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Elvis (Fool)

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, October 17, 2010 | Music

The latest outing in the classic album series is the third album simply titled “Elvis”, which soon got named “Fool”.


The design is the same as the others in this series. The extra photos are mainly from Aloha From Hawaii. Furthermore you’ll find session notes, behind the scenes and more memorabilia.


The original was never among my favourites. Although I like quite a lot of the songs, the inclusion of Padre made it hard to play. Padre is battling with some of the movie songs for worst Elvis-recording ever! Except It’s Still Here I don’t really like the “piano songs”, but the remaining half of the album is good to great. For Lovin’ Me, Love Me, Love The Life I Lead and Don’t Think Twice, It's All Right ended up on several tapes with my own favourite collections soon.

Disc 1 is filled with, of course, the original album, but also other songs that where suggested at the time and some bonus songs, among them Steamroller Blues (great to hear anytime, but in my ears it doesn’t really fit) and the remake of Until It’s Time For You To Go (which I like much better than the original). The songs recorded for the US version of Aloha (mainly from Blue Hawaii) are not a valuable addition either.

The outtakes are that what you expect of them, a lot of false starts, forgotten words, and the occasional swearing. Again I am not glad with the fact there are outtakes of Padre too, but ignoring those the second disc is a pleasant listen. Quite some unreleased outtakes are included, topped with a (different) 11:20 version of Don’t Think Twice.


It had to be done (assuming they will release all albums in this series).

