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Guitar Man

March 02, 2011 | Music

ELVIS SINGS GUITAR MAN will be the next FTD release, set for April 6th. As with the classic album releases of STANDING ROOM ONLY and MEMPHIS TENNESSEE, ELVIS SINGS GUITAR MAN is an album that never was, but in our opinion should have been. So here it is.



01) Guitar Man 2:22

(Jerry Reed)

02) Tomorrow Is A Long Time 5:24

(Bob Dylan)

03) Big Boss Man 2:54

(Al Smith/Luther Dixon)

04) Love Letters 2:52

(Edward Heyman/Victor Young)

05) Indescribably Blue 2:50

(Darrell Glenn)

06) Fools Fall In Love 2:08

(Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)

07) Hi-Heel Sneakers 2:48

(Robert Higginbotham)

08) Down In The Alley 2:54

(Jesse Stone and The Clovers)

09) Come What May 2:03

(Frank Tableporter)

10) Mine 2:39

(Sid Tepper/Roy C. Bennett)

11) Just Call Me Lonesome 2:08

(Rex Griffin)

12) You Don't Know Me 2:32

(Cindy Walker/Eddy Arnold)

13) Singing Tree 2:22

(Arthur L. Owens/Archie Solberg)

14) I'll Remember You 2:48

(Kuiokalaani Lee)


15) Beyond The Reef (overdubbed version)

(Jack Pitman)


