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Suspicious Minds Viva Elvis CD Single

October 29, 2010 | Music

In Europe, Sony will release a 'Suspicious Minds' two track CD single to promote the upcoming Viva Elvis CD release. Track 1/ Suspicious Minds : Viva Elvis version of 4.24 minutes, Track 2/ Suspicious Minds : the normal Elvis version of 4.29 minutes. Limited availability, because a lot of record stores do not sell cd singles anymore.

Source:Elvis Australia
Steve V wrote on October 29, 2010
Hmm a 50's shot on a 1969 song and a left handed guitar playing Elvis. Will Elvis quality control ever exist?
marty wrote on October 29, 2010
Quality control? RCA/Sony never seem to care, it's just the fans but no one listens... It doesn't even need much effort. I can understand some mistakes in something like a book with many pages to deal with. But this is just a cover... I guess they think: as long as it 'looks' right it doesn't have to be right...
Henryk wrote on October 30, 2010
A left handed guitar playing Elvis? No way. At least not in this cover picture. Anyway, the cover looks pretty OK. However the re-mix of the song is a whole other story.
Natha wrote on October 30, 2010
I don't mind a young Elvis on the cover. At least it breaks through the general image of Elvis, which is used over and over again - and just strengthen the biased view on Elvis. So I like this more. The remix is for those who like it.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on October 30, 2010
So where do we actually buy this? No-one is stocking it in the shops. This could be a disaster...
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on October 30, 2010
Seems there are a lot of promo version's (1 track) of this avalable at a good price on a well know bidding site,so am happy to have this if the official single is not in my local HMV etc??.
Brian Quinn wrote on October 30, 2010
The European CD Single of 'Suspicious Minds' will NOT be released in the UK according to Sony.
benny scott wrote on October 30, 2010
Hi Steve, Henryk is right ! What you see is the back of the guitar . I'm a right handed guitarplayer myself . This picture is correct . Have to agree looks a bit contradictory : 50s picture, 1969 song, but, no big deal after all , it doesn't look that bad. Always El.
Jamie wrote on October 30, 2010
Hello, my view is that every opportunity should be taken to present Elvis to the public as the stylish, ground-breaking, vibrant, energetic and fantastically-talented young guy he was in his prime in the 1950s. Elvis in a Las Vegas showroom clad in a jumpsuit doesn't do justice to his musicianship or social impact at all and, in my opinion, trivialises his artistry and cultural sigificance. For that reason, I like the cover. And that guitar really is not the wrong way around.
Steve V wrote on October 30, 2010
Yes the picture threw me off a bit. It is not left-handed. Just seems off kilter a bit to me.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on October 30, 2010
The cover photo, should be a photo from 1969 and not 1956.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 31, 2010
The cover is the new official logo for Viva Elvis that's why it's used on the cover nothing more nothing less for instance Phil Collins just released a new cd the cover of this release shows him when he was a little kid now the recordings on that cd he did not do when he was a little kid..see what i mean? it just doesn't happen to Elvis alone.
Jay wrote on October 31, 2010
Why not Brian?? I thought we were getting two singles in the UK?
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on October 31, 2010
Current bid price for the promo on the 'well known auction site' is £19. A Japanese version is £37 (plus £8 p&p). I think I'll wait for the official release(s), whenever that is.-. the release note above did not indicate when it will be issued.
Jay wrote on October 31, 2010
Is the UK getting any Single release or promotion for the album? I was hoping this was going to be as big as Elv1s 30 No. 1s but that had the huge advantage of a massive single in 'A Little less conversation' to get the ball rolling. Backed with good tv ads to was always gonna be a winner! Do you know what the plan is for viva elvis in the UK anyone? We're not even getting a duet!!
jean michel wrote on October 31, 2010
unfortunately , I think the "highly anticipated" , the "biggest Elvis album since E1"...blah, blah , blah... "VIVA ELVIS" album is gonna be a flop and , thanks to who ? SONY ! Shame on them !
Brian Quinn wrote on October 31, 2010
Mark my words 'the 'Viva Elvis' album WILL be the biggest seller worldwide since the 30 No.1 Hits.
jean michel wrote on October 31, 2010
I wish I was as optimistic as you are Brian but from what I see on the net , hear from my Elvis friends around the world and experience myself ; signs are quite bad for an album which is launched in +/- 10 days (depending on the country) and supposed to get a worlwide # 1. No UK single in the UK to push it , Sony pitting Susan Boyle's new CD on the very day of its release. No signs of the album in Amazon's US top 100 (while Boyle's album IS there). Promo projects abandoned in Argentina due to lack of budget. In my country , France , no one , except for the fans, has heard about the CD , & even less heard the "french" duet. Where is the "monitoring" promised to favor Elvis release ? (bye the way ; what has happened to bambi's new thing ?). Again ; when E1 came out , you could feel the good signs prior to its release ; it's totally the opposite for VE & it's a crying shame ! I still hope I am wrong but...
