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Cafe Europa

March 02, 2011 | Music

Here is the complete package and a new press release we received regarding the 4CD-set G.I. Blues - The Cafe Europa Sessions.

Press release

This special 4 CD-Set/100 page book contains nearly 4 hours of Elvis’ officially UNRELEASED studio takes from the ‘Café Europa’ sessions, recorded for the movie ultimately titled G.I.Blues.

The audio contained here include the master recordings from the original soundtrack album ‘G.I.Blues’ plus, hours of alternate takes of all songs, with all the Elvis studio banter intact and, instilling new insight and live atmosphere into the complete making of this historic movie soundtrack.

These recordings are transferred and processed in 24bit 192k stereo. ALL of the outakes contained in this 4 CD set were NOT published during the 50 year period from when it was recorded. MRS reserves all rights of action against any third party interfering with the lawful distribution of this product.

In addition to these rare recordings, the set includes a 100 page book entertained with pages of unreleased photographs, memorabilia and goes behind the scenes, with full text and documentation and includes contributions from Ray Walker of the Jordanaires and a forwarde by Sid Tepper who co- wrote the songs ‘Shoppin’ Around’ and the title song ‘G.I.Blues’.

Out EU Wide - 21st March 2011


CD 1 (67:16)

Master Recordings

1. Shoppin´ Around
2. Didja´ Ever
3. Doin´ The Best I Can
4. G.I. Blues
5. Frankfort Special
6. Tonight Is So Right For Love
7. Big Boots
8. What´s She Really Like
9. Blue Suede Shoes
10. Wooden Heart
11. Pocketful Of Rainbows)

Studio Outakes

12. Shoppin´ Around (Instrumental Takes 1,2)
13. Shoppin´ Around (Instrumental Take 4)
14. Shoppin´ Around (Version 1, Takes 2,4,6 - 9)
15. Shoppin´ Around (Version 1, Take 10)
16. Shoppin´ Around (Version 1, Take 11)
17. Doin´ The Best I Can (Takes 1,2,4,5 - 8)
18. Doin´ The Best I Can (Take 13))
19. G.I. Blues (Takes 2,3,4)
20. G.I. Blues (Take 7)
21. G.I. Blues (Takes 8 -10 Pickup)
22. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 4)
23. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Takes 5,6)
24. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 7)

CD 2 (73:51)

1. What´s She Really Like (Takes 1 - 4)
2. What´s She Really Like (Take 5)
3. Frankfort Special (Takes 1,3 - 7)
4. Frankfort Special (Take 8)
5. Frankfort Special (Takes 9 -12)
6. Frankfort Special (Take 13)
7. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 8)
8. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 9)
9. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 10)
10. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Take 11)
11. Whistling Blues (Take 1)
12. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Music & Chorus) (Takes 1 - 3)
13. Tonight Is So Right For Love (Music & Chorus) (Take 4)
14. Big Boots (Fast Version) (Take 2)
15. Big Boots (Fast Version) (Take 3)
16. Big Boots (Fast Version) (Take 4)
17. Big Boots (Fast Version) (Take 5)
18. Big Boots (Fast Version) (Take 6,7)
19. Big Boots (Slow 1st Version) (Take 1)
20. Big Boots (Slow 1st Version) (Take 20)
21. Big Boots (Slow 1st Version) (Take 4)
22. What´s She Really Like (Takes 6 -10)
23. What´s She R eally Like (Take 11)
24. What´s She Really Like (Takes 12,13)
25. What´s She Really Like (Takes 14 – 16)
26. What's She Really Like (Different Key&Beat) (Take 17-18)
27. What's She Really Like (Different Key&Beat) (Take 19)

CD 3 (63:44)

1. What's She Really Like (Different Key&Beat) (Insert) (Take 20)
2. What's She Really Like (Different Key&Beat) (Insert) (Take 21)
3. What's She Really Like (Different Key&Beat) (Insert) (Take 22)
4. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 1)
5. Blue Suede Shoes (Take 1)
6. Wooden Heart (Take 4)
7. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 3)
8. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Takes 4 - 6)
9. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 7)
10. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 8)
11. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 9)
12. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 10)
13. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Takes 11,12)
14. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Takes 13,14)
15. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 17)
16. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Takes 18,19)
17. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 20)
18. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Takes 1,23,24)
19. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Takes 25,26)
20. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 28)
21. Big Boots (Mid Tempo) (Take 2)
22. Shoppin´ Around (Version 2) (Takes 1 - 3,6)
23. Shoppin´ Around (Version 2) (Take 7)
24. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 1)
25. Pocketful Of Rainbows (Take 2)