16) Guitar Man – takes 1,2,5 4:22

17) Tomorrow Is A Long Time – takes 1,2 6:15

18) Big Boss Man – take 2 3:35

19) Love Letters –take 2 2:53

20) Fools Fall In Love – takes 1,4 2:40

21) Hi-Heel Sneakers – take 5 4:58

22) Down In The Alley – take 1 3:13

23) Come What May – take 2 2:12

24) Singing Tree – take 1 3:11

25) I’ll Remember You – vocal overdub take 2 4:14


May 1966 sessions

01) Down In The Alley – takes 2,3,4 2:18

02) Down In The Alley – take 6 2:51

03) Love Letters – takes 3,4,5,7 4:39

04) Love Letters – take 8 3:12

05) Beyond The Reef – takes 1,2 (undubbed master) 5:42

06) Come What May – takes 3,4 2:27

07) Come What May – take 6 2:07

08) Come What May – take 7 – 2:21

June 1966 sessions

09) Indescribably – (vocal overdub) take 1 2:55

10) I’ll Remember You – (unedited master) vocal overdub 1 4:10

1967 Sessions

11) Guitar Man – takes 7,9 2:52

12) Guitar Man – take 10 2:55

13) Guitar Man – takes 11, 12 (unedited/undubbed master) 4:02

14) Big Boss Man – takes 1,3,4,5 3:19

15) Big Boss Man – takes 7, 9 3:48

16) Singing Tree – takes 2,4 3:28

17) Singing Tree – take 8 3:03

18) Singing Tree – takes 10,13 3:44

19) Just Call Me Lonesome - takes 3,4 2:55

20) Just Call Me Lonesome – takes 5,6 2:31

21) Hi-Heel Sneakers – takes 1,6 2:51

22) Hi-Heel Sneakers – take 7 – (unedited master) 4:57

23) You Don’t Know Me – take 2 2:57

24) Singing Tree – (remake) takes 1,2,3 3:21


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Mike Landsdown wrote on March 02, 2011
Along with the sessions from early '60, Jan-Feb '69, Jun '70, and those for his gospel albums, these recordings represent some of Elvis' greatest and most important studio performances. Congratulations to Ernst and FTD for this 'new' album which represents the beginning of Elvis' 'comeback' - can't wait to hear it!
Cruiser621 wrote on March 02, 2011
I'm not sure if this upcoming FTD release will fly. Granted there's some real decent music here but Elvis was still in a wasteland as he was so irrelevant during this time. The British acts were eating his lunch litterly and he was hardly noticed even though he was releasing half decent music, but who was listening? As a avid fan and I'm talking strictly the music such as Love Letters, Indescribably Blue and I'll Remember You for starters, his arrangements just didn't cut it. I'll probably end up getting this when it eventually hits the states; much as Standing Room Only, which yes, I purchased, this could be a rather interesting listening experience aka the what if an album was actually released back in the sixties; it wasn't as we all know, but it could have been great. My main problem with this material is the musical accompaniment via Felton Jarvis had a lack of imagination; keep it simple and Elvis was great. The use of a sitar ruined a lot of these songs. The ballads are outstanding.
Rusty wrote on March 02, 2011
This album WILL fly ..........this is a great idea to put all these great songs on an FTD release, a very big surprise we didn't see this one coming, this is Elvis making a comeback with new good material ahead of the TV special, I'm really excited about this release and I love the cover.
Brian Quinn wrote on March 02, 2011
Can't wait for this one. Love the track listing.
dgirl wrote on March 02, 2011
For the most part these sessions were a step in the right direction, but there is some real dated arrangements on here even for the 60's at the time, i.e Singing Tree, Just Call Me Lonesome. It sure would have been better than any soundtrack but I bet this would not have made a big dent on the charts unless a single charted high. Surprisingly that didnt even happen with decent material like Guitar Man. US Male should be on here to make it stronger. I will probably pass as I have a lot of these outtakes and dont care about the ones I dont have.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 02, 2011
Should just call the album/CD, "Elvis-Guitar Man". Not "Elvis sings Guitar Man. Great photo of Elvis on the album cover and some great material. Without a doubt the album, that should have been !
schemies wrote on March 02, 2011
That's a real nice package. But no outtake of "Mine" ? Not that it is my favorite song, but we already had 2 complete outtakes before. Maybe they keep it for the "Elvis sings U.S. Male" album ... :-)
ttwiise wrote on March 02, 2011
Fantastic release but what will U.S Male turn up on?
Tony C wrote on March 02, 2011
I would have thought that the January '68 tracks would have been included in such a release but FTD obviously have other plans for them. With a release like this that spans over a year of recording it is difficult to know where to start or stop. The was no sitar on any of the tracks, steel guitar and guitars with different tunings were used on some tracks. I am surprised at the negative comments, I thought that this was a release we had all been waiting and asking for. I love the cover design, it is very much in keeping with the picture sleeves used on singles at that time.
