles etc.. We all have the right to do so and to have a opinion. But there's also nothing wrong with loyal fans who do not agree with certain negative comments and react, and that's their right too. Don't get me wrong, members giving negative comments sometimes, are not less dedicated fans. The most important thing is a never ending respect for Our Man and our gratitude for what he gave us and still gives . In comparison with this, a discussion, sometimes one heavier than another, is small petatoes. The King Is Dead, but...Long Live The King and all his loyal and dedicated fans ! And by the way : FTD's "Guitar Man" is a great release and I welcome it with arms wide open. Always El.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on April 27, 2011
And i'm behind you all the way buddy!, great and to the point reaction from you my friend. Always El.
everett001 wrote on April 27, 2011
Steve V Question for you.What did you mean by the statement : if the songwriter would give up his rights? Was Elvis and the Colonel collecting the songwriters portion of royalties????
Tony C wrote on April 28, 2011
Songwriters were encouraged to publish their songs through Elvis' publishing company. When I say encouraged, they did have a choice, either agree to this or Elvis would not record the song. The Colonel was ahead of his time, even The Beatles did not own their own publishing rights, these eventually ending up with Michael Jackson. The downside of this get rich quick scheme is that the best writers would not agree to these terms, such as Dolly Parton when Elvis wanted to record "I Will Always Love You". She wouldn't give in and neither would Elvis and The Colonel so it was passed over. Jerry Reed had problems with the management over "Guitar Man", he was told that he had to move the publishing to Elvis' company but he refused. They mentioned it to him a little too late, after the song had been recorded.
Steve V wrote on April 28, 2011
Yes, Tony, that is correct. So the story goes, the one time they did give in was on Suspicious Minds. Chips M owned the publishing and would not budge on it. Elvis really wanted the song released, so they eventually agreed to give in on it. Apparently many folks in Elvis' world were not pleased, but had he not stood his ground, a classic would not have happened! I also heard the same story about Dolly Parton & Jerry Reed (we got lucky with that one!) You wonder how many great songs may have been passed up because of this practice and how many Singing Trees & other Tepper/Bennett classics were put in place instead. The Beatles did not own the publishing but since they wrote the songs, they got to record them regardless. Elvis truly depended on great songs & great songwriters and because of this policy missed out on many.
benny scott wrote on April 28, 2011
And in general(not only in Elvis' case) it wasn't only the publishing rights that were involved. Many singer-songwriters who wrote the music AND the lyrics of a song, in many cases had to accept that "the big boss(es)" of a record company required co-writership (melody or lyrics) of a song. If you did not agree there was no recording session at all if you wanted to record your own songs. That's what happened to me personally, even in the mid-70s . The boss of the record company took 50% publishing rights and took also 25 % of the composer/author's rights, even if he hadn't written one single note or one letter of the lyrics. Instead of the other 50% I hoped for, he put his name as composer OR author on the declaration-form that had to be filled out and send to the Copyright Association, so he got 75% in all.To name one well-known example : look what Norman Petty did concerning rights with many Buddy Holly songs. Always El.
Tony C wrote on April 28, 2011
Most of the rock'n'roll stars fell foul of this procedure. Chuck Berry knew that he had written "Maybellene" on his own, so he was somewhat surprised to see the name ALan Freed and Russ Fratto next to his on the record label. With Elvis' situation, it was another thing that he could have changed had he so desired. At the 1972 press conference, he even commented on the problems in getting good material, which ironically was mainly caused by the decision of his management over the publishing. I know we cannot re-write history, but it was a case of the tail wagging the dog. Colonel Parker was Elvis' employee, not the other way around. There are so many times when Elvis should have got a grip on things, a couple spring to mind, the falling out with Scotty and Bill in 1957 over money and the easing out of Leiber and Stoller. When Elvis started working with Scotty and Bill, they took a split on the money made from shows. Elvis always said that they would share in his fortune, they were a big part of his success after all. Colonel Parker changed things and put them on a set fee per show. As things got bigger, their money stayed the same and when they confronted Elvis he told them that he had no say in the matter! It's no wonder they walked out. With Leiber and Stoller, Elvis had two very talented people at his disposal. They should have been embraced rather than pushed out, it was Elvis' loss because their songs became hits for others. Very sad, but what's done is history.
benny scott wrote on April 28, 2011
Tony, very sad indeed but unfortunately oh so true ! But I think things have changed now-a-days haven't they ? I hope so for the younger ( and also for the less younger ) generation of songwriters. Always El.