CD 4 (45:05)

01.Frankfort Special (Medium tempo) (Takes 1 - 3,6,7)
02.Frankfort Special (Medium tempo) (Take 8)
03.Frankfort Special (Medium tempo) (Take 9)
04.Frankfort Special (Medium tempo) (Take 10)
05.Tonight´s All Right for Love (Take 1
06.Tonight´s All Right for Love (Take 5a)
07.Tonight´s All Right for Love (Take 5b)
08.Tonight´s All Right for Love (Take 6)
09.Tonight´s All Right for Love (Take 8)
10.Tonight’s All Right for Love (Take 9)
11.Tonight’s All Right for Love (Takes 10, 11)
12.Tonight’s All Right for Love (Takes 12, 16)
13.Tonight’s All Right for Love (Insert) (Takes 1, 2)
14.Big Boots (Slow 2nd Version) (Takes 1 - 5)
15.Big Boots (Slow 2nd Version) (Take 6)
16.Big Boots (Slow 2nd Version/Insert) (Takes 1 - 4)
17.Tonight’s All Right for Love (Instrumental) (Takes 1 - 3)
18.Tonight’s All Right for Love (Instrumental) (Take 4)
19.Tonight’s All Right for Love (Instrumental) (Take 5)

20.Radio Spot 1 (UK)
21.Radio Spot 2(UK)
22.Radio Spot 3 (UK)
23.Radio Spot 4 (UK)
24.Radio Spot 1 (Australia)
25.Radio Spot 2 (Australia)
26.Movie Trailer Soundtrack 1
27.Movie Trailer Soundtrack 2

