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Thalia And Elvis In Exclusive Walmart Duet

November 06, 2010 | Music

Walmart America will release a special edition of the "Viva Elvis" soundtrack containing a bonus track featuring a duet with Thalia. Ariadna Thalía Sodi Miranda (born August 26, 1971), known simply as Thalía, is a Mexican singer, actress, and Latin Grammy Award winner. Her name is linked to soap operas which made her famous worldwide. Thalía began her music career at the age of 9. Her soap operas have been watched by over two billion people in 180 countries. She is known globally as "the queen of soap operas" for being the biggest TV phenomenon in the decade of the 90s. Thalía has the keys of more than 50 cities in the world, and has toured in five continents, making her one of the most internationally famous Latin singers ever. Thalía has received more than 2000 awards throughout her career for both singing and acting and has sold over 25 million albums worldwide. Her best selling album is Amor a la Mexicana, while her first to be released globally is En éxtasis. Thalia holds the record for being the bestselling Mexican female singer in non-speaking countries of all time. She has recorded songs in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Tagalog. Her album Nandito Ako is the second besteselling album in the Philippines of all time, certified as double diamond.

GEORGE (GK) wrote on November 07, 2010
What song is she performing with Elvis in a duet? Anyone know?
al shookup wrote on November 07, 2010
let's hope she can sing as good as she looks!
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on November 07, 2010
I suspect the duet is 'Love Me Tender'. Yet another issue of this album with a bonus duet – it seems a lot of countries except the UK are being given bonus versions. What is going on Elvis-wise in the UK? We now also know we are not getting the long awaited 'Suspicious Minds' single here & of course the DVD of "Elvis On Tour" is not being issued here either. This is a very poor state of affairs.
jean michel wrote on November 08, 2010
Yes the duet is LMT but that was not that hard to figure out ; was it ? Thalia is the greatest female singer of latin America (yes , even ahead of Shakira). This version of the VE sold by Walmart is simply the one meant for latin America . Being sold at Walmart , I guess it aims the latinos leaving in the States who could be interested in the Album thanks to Thalia being featured ; now the big "but' is since they won't hear about it : they won't buy it. No single + no promo = flop. Shame on Sony.
NONE000000 wrote on November 08, 2010
Thank God somebody finally put the King of Rock and Roll and the Queen of Soap Operas together on one CD!!! The world has certainly been clamoring for that. OK, easy to make fun of, but she sure is pretty!!! I don't really mind this kinda thing--some exclusive to WalMart duet doesn't bother me too much. But I hope there are no duets on the real album. (Lots of hype in this quote. OK, we get it! Thalia is popular even though some of us have never heard of her! Stop giving me her resume already.)