Johnny2523 wrote on April 29, 2011
I'm sorry for people who dont like Singing Tree but i think its a beautiful song i dont know why ppl hate it, The lyrics are beautiful and the outtakes i just love High Heel sneakers is cool to also one of my favs. And Beyond the reef passes to but u dont hear elvis as clear because of the others singers... Now. I love this ftd I love all songs on it, Some arent my faves like Just Call Me Lonesome, & Thats it really.. I would buy it for every song on this cd! so ppl stop complaining about this song is bad or that one is bad Heck its ELVIS! And even thou Just call Me Lonesome aint one of my favourites i listen to it from time to time it just depends on if i feel like it. So done sayd! Great Album! Great Art Work! Awesome Sound Quality! Great Takes!. 10 out of 10 Done Written
ernst blofeld wrote on April 29, 2011
why do these posts always degenerate into the merits of this song or that one? can someone pls tell me if this latest offering has anything new for the Elvis collector who has all of the bootlegs and all of the prior FTD releases...it looks to me like FTD is taking Elvis fans for suckers again as this CD (based on the track listing) doesnt have anything new on it.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on April 29, 2011
There are certainly new things on this outing ,this FTD is selling very well,no need to ask why.
tornado wrote on April 30, 2011
With all due respect, FTD is NOT about bringing new material on their classic releases. First and above all, they are building a definitive collection for collectors and completists in an orderly manner. In doing so, it might happen that they include new outtakes, wich is part also of the plan. Since in the past, they have released already a lot of material, only a small portion of the new sessions is "new" or, should I say, officially released in their Classic series. Nobody can blame them for that. As time goes by, they adress different sessions and, of course, they release by the way some outtakes that were never officially released before. I don't think FTD is taking the fans for suckers. With this great Classics series they will deliver all that remains available. Albeit making sense and also putting a certain restriction on some indecent and vulgar language used in the studio, wich was never meant - should I insist here - to be made public. And personnaly, I couldn't care less for some bad jokes Elvis made during a session or, worst, some bad remarks he might have said. It's the music I care about! Some of you, who purchase all kinds of "Import" products in the past, can only blame themselves. Imports dealers are producing on a different sets of rules than Sony and FTD. Each of us is thus free to buy, or not, one or the other. I understand that it can be frustrating to wait for things, yet to be released. But in the real world, the official one, certain boundaries exist and FTD, to me, is making the best they can in that world. What makes me happy with FTD is that it goes on again after so many years and so our fun to purchase them is not over yet. I'm sure they have some nice surprises ahead for us, if only for the sound quaiity they provide, way better today than any Imports.
Rob Wanders wrote on April 30, 2011
i received my copy yesterday and its a fantastic cd in my opinion. For me there are no weak songs although i never liked the way they mixed the song "Fools fall in love". Also on this cd the sound is poorer than the other songs; they sound really subleme. Oh how I wish Elvis had recorded more songs with Jerry Reed. Not only because of his fantastic guitar-playing but also because he brings another (creative and funny) atmosphere in the studio. But nevertheless a great cd with great songs!
Jamie wrote on May 01, 2011
Hello, I enjoyed this set. The better songs - the rockers 'Guitar Man, 'Big Boss Man', Hi-Heel Sneakers' and 'Down in the Alley' - are terrific and their out-takes are a fascinating listen. It was good to spend some time listening to 'I'll Remember You' and 'Love Letters' again - I'd forgotten how beautiful Elvis's delivery is on these. The overdubbed version of the informal recording 'Beyond the Reef' is in a notably different mix - a female choir, previously mixed out altogether, is very audible in the choruses. A couple of the compositions are terribly weak and are no better than his contemporary movie songs. But there's plenty to enjoy here and the sound fidelity is superb.
ernst blofeld wrote on May 03, 2011
I listened to this CD and I am hard pressed to find anything new on here...even the between-takes banter has been released before. Maybe the takes of Fools Fall In Love are the (only) new unheard tracks but that is a big "maybe", I need moretime to research...in any event, it sounds just like the master take so its value is negligible...FTD rips off the fans again...
Tony C wrote on May 03, 2011
"FTD rips off the fans again": FTD have released an anthology package chronicling Elvis' 1966 and 1967 studio sessions. This contains the master takes, the previously released alternative takes and a further selection of alternative takes which have never been released officially before. A detailed track listing was published long before the release date making everybody aware of the contents, thus allowing us to decide whether to buy it or not. Where is the rip off?
Sirbalkan wrote on May 03, 2011
I really wonder till now how many ftds have been sold?