Orion wrote on March 02, 2011
Bravo to the Ernst and the gang for putting this one together. The cover loks like what would've been a 45 cover for sure. My only complaint (withouit hearing the mastering of the discs) is where is "US Male" and "Too Much Monkey Business" ? This is obviously where they belong. Other than that, I'd say this will please most Elvis fans.
benny scott wrote on March 02, 2011
Great forthcoming release indeed ! Don't get the negative reactions either, but, oh well...to e... h.....o... . As for US Male and Too Much Monkey Business, would have been nice if included, but Tony C could be right : maybe on another release . All in all, like Orion wrote, Ernst and Co: well done ! Looking forward to this. Will be without any doubt very welcomed by a lot of fans . Always El.
Jerome wrote on March 02, 2011
sorry I'm hesitating, don't need all the outtakes of 'Singing Tree'- terrible song..
RobIreland wrote on March 02, 2011
This is the kind of release i want to see ! Here we have a great cover pic of El" plus a brilliant line up of songs, including nice gritty ones, from a period of change from Elvis. Have always loved these tunes. This period along with the 1963 "Memphis Tennesse" sessions always stuck out a mile for me. I dont agree that Elvis was lost in a wasteland at this time. This material is very good along with the likes of " A Little Less Conversation. It was just that the public and fans alike found it hard to give him a chance at this time. Reason being they became so conditioned with the banal soundtrack releases. Groove and Rock on FTD ! More like this please ! ; )
Steve V wrote on March 02, 2011
Well I am very happy with the Tomorrow Is A long Time release from the 90's which did include US Male & Monkey Business. (Sony what happend to you?) They not being on here does not make this an essential release for me. I'm not being negative, its a good release for those who want it all, but for me, I don't need or want all these outtakes. I'm just not getting anything from this I deem essential (especially for 35.00). Enjoy.
RobIreland wrote on March 02, 2011
Steve, Your right about USMAle and Monkey ... How weird ! Now why didnt they include those essential tracks from this period ??!
artfromtex wrote on March 03, 2011
where's "Too Much Monkey Business" and "U.S. Male"? there's a series of outtakes with him and Jerry Reed during the recording of these songs that are VERY funny. there's a four song session from Jan. '68 that should have been included on this project. another Reed/Presley combo on "U.S. Male" was part of this session as well. it's really puzzling to me that those two tracks (if not all 4) weren't included in this set. where could FTD possibly put those tracks now? Jan. '68 session w/Jerry Reed (who plays on "Guitar Man"), "Goin' Home", "Stay Away" (not Stay Away, Joe), "U.S. Male", "Too Much Monkey Business"
Ton Bruins wrote on March 03, 2011
Let me start by saying this is not a complaint..-:) But this release has a lot of songs that don't really like besides from Guitar Man, Big Boss Man and I'll Remember You. Just a matter of taste I guess...
Pedro Nuno wrote on March 03, 2011
This sessions are the true Comeback from our KING. What a great release from Ernest and Cº. Bravo.
Mike Landsdown wrote on March 03, 2011
In respect to U.S. Male and Too Much Monkey Business, maybe FTD will release these, along with the soundtracks / outtakes to 'Stay Away Joe', 'Live A Little, Love A Little', 'Charro', 'The Trouble With Girls' and 'Change Of Habit' (possibly over two releases). Although not the absolute best tracks Elvis recorded (especially when compared to the Comeback Special and the Memphis '69 tracks), there are some real gems amongst this material and it would be great to see them given the FTD treatment.
whetherman wrote on March 03, 2011
I'm liking the look of this release, nice one Ernst. As regards Too Much Monkey Business and US Male, as these were recorded at a sort of joint session of studio and Stay Away Joe soundtrack stuff, then my guess would be that they'll take ALL the 1968 non NBC sessions (that's the US Male sessions with Stay Away Joe, Live A Little-Love A Little, Charro and Trouble With Girls) and put them on one double CD. Just my guess - makes some sort of sense.
whetherman wrote on March 03, 2011
Ha ha Mike, you just pipped me at the post.
glennvis wrote on March 03, 2011