elvis_aotc wrote on October 31, 2010
I have the US 3 track Radio Sampler with the songs; Suspicious Minds, That's All Right Mama and King Greole. Had to get used to the what different lyric lines of That's All Right, but after play it several times, i play it over and over again. It is stuck in my cd player. lol There are hidden Elvis lines from other songs in each song and they mixed it like i never heared a mix before. This is professional mixing, and you can hear it is done out of respect and love for the man. How can they mix a mono song with vocal and music on one track so you can not hear the "old" inruments?? Well done!!! I alway wondered and wished how Elvis would sound with modern music, because i believe that our man is timeless. So this is how it sounds and it sounds great!!! I know i get all the purists on my neck now, but i am a purist also.... If you listen the music of our man you know that he himself experimented with the songs. You have several versions of one song for example. You can see and hear that also from Elvis on stage in the 70's. If you hear Elvis talking in the intervieuw from 1970 and he also said it in the 1968 special..., that the music is involving and changing (Elvis says it is a good thing). But we are far from those years when he said that and i think some music changed not for the good. With this release you can hear Elvis in another time dimention...., and it sounds GREAT!!!! Than you verry much Viva...
LarsG wrote on November 01, 2010
I received a four-track promo from my local record-dealer (yes, there still some of them around). It contains That´s All Right, Blue Suede Shoes and Suspicous Minds. It will be promoted here in Sweden as Elvis first album in 33 years! I can´t decide what I think of the arrangements, they sure are different! The album will need a single to promote it, I think and lots of radioplays.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 02, 2010
I spoke with a Marketing Director from SONY(UK) this morning and put the following questions to him: Q. Why was 'Suspicious Minds' (new version) not released in the UK? A. Basically due to a lack of airplay and no support from the radio stations. Radio 1 and 2 would not play it and other radio stations also. This would appear to be down to the managers of these programmes being over 40 and steeped in the tradition of one should not mess with the original releases. In the circumstances we decided to pull it and save the embarrassment of having the single appear at around No.50. Q. Why is 'Suspicious Minds' appearing on the 'Now That's What I Call Music' No.36? A. It is only on the U.S.A. version of this album and the idea is for Elvis' music to gain exposure to a younger demographic. Q. As Elvis and Susan Boyle are both SONY artists why have the release dates of both their latest albums been scheduled for the same date - 8th November? A. People do not realise how difficult it is to schedule a record for release. There was no conspiracy as to both their albums being released on the same date and in fact it may actually benefit Elvis and Boyle in that they appeal to roughly the same demographic. Many people only go out to buy a record once or twice a year and in this instance Boyle fans will see the 'Viva Elvis' album in the stores alongside and may be tempted to buy it also. Of course this similarly works to Boyle's credit. Q. Why are there only 12 tracks on the 'Viva Elvis' album? A. Because the producer of the album felt that they were the best of the bunch basically and was not prepared to put his name to any of the others. Q. When will the TV Campaign begin for the 'Viva Elvis' album in the UK? A. On Sunday 7th November. Q. Is the proposed 'Duets' album still scheduled for a 2011 release and will it be limited to only SONY artists? A. Yes, it is still scheduled for a 2011 release and no it is not limited to SONY artists. Well there you have it from the horses mouth. Would be interesting to hear your comments.
Jay wrote on November 02, 2010
Wow Brian, great info!!!!! Well done. I think it is a real shame Suspicious Minds will not get a single release here in the UK. I think with the right promotion, IE music video and things, it would have been a hit. Lets face, all the singles in the 2007 box set reached the top 20 without any radio or music channel play! So for me this would have been a top 10 easy. If Sony cant make a hit out of a brand new, exciting Elvis song will Elvis ever have a hit single in the UK again? Worrying IMO. As for the album I think it seems rather late promo? Or is it just me? I guess there will be a campaign all the way to xmas to keep sales steady? I have mixed feelings at the moment. I feel very excited and really looking forward to this release but at the same time a bit let down by sony in terms of I don't think the album/singles will get the push they really deserve, what Elvis really deserves!
Brian Quinn wrote on November 02, 2010
Reply to Jay. As opposed to the 'Suspicious Minds' single I do feel that the album will get a lot of publicity, especially TV promotion, and will be on sale in all the supermarkets and record stores.