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on May 03, 2011
Tony C you speak true words, a rip-off cannot be detected in this release,getting kinda tired to hear that ''rip-off" remark all the time..certainly when it's not needed..as in this case and release.
Jamie wrote on May 03, 2011
Hello, it is clearly ridiculous to berate the FTD label for releasing material 'again' when the only prior sources have been unofficial, illicit, pirated 'bootlegs'. If people buy bootlegs then of course the legitimate record company may some day give an official release to items the collectors already have. Is FTD or BMG expected to forego commercial opportunity to accommodate the bootleggers and their customers? Be real. In part FTD's release schedule amounts to an aggressive attack on the pirate market. FTD sometimes releases rival products in better sound quality, cheaper and with the protection offered by consumer law. The obvious choice for fans to make is to show FTD and BMG some customer loyalty and don't buy the bootlegs. They may have had their advantages in the 1970s-80s when the old RCA Victor label had a paranoid siege mentality. But the range of Elvis recordings that have been sprung from the archive in the last few years has been just amazing. If alternatively fans choose to buy bootlegs in the certain knowledge that the siongs therein may one day get an official release, then that's their prerogative. But please don't take up my time writing in to this website scapegoating FTD for your impulsive and wasteful spending.
kink56 wrote on May 04, 2011
I, for one, really appreciate FTD for coming up with the Classics Album Series. Even though many of the takes have been available on earlier FTD compilations, as a collector I am looking forward to every album from "Elvis Presley" to "Moody Blue" to be eventually released on this series, as well as the VERY welcome various EPs and the "Theorectical" albums like this one, plus "Sings Memphis Tenn" and "Standing Room Only". FTD has evolved since its inception. The early compilations were welcome at the time. Having the classic albums organized and release is a dream come true for me, who bought his first Elvis LP "Gold Records Vol 4" when I was 12. I especially was thrilled when FTD put out the "Tickle Me" CD. I was told my copy of "Guitar Man" was shipped today, and even though I have "Tommorow is a Long Time" CD, I am STILL excited to get it in the mail.
ernst blofeld wrote on May 04, 2011
when I say "FTD rips off the Elvis fan again" it has nothing to do with releasing material that has been released by bootleggers. FTD is releasing material that has been OFFICIALLY released already INCLUDING the same outtakes and studio banter. Pls review and compare the track listing for all of the elvis box sets (the 50s, 60s, 70s masters sets, Today Tomorrow Forever, Close-Up etc) and all of the FTD releases and you will see that a lot of material (including outtakes) has been released once, sometimes twice, sometimes more. Lets not count how many times the master of certain tracks have been released. And lets be frank, the bootleggers really do offer a better product, from cover art to liner notes to content. A Perfect example is the bootleg Theres A Whole Lotta Shaking Going On (on the Circle G label). Compare that with the similar official release Essential Elvis 4: Hundred Years From Now. Better packaging on the bootleg, better organization of the track listing, more careful choice of tracks. When so many quality live shows are unreleased (either by bootleggers or by FTD) it is shameful that FTD chooses the shows on CDs like America the Beautiful or yet another show from 1969. The facts are irrefutable. FTD is ripping us off.
Tony C wrote on May 04, 2011
I will repeat my previous description of this CD. It is an anthology of the 1966 and 1967 studio sessions containing the master takes and a selection of alternative takes. Many of these alternative takes will have been released before by RCA/BMG/Sony as they have been digging into the tapes for the past 34 years due to having no new recordings. The reason for having no new releases is that Elvis died in 1977, something a few people not appear to grasp when they keep on crying out "where is the new stuff?". Anybody that feels ripped off by the FTD releases need never darken their door again. Put bluntly, don't buy them if you feel cheated!
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on May 04, 2011
ernst blofeld you still have high expectations that everyones will stand behind you concerning your opinion, just read again what Tony C is saying.this release is NOT a rip- off.Well spoken again Tony C, but indeed some people fail to grasp or understand your explanation, i however do understand you.
dgirl wrote on May 04, 2011
I understand both points of view. Both are not wrong or right and both offer some merit. It is a fact that FTD have released material that has been out before ( not counting master takes) Outtakes on box sets, essential Elvis sets, and even early on FTDs have re-appeared on these classic album series. Soin that sense I can see where one applies the 'rip-off' tag. These CDs are not exactly cheap. On the other hand, yes, we must remember Elvis is long gone and in a way FTD is trying to put the catalog in some type of order that makes sense, so these releases are welcome by some. I personally wish the regular label would have been the one to do that much the way they were doing in the 90's, but they seemed to have abandoned the whole idea of that. Then there are the folks that must buy every FTD release because they 'collect'. To those folks it doesnt matter what the contents are as long as they have it in their collection. I used to be one of those folks, but no longer. Nothing seems to be a rip-off to these type of fans/collectors.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on May 04, 2011
I also understand your point of view dgirl, your opinion is more reasonable than ernst's.