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ernst blofeld wrote on October 17, 2010
another shameful release from FTD...the disc of outtakes (yes, even the outtakes of Padre) is the only worthwhile material here...the rest we already have (not just from bootlegs but from FTD!)...how dare FTD insist that we keep paying twice as much as we should (i.e. paying for a 2-disc set) for what is in fact only one disc of worthwhile material. when so many many classic live shows remain in their vaults, it is unconscionable that FTD would release the Boston garden show...FTD is really fleecing us fans...
Zoltan84 wrote on October 17, 2010
Shame on you Ernst Jorgensen for the inclusion of the same take of Padre 2 times and the same take of Fool 3 times! Clumsy job for top dollar.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on October 17, 2010
This is C-R-A-P. Ernst,it's about time to find another job,because almost every FTD you release is faulty. You are too old and too lazy. Maybe time for retirement?
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 17, 2010
a new replacement for disc 2 is coming so hold your horses jeeeezz, not every FTD is faulty, and there's only one track double on disc 2 not more just read it on ElvisMatters
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 17, 2010
And 3 times the same take of ''Fool"?if you read better on the backside cover one is the Original master, the other one is the Single master and the other one is a diffrent alternate mix, so only one track is double on disc 2 thank you
SnOwMan wrote on October 17, 2010
And can you tell me Jesse Garon what's the difference between the so called different mixes of "Fool"? Because to my ears they sound 99.9% the same! As for the replacement copy,now they offer it,but did they offer it in case of "Unchained Melody", "New Years Eve", "Big Boss Man", "A Minnesota Moment" and all the other faulty discs? Of course NO! And finally: if you want a replacement disc then you have to send back the faulty one with registered mail and it will cost you a couple of dollars i'm afraid. We have already paid $35,then after paying + $8,for $43 we will have a slightly better "Fool FTD",of course the wrongly dated "DTTIAR" will remain in the booklet,because the booklet is faulty,too. The only things need to be replaced are Lene Reidel and Ernst Jorgensen! All the errors and problems come from them!
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 17, 2010
SnOwMan you making mountain out of a molehill, the diffrence between them are noted on the backside of the release and i can hear the diffrence of the 3 outings of ""fool" on this release they don't sound 99,9 the same i'm not going to make a fuzz about this come on please cause i listened with my headphones and then you can hear the difference and and therefore essential for me on this release and there are a few minor mistakes on other FTD's not even worth mentioning, doesn't bother me one bit.
SnOwMan wrote on October 17, 2010
Minor mistakes? Then enjoy your faulty FTD's,poor old Jesse Garon!
Tony C wrote on October 17, 2010
As Lex said, it had to be done as it was an original full price album release. I think that FTD did the best they could with the available material, it was obviously difficult to stretch it out to two discs. People are saying that there is too much filler material, but if they had made this one a single disc release people would be calling it a rip-off. Now we have this one out of the way we can look forward to some real classic albums, hopefully sometime next year.
Erika Freiburger wrote on October 17, 2010
Sadly these are not only minor mistakes. Remember what happened on Unchained Melody FTD. That's the most terrible mistake ony any CD i've ever heard!
schemies wrote on October 17, 2010
Hi Folks, I am not through listening yet, so can anybody tell me what EXACTLY is the mistake on disc 2, please. And the "Fool" versions are different, but not much. I wonder if the version which once was on "Elvis Aron Presley" was not included, because this still sound different to me, even compared to the so called "Original Alternate Mix". I guess the only difference is the time the strings come in. Well, still waiting for much better classic albums like "Promised Land", "He Touched Me", or even "Wonderful World of Christmas". It seems "Jailhouse Rock Vol.2" is near now. And will we ever get "Flaming Star" with all the outtakes available ? What about classic album "G.I. Blues" ? Did somebody from Sony notice that now it is time for the release of (at least) one other concert recorded for "Elvis On Tour" ? This "Fool" album could have waited another 2 years, I guess.
Herman wrote on October 17, 2010
I like the album. Don't Think Twice It's All Right is really great !
Steve V wrote on October 17, 2010
I would never buy this because I never liked the 1973 original album. To me , it was the worst album of his career (non-soundtrack of course) That being said, can someone explain why the course of action was to take Elvis' original albums out of print and reissue them in the FTD classic album series for ridiculous prices when they could have stayed on the normal label for sane prices? This was being done already in the 90's with extra tracks and the FTD label was left to cover the outtakes & unreleased live shows which was it original intent. Why was this policy changed? Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 17, 2010
you don't have to feel sorry for me old pal SnOwMan first of all i'm not that old only thing i'm doing is not whine about it of some mistake on a FTD, i don't even loose one night sleep about it that's for sure only thing you want is me to do is agree with you mr.faulty well that's not how it works at least i can enjoy a cd or wether there is a " mistake" on a FTD or not and if you can't ? that's totally you own problem not mine. and you bet i will enjoy my FTD's nothing you say will change that.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 17, 2010
i'm with you herman, Steamroller Blues is a Knock Out Too!!
Viva wrote on October 17, 2010