Maybe the FTD classic album versions of Elvis sings Flaming Star and Almost in Love. The Classic Camden Series from FTD. That'll prompt some complaining won't it?
Smile:-) wrote on March 03, 2011
Great cover! The "Tomorrow is a long time" cover neither had the 60's, 90's nor 2000's look or feel. I always wanted a 60's look with a mean looking Elvis from the Clambake period on this one. Just like the Camden "Suspicious Minds" LP from 1980. Very nice! Maybe a little too early-mid 60's soundtrack look (w/the "happy" left banner), but ok... It is the content that matters though and I wonder about the U.S Male and Too Much Monkey Business tracks as well. Does this mean that they are planning a classic "Stay away Joe" album...? The FTD team should communicate such matters! They should interact more with the loyal fans. I think they could have avoided many complaints and negativity in this way. Let us have an insight in the ongoing planning and ongoing projects (i.e. through a dedicated internet site). This would create much more enthusiasm and understanding regarding the FTD products! With this release FTD could (as an example) communicated that they sometime in the future will release "Stay Away Joe" with U.S., Monkey and Going Home etc. Don't give us the regular info at the latest possible moment. Wake up, it's 2011! Bright businesses SHARE information to stay ahead... This release will however become one of my favourites:)
circleG wrote on March 03, 2011
Hmmm I'm in two minds about this cover. It fits well with the period but wasn't this image the problem to begin with? It looks like a movie soundtrack. I'm with steve v the 90's issue wins hands down. As for content, again its incomplete, those missing tracks should be here. I would have liked the long version of guitar man used as the first track and the shorter version put elsewhere. I love these sessions, and the arrangements are fine imho and i'm looking forward to the outtakes with jerry, i just hope they're complete. Maybe ernst could have treated us to a three cd set? And is this available to the wider public? if not why not?
Tony C wrote on March 03, 2011
As an exercise, I have just compiled a playlist on my computer of what could be the possible follow up release to this one. It contains the masters from the "Stay Away, Joe" sessions from October 1967 and January 1968, including "US Male" and "Too Much Monkey Business" recorded at the latter sessions, the "Live a Little, Love a Little" sessions from March 1968, the "Charro" and "The Trouble With Girls" sessions from 1968, and the "Change of Habit" sessions from March 1969. I included both versions of "Stay Away, Joe" and "A Little Less Conversation" as both were released at the time as well as "Rubberneckin'". I included this last track for the sake of completeness, as it was recorded at the Memphis sessions although specifically for the movie. The playlist contains 26 tracks but is a mere 60 minutes in length. Given that not a huge number of out-takes have survived from these sessions, I think a nice double FTD set could be produced containing these masters and the surviving out-takes. Placed in chronological order, they sit very well together.
JerryNodak wrote on March 03, 2011
This release covers sessions in '66 and '67. Hence no Too Much Monkey Business or US Male which were recorded in '68. I agree with posters who opine that these songs and their outtakes will be coupled in a future FTD release with soundtrack songs and their outtakes from '68-'69. I look forward to giving Guitar Man many plays in my CD changer.
dgirl wrote on March 03, 2011
I dont care that US Male & Monkey Business were recorded in 1968, they should be on this release. They have the same sound & feel as Guitar Man & Big Boss Man (think Jerry Reed!) and make more sense being on a non-sountrack collection of songs than being on one that contains movie songs. Missed opportunity.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on March 03, 2011
JerryNodak i agree with you, US Male & Monkey Business will come on another great FTD release no doubt about it .no need to make a fuzz about it i think ,i will buy this release anyway.This release looks fantastic.
Orion wrote on March 03, 2011
Without the addition of "Monkey" and "Male", does anyone think there is enough material centered around these songs and sessions to do another "album that should've been" ? Personally, I'd rather they were on this release than 8-10 minutes of "Beyond the Reef" and second (almost identical) take of "You Don't Know Me." To me that 13 minutes that could've been used to show us the humor and excitement that Jerry Reed brought to the studio - and no I don't mean "The Prisoner's Song." lol
Mike Landsdown wrote on March 03, 2011