benny scott wrote on May 04, 2011
Have to agree with Tony (and Jesse as well) . When FTD announces a new release the tracklisting is always given in advance ! So don't buy it if you don't like it, nobody is forcing you, but don't call it a "ripp-of", that's just not fair ! Always El. P.S. Jesse, check your inbox tomorrow !
Hurt1977 wrote on May 05, 2011
Great release. Now up to the forthcoming "Stay away Joe" FTD outtakes + the rest of the U.S. Male session outtakes + Charro? Hope FTD is reading this suggestion as many fans w a n t the outtakes of those missing great altern. versions and work parts and outtakes, even false starts with comments in studio by EP and Jerry Reed. Great (as I have it already years on bootleg!!!Fabulous!!!!
Sparky wrote on May 05, 2011
Superb release. Yes a lot of has been released before, but not in this quality. Any release that has lovely moments like Elvis reflecting on whether his (at that point) unborn baby would have a television installed in her stroller are priceless -we never get to hear stuff like that (Singing Tree takes 10,13). Also , I can't get enough of listening to Elvis' reaction to Jerry Reed who had been on a fishing trip and was clearly like an alien at an Elvis session (Guitar Man take 1). It's really good- Elvis is focused and in charge. Love this release!
Tony C wrote on May 05, 2011
Sparky is right, to be able to eavesdrop on Elvis' conversations at this time in his life is a wonderful opportunity. It was quite a turning point for him, he was now married, Lisa Marie was on the way, the records and movies were getting better and Steve Binder and Las Vegas were just around the corner. We are so lucky that these tapes exist, there was no real need for RCA to archive the session reels once the masters cut been removed. Prior to 1977, they had no real value to the record company. We tend to complain a lot about RCA, in particular the dumping of the fifties session tapes, but what they did keep from 1960 onwards was stored in such a way that these very old tapes are still in pristine condition. Lots of artists have to have their material dubbed from disc because either the masters have not survived or the tapes are unplayable. On a separate issue, I find it funny how certain people constantly re-emerge here under new names. Do they not realise that we all recognise them by their style of writing and agenda? Obviously not.
Macca316 wrote on May 06, 2011
I'm totally enjoying this new FTD release, and just got another one in the post because my friend was jealous, so he told me to order him one. Maybe I should tease him for a bit then give him is prize. :P I have read some of these comments, and yes people may feel ripped off, but what you are getting is quality, better than what you have probably heard on previous RCA/Sony releases.
claunath82 wrote on May 07, 2011
Great release in top quality, for the next 68/69 sessions i think ftd should release the camden flaming star, let's be friends and almost in love in the classic album serie with outtakes ect... of course the others camden like hits from the movies or separate ways are not classic albums but only compilation without any sense. the new ftd guitar man is worth a 4.5/5
Ton Bruins wrote on May 07, 2011
27 tracks ! from Guitar Man are all ready released on former releases....need I say more ?
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on May 07, 2011
No ton Bruins you don't, because not fans have all former releases ( you probably mean the bootlegs etc),and besides that the package and the mastering are a thousand times better,do i need to say more?
sitdown revamped wrote on May 07, 2011
it was a good read also over at elvisinaustralia. boy, that's quite a weird story about giving away copy rights...the song repertoire decline was due to a greedy business policy. and as harsh it may sound: they did not deserve better songs. presley's reaction in the studio was fair. but he kinda should have showed bienstock the way out. anyone?
Steve V wrote on May 08, 2011
Sitdown. Agreed. He should have let the door hit Beinstock in the arse on the way out, followed by Tepper/Bennet and Singing Tree. This was the King after all and he was getting second rate songs by second rate Tin Pan Alley songwriters. He should have taken matters into his own hands. He is to blame as well for some the shlock he recorded. Darin did folk albums, tribute LP to Ray Charles, Everlys did folk & rock and rock & soul themed LPs. Can u imagine if Elvis did these types of albums how much more revered he would have been by critics and the casual fan? Any decent songs were relegated to bonus tracks on dreadful soundtracks. Amazing he survived.