I'm with you on that one Steve V, kind of lost their way a little with the concept of FTD, but it's still a good product in my opinion. Who did Ernst murder to warrant the amount of criticism posted here? I always though he'd done shed loads to give us some great Elvis product. Mind you, don't really see what the level of hoo-ha is about anyway. Fool was never regarded as a great album, and that was reflected in the sales, but when I listen to the tracks, there's actually no reason for this album to be slated in the way it is. For the life of me, I can't see what's wrong with Padre, Where do I go from here (slated by many a critic), it's still here - these are all tracks which have me singing my head off in the car, and to be honest Elvis must have seen something he liked in them because I think he gives very passionate performances throughout this album. When looking at the above track listing, it is a very odd selection though, I think those who say it should be a sinlge disc are right given what's included in the two disc offering. Even so, how anyone would want another bloody soundboard recording over this baffles me: why pay good money to hear him snooze his way through the same old set list. That's why they're called soundboard recordings, because Elvis really does "Sound Bored". I do hope no one's done that gag before, quite proud of that one.
Martin ST-Pierre wrote on October 18, 2010
I want to know the age of those who wrote reviews of this cd? I am aged 50 years, when I was 13 or 14 when I bought this album, I was happy to buy it because it was new material never listen. I always listen repeatedly new albums of Elvis recording because they were new they were new. For me it was a Privileged to listen to new songs and I always look forward to unpacking the new album. I love this album especially the piano is a vision of Elvis very personal, profound and sincere and very emotional. I think the cd no. 2 Even more interesting, I like the studio shot, we saw the work of Elvis. I wish we did more discusion between drawing paper to better understand the evolution of each song. When I listen to the studio and making the dialogue between the song I imagine myself in the studio with Elvis and his musicians, it's a feeling indescritible. I love this cd and hope that their excellent work long FTD
Erika Freiburger wrote on October 18, 2010
Ernst should have been replaced years ago. He got no eyes for talent, marketing or the younger fans. Just like with most companies, executives should be replaced every couple of years just to keep that feeling with their buyers. Ernst is just not a people's person. He only talks to one one or two fanclub owners handing out illegal soundboard to folks that kiss up to him. Nowadays companies should transparent above everything else, something FTD never really accomplished. He doesn't understand that we, all the Elvis fans are the real FTD label. Love,Erika
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 18, 2010
well Erika i'm sorry and i know you don't mean it all that bad but what you are saying makes no sense at all you suggesting things that likely not even are going on how do you know that Ernst kisses up to fanclub owners to get soundboard releases? and them put it out on FTD? i know almost for sure that is not how it goes FTD is not a bad label ok sometimes they make a few mistakes but it certainly is not the end of the world just look at the reactions of Martin ST-Pierre and Viva they know what they are talking about FTD has released many FTD classics including " Good Times" How Great Thou Art" and the list goes on and no mistakes on those ones either even better said i think that FTD has put even more soul into their releases more booklets and even vinyl releases which are dream to own and i own them and i'm proud of it to own them ok they made a mistake on Fool which is known by them and they will act accordingly everyone get's a replacement if they were a bad label they would not have done that.
HangLoose wrote on October 18, 2010
Garon: They never replaced the faulty CD's,except in 2 or 3 occasions. In all the other 20+ occasions they didn't do it. So they are swindlers and criminals in my book. Not only Ernst but mainly his bosses. They regularly offer faulty CD's and in 90% they didn't offer replacement copies. That's what swindlers and thieves do. As for the Fool album,where is the full length unedited title track? Instead of giving us the same track twice,give us something more worthwhile you amateurs!
tornado wrote on October 18, 2010
I agree totally with you. FTD had to do Fool but it's the album I listen the least. Besides He Touched Me 1971 was erratic for the studio work, Too bad Elvis never really involved himself in making a true folk album as supposidly planned. As for The Wonderful Of Christmas. readings tells us Elvis wasn't eager to do it at first A pure command performance for RCA's demand, but it finally came out nice with some great moments. RCA's marketing was awful also back then.Now let's go for He Touched Me, Promised Land and my beloved G.I.Blues, a personnel favorite, as well as for Tomorrow Is A Long Time ( Nashville 1966-68) another gem in my book.
dgirl wrote on October 18, 2010
I agree with this review excpet for one thing. The piano songs are the best things on this album. In fact, if Elvis or the Col had any sense about a good career move, there should have been a whole abum called Elvis At The Piano with Elvis doing songs in the studio he loved best. Just him at the piano with maybe a bass and some brush work on the drums. Can u imagine the critical raves this would have achieved as a concept album? I can see him doing Lawdy, Blueberry Hill and other gems he loved to sing. But there was never any kind of imagination as to what to do in the recording studio other than sing a handful of songs that his publsihers submitted resulting in shoddy albums like this, I will not be purchasing this or any other future classic albums at 35.00. I have the originals. Dont need outtakes I will listen to only once or twice at the most.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 18, 2010
that's your opinion HangLoose i don't care you are making this thing bigger than it is,i keep my mind busy with things which are more important to me my health for instance i'm really not going to make a fuzz about this FTD ''error" discussion anymore.
Rob Wanders wrote on October 18, 2010