Great minds Whetherman.... Tony C - thanks for putting in the effort to seeing whether the soundtracks to Elvis' last 5 (scripted) movies along with U.S. Male and Too Much Monkey Business would fit the CD format and it looks like they do (with room to spare). If FTD ended up going with this concept, I would like to think that maybe thay would call the set either 'Elvis: Edge of Reality' or 'Elvis: Change of Habit', as either title not only promotes a key song (in the same way as many Elvis albums did), but also shows where Elvis was at, musically-speaking, at the time. Just a thought.... In the meantime, we have 'Elvis Sings Guitar Man' to look forward to :)
Santa Claus wrote on March 04, 2011
Most is old material. The session gaps the bootleggers and RCA left .. still remain. Ernst is again copying many takes from other FTD samplers and uses them here again. I wonder why everybody here is so amazed about this CD. Get your old bootlegs, RCA Collector's boxes and FTDs off the shelve and burn 75% of this CD today without waiting. This will sure be a CD filled with good music and it will feature a better quality on some outtakes. But with so many duplicated takes and therefor leaving so many unknown takes off this record I can't understand this enthusiasm. Again we buy a sampler and have nothing really complete. I'm a collector and FTD is a label for collectors. So why always leaving the same gaps unfilled Ernst?
Smile:-) wrote on March 04, 2011
If "U.S." and "Monkey" are included, there should be enough material to produce a FTD classic soundtrack album of "Stay Away Joe": 6 real songs and 3 novelty songs (Wings of an angel, Dominic and Lovely Mamie) together with outtakes would fill up one disc for sure (like Kid Galahad etc). Elvis' last 4 movies contained 14 real songs (+ some novelties). Enough for a double classic soundtrack album. Title? Change Of Habit of course:)
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on March 04, 2011
I wonder why you don't understand why fans look forward to this release, here and there you have a point, but it's the total picture of this release what counts, so i'm still anxious to get this release
Cruiser621 wrote on March 04, 2011
Santa Claus.... I couldn't agree with you more. This is what I usually do to be honest; burn a CD on my computer of the supposed new FTD release and yes you are so right. Most of this stuff is already out on past CD's or FTD releases I've already purchased. Granted, FTD is in business to make money, but we're reaching the point in time when based on one's age and the cost of these releases and the wait time in the states it's like they're going to run out of customer base. The material from this point in Elvis' career was sadly lacking compared to the stuff being released to the general public aka the British explosion of music and talent. One other point bothers me about these releases by FTD; you think you're getting so many new takes but in reality they're only snippets of sound room talk or clowning around or most of all, incomplete portions of a song. The complete song for the most part has already been released via prior CD's, be they FTD or general public releases. Time's running out FTD. And dgirl, I couldn't agree with you more. Those songs should have been included on this release no if's ands or buts! U.S. Male, etc... They'd fit like a glove on this CD.
Santa Claus wrote on March 04, 2011
Jesse Garon. I'm looking forward to this. As I said: I'm collector, I get some new takes. So, I'm looking forward. The point is .. well ... I'm not really Santa Claus. I'm Ernst Jörgensen. And if you send me 50 Dollars I'll send you the missing 3rd CD with the U.S. Male outtakes everybody requested. I got the entire session on CDs like There's Always Me Vol. 4 etc. And for a few Dollars your dream would come true. I burn them together and make the ultimate FTD for you. Wanna pay? Sounds suspicious? Yes, it is suspicious because I charge you for old stuff. Well, that's what the 'real Ernst' does. And everybody gets extatic. That's what I don't understand. Check it on Keith Flynns site. The great U.S. Male session everybody is waiting for is already entirely released on several FTDs, Boots and RCA releases. Knowing this -as a collector- I expects from Ernst that I get AT LEAST the missing few segments of these sessions. And well, that's exactly what he omits. Leaving the collectors hanging again. This will be a good CD. No doubt. But again the dot on the i is missing.
lray wrote on March 04, 2011
The takes that we already have (and I don't have everything form the past either)are scattered all over hell and in a variety of sound quality. To get them here together with great sound along with some that aren't available legally or at all, and presented in a logical manner is fantastic. The same can be said of past FTD's from the 60's like Elvis Sings Memphis, Blue Hawaii and How Great Thou Art, to name a few. Those all have outstanding sound quality and are presented really well. I have been waiting for this for a long time as well as GI Blues. As usual FTD will earn a big A+ from me.