Ton Bruins wrote on May 08, 2011
Whatever Jesse Garon. No not on bootlegs...seems you are badly informed..The 27 tracks are on "normal" releases like "Platinum", "So High", "Essential 60's Masters", "Long Lonely Highway", "Collectors Gold", "Today Tomorrow And Forever", "Close Up"...so you don't know what you are talking about. And don't give the me the "best sound quality ever" story..I am happy with what I got before on those 27 tracks, but when you like to buy the same 27 tracks again, be happy with it ! That's why it's called "give your opinion" on this site. Well, you got mine...27 tracks duplication !! Think about that...I have had it with all those duplications, so I will download this CD...for free ! hahahaha...Good luck with the package and "new" sound...
Andy_2 wrote on May 08, 2011
sitdow, Steve, spot on. You can also throw in Dion, Johny Cash and even Roy Orbison who now all have probably more credibility with the music critics, especially for the work they have produced later in their careers. Why oh why didn't he get rid of these people and take control. One thing i've read that makes me laugh is that Elvis was forced by the colonel to do the crappy movies or if not he'd make sure he never worked again. What a load of bull. Sorry but the blame for the dross and the lack of creativity lies largely with Elvis himself. Sad i know but true.
benny scott wrote on May 08, 2011
Well dear Tom, if you have already all what's on this FTD release, what's the use of downloading the CD ? Strange reasoning IMO . Good luck with YOUR duplication, 'cause that's what you're gonna do by downloading . Contradicting your own statement " I've had it with all those duplications"... Speaking of common sence !! Give me a break will you. Always El.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on May 08, 2011
Thank you Benny for your statement..spot on!.I am badly informed Ton ?? because you say it? you making a mountain out of a molehill, so i don't have to think twice about your opinion , and i agree with you Benny strange reasoning for someone who has had it with duplications,but still downloads the cd for free, well i can do it too if i want..but i don't i will just buy it because i can see the beauty and essence of this release... so ''hahaha"" all you want, see if i care. The whole remastering off these tracks are new etc ,I also have the old releases you mention, so i don't know what i'm talking about huh?
Tony C wrote on May 09, 2011
It's a good job we don't all download for free and then bragg about it, the FTD releases would come to a very sudden end if we did. I don't think that illegal downloading is funny, but nor do I think that any form of theft if funny. I know somebody who never buys anything, he either borrows other peoples CDs and DVDs to copy, or downloads them. The strange thing is that he is very vocal as to what he thinks that Sony should do and where they go wrong, but does not support them in any way or give them one single penny!
Ton Bruins wrote on May 09, 2011
For your information guys, I bought over 90 FTD releases until now...Because I didn't want to buy Guitar Man because of the fact that I all ready have 27 tracks of Guitar Man makes me a criminal now ? And for your information: it's legal to download in this country when you don't want to have the original CD...that's a free choice...some Elvis fans are so childish and short minded...So Benny Scott just let me download the CD, contradiction or not, I really don't care..And I hope you enjoy the original CD...Or do you guys want to forbid me to download a CD with 27 tracks that I all ready have.., hahahaha....There are more important things in life guys !! Just let me download a CD (on a legal site which I pay for once a month !) now and then and then I let enjoy you the original of this release with the beautiful package and fantastic sound ! Don't be so narrow-minded...Typical for many Elvis fans unfortunately....
Tony C wrote on May 09, 2011
There are obviously two ways of downloading music from the internet. One is to pay for the music on legal download sites and the other is to download for free from an illegal site. My comments regarding illegal downloads were in relation to the posting about being able to download it for free. This would indicate that an illegal download site was being used. If one pays a subscription it is not free, so before people accuse others of being childish or narrow minded they should read what they write before they send it and see if it makes sense.
Ton Bruins wrote on May 09, 2011
Well, Tony C, it's my choice to download illegal or legal (like I do). Seems that I have offended you, maybe I wasn't talking about you..That's what I mean wit a lot of Elvis fans. They feel offended or they are narrow-minded...so what if I don't care about the new mastering, about the package, about the new "fantastic" sound...It's my opinion and my decision to skip a CD that has 27 ! tracks on it that I all ready have..Do I blame FTD for that ? No, I don't..Just my decision, that's it..Enjoy buddy !
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on May 09, 2011
Whatever Ton..whatever..seems quite a few don't agree with you,that alone should say enough.You don't like this release? fine with me.. i'm not following into your footsteps, and i'm not a bit offended by you..or by anyone, i have allready passed that station.