Jay wrote on November 02, 2010
Don't get me wrong Brian I'm sure the album will be a sucsess, it will reach the top 5 I'm sure, but I don't think it will b as big as e1 wen is should be. But hey, that's just my opinion and I can be wrong.
dgirl wrote on November 02, 2010
How can this album ever be as big as E1 when it only has 12 tracks as opposed to 30, it does not have all original # 1 hits plus the new remix hit at the time, and it is 8 years later? Common sense guys.
Jay wrote on November 02, 2010
Maybe because its Elvis' first album of newly recorded music in 33 years?
jean michel wrote on November 02, 2010
My comments/thoughts : 1)about the Suspicious Minds single : Sony simply did not want to invest money for a nice video clip to promote it & now , they invoke secondary reasons to justify & hide their own lack of interest. 2) about Suspicious minds being featured in NTWICM VOL 36 : why not ? So far it's the only good move I see from Sony but , hey ! It does not cost them a penny ! 3)About S. Boyles' album being released on the same day as Elvis' : who's kidding who ? Have you noticed that bambi's new thing is not there anymore ; I bet you my shirt that , whenever the latter is released ,there will be (surprisngly ?!) no other Sony artist to compete with him. Sony was supposed to "monitor" their releases to favor VE : where is the "monitoring" ?....It is simply a lack of respect for the KING. 3) About the TV campaign begining on Nov 7th : OK ; sounds good BUT isn't it a bit too late ? + What's now the use of a "massive" TV campaign without a single to push an album bound to do anything BUT # 1 in the UK ? 4)About the forthcoming "Duets" CD ; well , if I remember well Brian's argument : this album will only come IF the VE is a (huge) success . I would like to be wrong to think that , for the reasons I stated above & in other posts , VE will be a flop (blame it on Sony) & that consequently Sony will use this treachrous reason to simply cancel the project . To sum things up : Sony , as usual , is messing up the realease of VE , & will take the pretext of lack of sales to cancel any further "concept" album (as opposed the rehashed compilations). Conclusion : Sony does not deserve ELVIS : shame on Sony !
jean michel wrote on November 02, 2010
i forgot : about : only 12 tracks on the album "because the producer of the album felt that they were the best of the bunch basically and was not prepared to put his name to any of the others" !!! I am speechless....
Brian Quinn wrote on November 02, 2010
The other issue I forgot to mention was that of 'downloads'. Sony state that due to the demographic of those who download singles it was highly unlikely that Elvis would have achieved a high chart placing. The record world is a different place to when we all had to go out and buy hard copies. If they were still the norm then 'Suspicious Minds', with a modicum of airplay, would have had a great chance of a Top 3 single, in the UK at least. However, Sony did apologise for not letting fans know in advance that the single was not going to be on sale on the scheduled day of release.
Tony C wrote on November 05, 2010
A TV commercial for "Viva Elvis" has just been broadcast on ITV here in the UK, it was shown during an ad break on "This Morning"
KurtKK wrote on November 05, 2010
Fantastic TV commercial !!One of the very best I ever saw !!! As for this CD, I'd rather wait to buy the original circus-movie outtakes when they'll come around (one day). Till when does the spectacle show in Vegas run? Maybe I change my mind after seeing the CduSoleil show....would surprise me.
dgirl wrote on November 06, 2010
Well I just opened the Arts section of the NY Times and what do I see? A full page ad for Susan Boyle's new album, a an article & picture on the new Springsteen Darkness re-release, a half-page ad for the new Siantra 7 DVD boxset with book! Viva Elvis? Nada, nothing. We are in full swing again folks. By the way, for the Sinatra fan, this box is a dream. A full unreleased concert and many unreleased performances from the 50's on up. Its in stores, not on some collectors label!
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on November 08, 2010
So, where exactly is the single being released? Which country can we buy it from? Regarding the album, have a look on the Amazon site & try & count all the permutations. Special editions with no details, possibly different covers etc, etc & it also looks like we won't be getting the vinyl album here in the UK either. Shades of the "On Tour" DVD...
KurtKK wrote on November 08, 2010
Really do like the comments of our friend dgirl who is always sending in fair opinions ! Good girl. I happen to agree with you too re. the promo on Elvis. In general too weak or just plain absent; nothing, nada, rien, ziltich...but this week end while in Europe I heard several ads re. the Viva EP album on RTL television channels, focusing on the SusMinds altered version. While happy to hear at least "something" (not wind still) re. the King, I must say though that the song sounded realloy metallic to me. If it's the BMG strategy to do future re-makes (which I normally don't like) I suggest they also do a complete oberdubbing with country steele guitar (like Pete Drake does it so wonderfully well) music (Imagine so many of his not-so-strictly-C&W sosngs turned into "real C&W"...all the way... That one I'd buy right away. How about you EPFolks ?
mark wilson wrote on November 10, 2010
two words for this, UTTER RUBBISH!