Martin DJ wrote on March 04, 2011
It looks like the Elvis Sings Guitar Man cd is filled to the max. So if U.S. Male were included some of the outtakes of other songs wouldn't have made it, and those now complaining about U.S. Male (and its outtakes) not being included would then complain about those outtakes not being included. (It seems complaining is what it takes to make some people get through the day.)
Andy_2 wrote on March 04, 2011
disc 1 songs 1 -14 would have made a great album in 67 apart from a few of the songs ( singing tree, just call me lonesome and love letters ), would have been quite a bluesy album as well. Shame it never happened but i like the look of this release. Don't care for out takes myself but looks like a good release for the collector. Great cover too.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on March 04, 2011
Right you are Martin DJ
Jamie wrote on March 04, 2011
Hello, are we sure there's enough top drawer material from 1966/7 to warrant this album? 'Mine', 'Come What May', and 'Fools Fall in Love' are all vapid "Groovy" '60s pop tunes, 'Singing Tree' is an awful, clunky ballad, while 'Just Call Me Lonesome' is unexceptional country filler. I think this release has been compiled as the most cogent way of releasing the outtakes not because it makes an outstanding album in its own right. Purely a personal view too but, while Jerry Reed's nylon string guitar technique is very classy, wouldn't 'Guitar Man', 'Big Boss Man' and 'Too Much Monkey Business' be better with more bite? I look forward to being castigated shortly.
Blue Swede Shoes wrote on March 04, 2011
Am I the only one who would have loved to hear Red West's scratch vocals (if they still exist)? I have read somewhere that he sounded a lot like Elvis when he sang.
Lefty wrote on March 05, 2011
I really like the artwork on this album. It has that mid-60's look to it. Hopefully, the mastering on this concept album will be better than what we got on Standing Room Only. That album had great artwork too, but the mastering was awful.
emjel wrote on March 05, 2011
These releases are for the collector - not "Joe Public", so of course this warrants a release. If it's an avenue to get these outakes to the fans, then great. Terrific 60's type cover too. And I am sure that all who are crying out for US Male, Too Much Monkey Business etc, will be satisfied by a future FTD release. Keep 'em coming - so much better than yet another soundboard or multi-track live album from '69 etc. Compliments the newly created '63 Memphis Tennessee compilation. Pity it did not form a new release back in '67. Can't wait for this one.
JerryNodak wrote on March 05, 2011
I'm really looking forward to this release. Thanks Ernst, Roger and co. I have no problem with Standing Room Only. It's my understanding that what is heard are the original mixes. thanks again, Ernst and Co.
Lefty wrote on March 05, 2011
Listen to "Burning Love" from 1999 (18 Classics from 1972) and then listen to "Standing Room Only." The difference in sound will astound you. That being said, I'm all for every release from FTD, this new one included. I hope it's a great album. I'm certainly looking forward to 69 concert release, "Live In Vegas." The professionally recorded concerts are always on top of the heap of my "gotta have" list.
JerryNodak wrote on March 06, 2011
I'm aware of Burning Love 1999. I've listened many times. I'm not a newbie. I don't find the difference astounding. I find it different. Different mixing, mastering, whatever. SRO features the original mixes. They are different. I like them.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on March 06, 2011
Lefty listen to what JerryNodak is telling you cause he's right,i agree with you JerryNodak
Cruiser621 wrote on March 06, 2011
I took the time yesterday to go back and accumulate all my CD's pertaining to outtakes and compiled 2 cd's via my computer in the same approximate order as listed on the web page. I've come to the conclusion this upcoming FTD release is a bigger scam than any before it. If you like multiple versions of Singing Tree for one, go for it and throw your cash at FTD's money machine. I for one, will not, as to this rip-off. Each to his own, and I'll say it again, they've run out of new (if you can it that) Elvis material. Sorry FTD; not this time.
John4126 wrote on March 06, 2011