Ton Bruins wrote on May 09, 2011
Jesse Garon, I don't care that quite a few don't agree with me, really...I didn't said I don't like this release buddy, read well ! I didn't like the duplication again from FTD, that's the my point. And that's the reason I didn't buy it. Enjoy this release, my friend..to each his own..I don't judge you for buying this, I can understand as a matter of fact..It was just my opinion and my decision. Many fans buy it for their collection for example, no problem, I can understand. Just not me. Again enjoy !
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on May 09, 2011
Ok Ton , i wasn't mad at all at you in the first place, you gave a decent reply, And that's how it always should be, you enjoy the cd as well ; ) and thnx!
Herman wrote on May 09, 2011
WOW, a kiss and a big hug to you guys !
Ton Bruins wrote on May 10, 2011
Hi Herman...I bet you did buy this one unless the 27 tracks duplication. hahahaha, you are a real collector. -:)
Tony C wrote on May 10, 2011
No, Ton, you didn't offend me at all. We're all here for the same reason, the love of the man and his music.
Herman wrote on May 10, 2011
Ha ha, you're right Ton !
Jamie wrote on May 11, 2011
Hello, it's great to read articles like Steve's that make Elvis responsible for his career deficiencies in the 1960s. Doing so doesn't demean Elvis. On the contrary, it is blaming the rotten movies and their soundtracks on others that reduces Elvis to a passive, feckless waster. He was no such thing: he was a man who could drink, smoke cigars, handle himself well on live tv, serve in the US Army, womanise and vote. So he was capable of choosing to value his artistry more than he did. That Elvis chose not to do so is hardly a hanging offence but let's not delude ourselves that it helps anyone to place this flawed man on an inviolable pedestal. It humanises Elvis as a responsible adult to make him culpable for his professional transgressions; it makes him look ridiculous when he is cast as an ineffectual child. Well done Steve - were it taboo to criticise Elvis for his errors on this website then there would be no point in any of us writing in.
frenchguy wrote on May 12, 2011
So, go tell it on the mountains, that Mister Ton Bruins skips this album ! Great to know... I, who belong to the poor narrow-minded ones, I really feel guilty to confess that I'm very pleased with the Guitar Man concept album, the fine sound, the delighful booklet, the fine cover, and also, how astonishing, the brilliant music. Even if I already have most of it, how I love to listen to these milestones in Elvis career titled Big Boss Man, Guitar Man, Tomorrow is a long time, Love letters or High Heel Sneakers...Oh, and I'm sorry to have to say, that even only false starts fill me with overjoy, particularly since they are new to my ears. Fool that I am...
Ton Bruins wrote on May 13, 2011
Don't feel guilty "frenchguy", just enjoy this release ! And please don't feel "narrow minded"...We are all Elvis fans ! Even Ton Bruins who skips this one....
Dan The Man wrote on May 19, 2011
I like this release. Ton B... Do admit you've got something bad bout' FTD!
Ton Bruins wrote on May 20, 2011
ok Dan The Man, I admit it. I have something bad about FTD....that's why I have 90 FTD releases in my cabinet..hahahaha....I think that you mean that I am "critical" about some FTD releases, that is something different, don't you think ? Yet again: I won't buy a release that has 27 tracks on it, that I al ready have, that's all. Enjoy !
Steve V wrote on May 20, 2011
Two more FTDs have been announced. Where is the news here?
Dan The Man wrote on May 20, 2011
Hi again Ton. I don't question your likeness or interest in Elvis. It Is just that you seem to have the "No Hat" on alot.
Ton Bruins wrote on May 20, 2011
The "No Hat" ? Meaning..?
Ton Bruins wrote on May 20, 2011
New FTD releases: On June 21, there will be 3 new releases available from FTD: “AMARILLO ‘77” – a 1977 soundboard recording from Civic Center, Amarillo. 5” digipack. “STAGE REHEARSAL” – a collection of stage rehearsals from 1970, 1972 and 1973 recorded at the International Hotel, Las Vegas (later renamed The Las Vegas Hilton). 5” digipack. “THE ‘POT LUCK’ SESSIONS” – a limited edition 2-disc 12” vinyl set.
Dan The Man wrote on May 20, 2011
Maybe it's a Dane thing: If you are positive you got the "Yes hat" on, and the other way around... Still respect your point though!
bajo wrote on May 28, 2011
I simply like this FTD!
eric c wrote on June 12, 2011
I love this release.Too bad it wasn't released at the time...what a great album it could've been for him.