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The 70s Masters As Budget Release

February 11, 2011 | Music

As a follow-up to the '60s Masters, From Nashville to Memphis', Sony will release the 5 disc set '70s Masters, Walk A Mile In My Shoes' on March 28. When this box came out in the 90s, it was a lot more expensive then the new price of €24.95. A new generation of fans can now discover this must-have set for an interesting price! Just like the 60s set, the discs come in a hardcover case with extended booklet. Pre order now! 


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dgirl wrote on February 11, 2011
The label certainly had their act together in the 90's compared to now. The boxsets were classic releases with the best Elvis music from each decade (yes I know the 70's box should have included more studio performances). Still, they stand alone and each one was well received by fans & critics alike. Glad to see they are back out there, but where? There are no stores to see them on shelves anymore!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on February 11, 2011
Do miss the buzz of yester year when BMG issued the 12"x12" boxsets of the time and the pleaseure of getting home and listening to the contents,at the time if my memories serves me right price were a lot more than these new eco-friendly re-issues,still it's nice in these times of economic troubles to see something well worth the value,after all you do get 5 cds of some of the best of Elvis in the 70's and it does not take up so much room on your shelves. Real good starter for the ones who missed the first run and of course the 50's will follow suite by the end of the year.
Brian Quinn wrote on February 11, 2011
Great Box Set. The album cover and booklet alone are worth the price. If you haven't got it - GET IT!!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on February 11, 2011
sorry for typo errors?.........just come off a 12 hr shift.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on February 11, 2011
Much better value now; makes up for the fact that a lot of vital studio tracks are missing.
Lefty wrote on February 11, 2011
I just the re-issued Essential 60's set, and it is incredible! I paid $20.00 for it, and I couldn't be happier. This set should be just as nice.
HangLoose wrote on February 12, 2011
Great value for money for a newbie,but not for die-hard Elvis fans who already own all tracks on it multiple times. Sure the price is very fair but what's the point to re-buy it when it doesn't contain any new audio? Not even 1 second. Guys,rather send this €25 for the Haitian orphans. They will be more happy with it then you with this reissued package.
circleG wrote on February 12, 2011
I bought all the sets in the 90's. I remember how I couldn't wait for them to come. They're practically heirlooms now lol! yep they had it together in the 90's but internet definitely killed the Cd star :(
EJF wrote on February 12, 2011
Have they used the same masters from the original 90's releases or the new 2007 Sony re-masters? I already own all three original releases but at this budget price I would consider buying them again if the latter is the case, which I doubt.
HangLoose wrote on February 12, 2011
These are the same re-masters. A very big mistake.
SuziB wrote on February 12, 2011
'A very big mistake'. How exactly? So you think Sony would release a budget price reissue of the 70's set and then use the masters from a $1000 collectible set?? They would be crazy especially when there's a new verison of the Complete Masters, which at aroung £575 (UK) is an absolute bargain. I bought two of the 'original' Complete Masters set and whilst the sound is amazing the average guy with a typical low-rent hifi wouldn't notice the difference. One time poster here Davrid, well, listen to the set on his mega circa £70,000 Meridian hifi, and the sound is just absolutely incredible - apart from the tape hiss on many of the 60s soundtracks, so much it completely ruins Tender Feeling, Beginners Luck etc. On his advice I have upgraded from my Quad hifi to Chord, and it is simply breathtaking! Briallian job, but these masters will never be used for re-issues.
benny scott wrote on February 12, 2011
SuziB : I couldn't agree more this time ! How on earth can one think he's gonna get the sound-quality of TCM on a release of only 20 € ( that's the price offered by another Elvis-shop). Jeeez... Always El.
Steve V wrote on February 12, 2011
The original boxes sound good enough to me as do all the other 90's cd releases. I have a very modest Sony stereo with BA speakers. I grew on scratchy 45's and albums, so any CD is an improvement to these ears. When I have bought an upgraded sound release from time to time, I don't hear a whole lot of difference on my system, such as any Legacy release. I am satisfied with the older releases. I will say the Beatles remastered cds sounded a whole lot better but you are talking 20 years between the original cd releases there.
glynalone wrote on February 12, 2011
On the subject of the 2007 Sony re-masters, I was under the impression that they were already being used for budget re-issues. For example the 2008 re-issue of the three gospel albums and last years very cheap bunch of 60's soundtrack albums. I have to confess that a combination of very modest equipment and very old ears means it makes little difference to me either way! Perhaps another reason not to use them for the 70's box set, (besides the obvious competition with the Complete Masters set) lies in the inclusion of non-masters on the studio highlights discs. For those with the ears and equipment to tell the difference, would the sound quality of these stick out like a sore thumb in their non-re-mastered form?
Jamie wrote on February 13, 2011
Hello, I guess the low price will attract some fans who are keen but not so much they would have shelled out the former full retail price. I'd certainly argue that the selections could have been even better. But overall the compilers were very artful with this set. By loading it with material from 1970, being conservative with songs from poor, later albums, and by ignoring the inessential Madison Square Garden, Memphis and Elvis In Concert albums, they've made a very flattering representation of Elvis's music in the 70s. So hopefully this budget release will enhance Elvis's reputation.
elvistruth wrote on February 25, 2011
Absolutely agree with you, SuziB. My expensive but beautiful new high-end tech equipment is very very happy with the greatest Elvis box set ever! Nothing in the past can compare to that of course.
daviddoelen wrote on March 15, 2011
Dutch Elvis-fans can pre-oder this set for €20 at Bol.com.