I'm not convinced this would have been that big a hit if it had been released in 67. Whereas the likes of Big Boss Man and Guitar man were a hugh improvement the movie material at that time, i always felt these recordings lacked an 'edge' - an attitude. I'm not sure if it's down to the production or what but compared to his early rockers and than the 68 comeback there is something missing for me. It all sounds too restrained and 'safe' to my ears. The only one that really comes close to achieving that is 'Hi Heel Sneakers'. The songs Mine, Come What May, Fools Fall in Love, Singing Tree and Just Call me Lonesome were not much better than some of the movie tracks and undermine any potential that album would have had in 67.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on March 06, 2011
Cruiser621 this release a rip-off? please don't start this discussion again for the ten millionth time, this release is no-rip off not even close and not every fan has these recordings and outtakes keep that in mind.
marty wrote on March 06, 2011
Blue Swede Shoes: I'd love to hear Red West's vocals. Also I'd love to hear a many of the demos that exist as possible. It gives us an opportunity to hear the 'evolution' of music. Hear what Elvis heard before he recorded his versions. I loved the demos released with Writing With The King. Some of them where very enjoyable in their own right as well! As for Guitar Man: As good as it gets. There's no room for negative comments with such a release. If someone thinks this he/she has everything or doesn't really like these songs then they cannot just skip it. But if they skip such a release what are hoping for? Songs that Elvis never recorded? We have to accept that there not much left to be released! Keep them coming FTD.
kink56 wrote on March 06, 2011
I do not buy boots. I LOVE the Classic album series and I like that it collects up the various early FTD releases in their proper place. In fact as these Classic album series become available, I sell off FTDs like "Studio B" "So High" and so on. There is not a single song on this collection I do not like, even Singing Tree (the lesser of the lot) is not bad, and I rather like Just Call Me Lonesome. This is one release I have been looking forward to immensely and I am sure US Male, and Monkey Business will show up in another appropriate release. I like the idea of collecting up the last non-LP movie soundtracks in one or two collections. It is certainly a heck of a lot better material-wise than "Elvis Now" or "Fool" dontcha know?
kink56 wrote on March 06, 2011
In 1968, I remember getting Spinout, Double Trouble, Clambake and Speedway all the same month. I thought if only they made an album of those bonus songs, what a killer LP it would be. This was way before I knew anything about the recording dates and so on. This and the "Memphis, Tennessee" release are one of my fantasies come to fruition. Of course I have "Tomorrow is a Long Time" and "For the Asking" which were welcome releases to me as well. I have made TONS of compilation cassettes or CD-Rs in my life, but as a collector, I want and appreciate the FTD classic album releases.
kink56 wrote on March 06, 2011
The Stereo master of Come What May has been missing in action until FTD unearthed it a couple of years ago. In fact the mono master was featured on a volume of the Euro "Rare Elvis" series. The 60s box had to use an alternate take because of the master take had been missing.
Andy_2 wrote on March 07, 2011
how good is his voice on hi heel sneakers? Awesome.
Jamie wrote on March 07, 2011
Hello, I agree with John 4126 about these songs - thay are very polarised with outstanding material like 'Hi Heel Sneakers' and 'Tomorrow is a Long Time' a world away from 'Singing Tree' (about a tree that sings?), 'Come What May' and the other 60s fluff. Those two and others like 'Fools Fall in Love' would have sounded inconspicuous in 'Clambake'. 'Guitar Man' and 'Big Boss Man' were great source material for Elvis but, constrained by Jerry Reed's dominating nylon-string country guitar picking, they never take off like 'Little Sister' or 'Like a Baby' did when Elvis got himself into King of Rock'n'roll mode. Elvis rocked up 'Guitar Man' for his tv special in 1968 and it's terrific. And what's all the excitment about 'Too Much Monkey Business' and 'US Male', folks? The Chuck Berry song is enfeebled by Jerry Reed's country guitar (again). And as for 'US Male' - I know it's tongue-in-cheek but, really, what awful puns and rhymes. The Beatles released 'Hey Jude' as a single the same year.
Andy_2 wrote on March 07, 2011