4 hours 9 minutes 47 seconds

Source:Memphis Recording Service
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 02, 2011
This is about as legal as a £13.00 note. The outtakes are not out of copyright in Europe. I'll wait for the FTD version. They have the master tapes - these guys don't.
Cruiser621 wrote on March 02, 2011
I love it. They claim none of the outtakes were published within the last 50 years and they retain all rights of action against any 3rd party intervening with the lawful distribution of this product? Duh. Where's the FTD G.I. Blues release or put it this way, when will it be released? There have been many outtakes released to the general public via Sony/BMG in the past; try the boxed set Close Up and the extended set of G.I. Blues released back in 1997 I believe. In any event, this release looks very interesting. Where are you FTD as I'll never see this in the United States I'm all but certain.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on March 02, 2011
These MRS releases are always nicely done, with interesting books as well as CDs This one looks to be no exception & shows the way it should be done!
Tony C wrote on March 02, 2011
The packaging looks superb, as it always is with MRS. Again, they choose to interprete European copyright law in their own manner, they can reserve all the rights they like, but the law is set out very simply. As for the remastering process, it all depends on the original source tape. They either have copy tapes or are working from the previously released bootleg set, Sony have the three track masters and those are being used for the forthcoming FTD set.
thenexte wrote on March 02, 2011
It takes one cease and desist letter from Sony to any distributor of this product to stop this kind of nonsense. Whether MRS is right or wrong is simply irrelevant. Most distributors don't want to get entangled in a legal battle between Sony and MRS so they will simply choose to pull the product. MRS is (once again) pushing their luck with this one.
Jamie wrote on March 02, 2011
Hello, FTD/BMG have put out some fantastic releases without being prompted by releases such as this. I hope the Elvis fraternity will close ranks, boycott this product and others like it, and show customer loyalty to FTD and BMG. Their output is from the lowest generation masters, processed by the best software under the sun, beautifully-packaged, competitively-priced and can be bought with confidence as it falls comfortably within the protective arm of consumer law. Take Elvis's picture off the Cafe Europa outer box and it looks like it might contain a child's glockenspiel.
benny scott wrote on March 02, 2011
Yep, let's wait and see . If it really should be released I'll try to get it, because the forthcoming FTD-release will take place when ? I'm not that young anymore, so I don't want to wait too long . If only Ernst could announce a release-date ( even approximately) for the FTD's box-set !... Agreed with Buffalo-Horn and Tony c : MRS delivered quality in the past .Always El.
Tony C wrote on March 03, 2011
While I agree that the legalities behind this release are dubious to say the least, before we start talking of a boycott of MRS releases, let us remember what they have delivered in the past. We have the Tupelo footage and the first widely available release of the Eddie Fadel tape to thank them for. I think we should all do as we wish, either buy it or not.
JerryNodak wrote on March 03, 2011
Sooner or later (probably sooner) FTD will get around to a "classic" release of G.I. Blues. That will be enough of these songs for me.
Tony C wrote on March 03, 2011
Firstly, nobody is trying to deprive anybody of the "G.I. Blues" out-takes. They have been available on bootleg CDs for the last fifteen years and if anybody was unable to get them that way, they can buy the MRS set. The FTD version will be with us shortly as Ernst revealed a few week ago that the material has recently been readied for release, a complete remix from the original three-track tapes. With regard to the FTD "Girls! Girls! Girls!" release, the few out-takes that were included are all that Sony have. The rest are either lurking in unmarked tape boxes at Paramount or have been destroyed. As yet, Sony have not discovered a way of releasing what they don't have! The FTD "Blue Hawaii" release was intended to bring us the original album and the best of the out-takes, which is what it did. How this could be described as shameful if beyond me. Anybody wishing to hear the few out-takes and false starts omitted can seek out the unofficial releases. As quick as any release is announced, people start asking for others instead. We had it with the 1971 sessions, people were demanding a CD of out-takes for ages and as soon as it was announced, those same people started asking for other stuff. If the announcement yesterday had said that "Promised Land" and "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" were being released on FTD people would have been saying that they wanted the 1967 sessions instead. As for Ernst and Roger owing us the right to know their long term future plans, they owe us nothing. It has been a business transaction, they release Elvis CDs and some of us choose to buy them and some of us choose to complain about every single thing. On a completely separate note, is it only me that has noticed that certain individuals suddenly disappear and then emerge with a new user name but with the same boring agendas? I think not.
benny scott wrote on March 03, 2011
Hi Tony, I completely second your latest posting. Hoping Ernst keeps word and doesn't wait too long with the release of the G.I.B. package . Like I wrote before "If" the MRS really sees the light of day (which is not so sure yet) I'll try to get the box asap, unless Ernst beats RMS with his release date, which is now almost impossible. In any case I hope to lay my hands on one of the two releases . So, let's wait and see . Take care. Always El.
lray wrote on March 04, 2011
Tony C you wrote the perfect post. For those that have the Blue Hawaii FTD, they know how outstanding the sound quality and presentation are. I feel that the GI Blues from FTD will be another killer also.
Tony C wrote on March 05, 2011
Thanks, guys, I do appreciate your kind words. The stupid posting that I was referring to has been pulled, obviously I was not alone in seeing the ridiculous nature of it. These days, it is so easy to know the details of Elvis' sessions from the various books and Keith Flynn's site. We can all find out what has been released, what is still to be released and what tapes cannot be located and were probably destroyed. Certain individuals continually ask for the latter catagory to be released, "King Creole" out-takes, "Kissin' Cousins" out-takes, etc. One posting last year said that the missing tapes were probably stolen by The Jordanaires! Does it get more stupid than that? We all hope that this material will surface one day, but we have to be realistic and be grateful for the vast amount of material that does exist. There was no real reason for any of the session tapes to be kept after the masters were cut out, let us be thankful that RCA did not have a second 1959-style clear out!
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 05, 2011
Those pesky Jordanaires! I hear they stole the Memphis '61 tapes as well!
Steve V wrote on March 05, 2011
Tony C - It is not only you who notice that. This 'individual' has been re-appearing for quite a while now making the same rant but under a new name each time. If you click on the profile, you will they just became a member usually the day of the posting. He/she is not fooling anyone since they always rant about the same thing. I'm glad L&L are TCB on this person.
Tony C wrote on March 06, 2011
I'm sure the ignorance of the postings drive you crazy as well, Steve. He/she didn't last long this time, the postings were gone the same day as registration. Elvis fans can be so well informed these days, unlike the early days when we were first fans. We can find out where or when something was recorded, what has or hasn't been released, how many takes songs took to complete the master, the musicians, even the hours of the session. Is it any wonder that Ernst has pulled back his communication with fans, it must be due to the stupid and sometimes offensive comments directed towards him and anybody at Sony or EPE. People have even started abusing the various fan clubs and their leaders now, who are in reality just fellow fans. There are certain individuals who are full of spite and hatred, the complete oposite of the man they are supposedly a fan of!
Steve V wrote on March 06, 2011
Good point Tony C and one I never thought of. When you read some of the insanity posted here one can only imagine what Ernst and folks have had to endure from fans.
Tony C wrote on March 08, 2011
This package is now being listed on the UK branch of Amazon, the pre-order price is £28. It would be interesting to know what would happen if somebody from outside of the EU tried to order a copy.