Jamie, not sure i understand the last line. Not everything the Beatles did was great and not everybody likes them. Give me Guitar man, Hi heel sneakers, US Male or TMMB any day over anything the Beatles did. They were recently voted 3rd in the most overrated band of all time on a radio poll over here. Don't want to turn this into a beatles thing as i find them very boring and have no interest in them at all but it annoys me when anything they did is held up as genius. We don't all feel that way. Hey jude bores me to tears no matter who sings it.
kink56 wrote on March 07, 2011
I really like the guitar work that Jerry Reed supplied on Guitar Man, Big Boss Man, US Male, and Too Much Monkey Business. What the Beatles were doing has nothing to do with it. Look at all the people who TRIED to do 60s style rock or pop and fell flat on their faces with the dated arrangements. Sure, Elvis may have been out of touch now and then, but at least he never tried anything embarrassing to try to appear "with it", like so many others in the late 60s, early 70s did. Sure, we almost all can agree many of the soundtrack songs and arrangements were quite bad, but that is almost a separate issue from the regular studio recordings. Again, I will take these recordings over most of what Elvis did after the "Elvis Country" and TTWII Albums. Most of what Elvis recorded post 1970, can be distilled down to a nice 2 CD compilation and not miss any great studio masters.
Andy_2 wrote on March 07, 2011
agree Kink56, one thing i really like admire is how he never tried to fall in line with the current trends whether he appeared out of touch or not. Please no more mention of the Beatles. This is a discussion on Elvis and the recordings he madi in 67 & 67 after all.
marty wrote on March 07, 2011
These recordings are great Elvis recordings and it's a good thing he didn't try to adopt the new sounds that came out in mid to late 60's. As for the country flavour in some of these songs (Guitar Man, Just Call Me Lonesome, U.S. Male etc) we should never forget that this was always part of Elvis's music. The same is true for Gospel and Blues. These songs sound great to me but I am country music fan anyway. Others might like more pop or blues oriented recordings by the King. There's something for everybody...
JerryNodak wrote on March 08, 2011
I didn't give a damn what the Beatles were up to back then and I care even less now!
Tony C wrote on March 08, 2011
What is the point in comparing Elvis' recordings with those of The Beatles? The Beatles were the most amazing thing to emerge from the sixties, but they were totally different in musical style to Elvis. One might as well compare Elvis to Beethoven, the divide is as wide.
Troubleman wrote on March 08, 2011
I also like this release. The cover looks great and the material is also very good. Some songs are better than others, but like any studio albums, there's always great tracks (potential hit singles) and album fillers, which would have been songs like 'Singing tree', 'Mine' and 'Just call me lonesome'. I have the CD 'Tomorrow is a long time', and it is one of my favorites. Although it would have been nice to have 'TMMB' and 'US Male' on this album, I do understand why they have been left out. To me it makes perfect sense to release an album of the movie 'Stay away, Joe'. You would have the 4 movie songs, the song 'Going home' which was left out of the movie (which there are close to 30 takes!) and add the 1968 session songs (US Male, TMMB). You have another good album there (again not for general release, but for collectors). They could then do one album of 'Live a little, love a little' and 'Charro' combined, a 1 CD compilation (just like Follow that dream, or Wild in the country), and another one combining 'The trouble with girls' and 'Change of habit' to complete the 1969 soundtracks. Good job FTD! TCB.
circleG wrote on March 09, 2011
good points Troubleman, makes sense
benny scott wrote on March 09, 2011
Indeed ! Always El.
RobIreland wrote on March 11, 2011
Are there any of these takes unreleased before ?
tornado wrote on March 14, 2011
To me, this album is dignity being restored. After the magnificent How Great Thou Art. This album should have been the next one. Thanks to FTD. Of course the 1968 sessions will follow in a way or another. I'm hopeful to welcome something as good as Guitar Man.
kink56 wrote on March 14, 2011
I consider "The Lost Album" and "Guitar Man" at LEAST as good as "Something For Everybody" and "Pot Luck" as far as song selection, if not better. I always found SFE and Pot Luck to be rather tepid as a whole, but Elvis was in great voice however. The singles from the same sessions were outstanding, especially His Latest Flame/Little Sister, what a double sided dynamo!
Tony C wrote on March 17, 2011
I see one of our old friends is back posting with yet another user name. A different name maybe, but the same old rumours about what he hears is being prepared for release from his inside contacts!