i like this album. i can do without the song Padre, but its not bothering me too much. I love the piano-songs and the highlights for me are any version of "love me,love the life I lead' and a brandnewversion (11 min) of Dont think twice. relaxter, but also a bit less than the wellknown version. Its a pity Elvis and his men didn't try to find all the lyrics of this song, instead of repeating the same verses over and over, there are more verses!!!, but then again it was just jamming to get in the mood of recording i guess.
Martin ST-Pierre wrote on October 19, 2010
I do not want to inflame the talk but I find that we are fortunate to have all the records and FTD. I know of no other singer or artist or label was founded for the pleasure of those fans. I am happy for every kind of FTD and hope they will continue for several years. I have great respect for those who work with FTD ... Long live the king and thank you and all colleagues FTD. I am an Elvis fan since 1966. TCB....
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 19, 2010
i say amen to that Martin ST-Pierre well said my friend and i also have great respect for those who work with FTD
elvistruth wrote on October 19, 2010
Absolutely agree with you, friends. FTD and Jorgensen are the capital key for Elvis great unreleased works finally released for all the Elvis fans with outstanding quality. Thanks for all, Ernst!!!!
Tony C wrote on October 19, 2010
Isn't the current quickpoll tally interesting? 90% liking this CD and just 10% not. Nine to one.
You Dont Know Me wrote on October 20, 2010
I really enjoyed disc 2 and the outakes! a FTD release i am enjoying much more than (i thought) i would!
Rob Wanders wrote on October 20, 2010
I fully agree with you Martin ST-Pierre.
benny scott wrote on October 20, 2010
So do I ! Always El
Jay wrote on October 21, 2010
m not trying to knock the errors on the release at all, mistakes happen. But can someone tell me the difference between Fool (master) and the alternate mix? I really hear no difference? I can on the single mix with the strings entering earlier and more up front. I'm assuming the mix used on the Elvis Aron Presley: the Silver Box was the alternate mix? Which sounds very different to me.
Monster wrote on October 21, 2010
The original album had OK enough songs but not enough stand out material. Plus his voiced is straining too much on tracks like Padre and Love me, love the life I lead. I'm a fan of seventies Elvis so overall I don't have a problem with the original and it's great to hear the outtakes and alt mixes too. However, from a career strategy point of view this should never have been the album to come out after the Aloha special. In my view they should have put out the Aloha album just as they did but follow up the increase in Elvis's profile that came with a worldwide TV special, a Golden Globe winning movie and a recent major worldwide single success (Burning Love) with some more uptempo, rockier songs to keep the momentum going. Though on a personal level Elvis was probably too distracted with his impending divorce to care too much about his career strategy at this stage. Still a hotch potch album made up of two year old cuts was a slap in the face to existing fans and all those new fans who would have come on board had the right product been available for them.
Jay wrote on October 21, 2010
Ok, this has been bugging the hell outta me.....I'm pretty confident now that both Fool (Master) and Fool alternate mix are exactly the same version. In the book it has the master down at 2:35 and the alternate at 2:39. Now upon investigation on the cd both tracks are at 2:35! I had a look at the Silver box set cd which has that version (which does sound like an alternate mix) down at 2:39! I'm far more gutted about this mistake then I am the Padre one. Please correct this cd instead?
Jay wrote on October 21, 2010
Sorry I should have put 2:45 and 2:49.
Mike.S. wrote on October 23, 2010
Hi Jay, so glad, that finally someone mentioned, what was bothering me the last week. I was really enthusiastic about some new ’Fool‘ remixes, but when I listened to it, I couldn’t hear any difference between Track 1 and 14. Track 14 is identically to the version on FTD’s ’Standing room only‘ release, Elvis‘ voice is a little bit more lefthanded, but it’s exactly the same mix and both tracks run exactly the same time: 2:45. I guess, there has been made some mistake here. Joan Deary’s version on the silver box (it’s 2:39) and some acetate bootleg version (3:06) feature the string section right from the beginning. I don’t know, if Mr. Jorgensen was aiming in this direction, to present a full string version, but I’m pretty sure, he planned something new. So I guess, we are missing some outstanding new remix here. I hope there will be an official statement soon, and I think, both CDs should be replaced with the correct versions.
Jay wrote on October 23, 2010
Great Michael Sander, glad I'm not the only one going nuts about this Fool thing! I really hope they do replace both discs because I'd love to hear the REAL alternate Fool Mix as I love the song. I really like the Silver box version, didnt realize it was Joan Deary’s version? Its good. Would like to hear the acetate bootleg version too.
Tony C wrote on October 23, 2010
The album and single mixes of "Fool" will sound virtually the same, they were not intended to be different in the manner that remixes are done today. The single mix of a song is the album mix with just very minor adjustments in sound balancing to take account of how it would sound on FM radio. Sometimes the stereo image was narrowed slightly, but never to any great deal. I felt that adding the single mix was just a way of padding out a very thin package, proved true by the fact that people cannot hear any difference. Regarding the running time being the same, they would be because it was a single mix not a single edit. Most of Elvis' singles exist in a unique single mix, which those of us that own the original vinyl singles already have in our collections.
Jay wrote on October 23, 2010
Hi Tony, Its not the single mix we are debating the difference with, its the alternate mix. I can hear a difference with the single version but not the alternate mix which i;m 100% sure it a duplicate and mistake.
Mike.S. wrote on October 23, 2010
Hi Tony C, yes you are correct, the LP and single master versions of a song can be different only by such tiny little details, that most listeners wouldn’t even recognize. This release is a good example: ’Fool‘ Track 1 and Track 24, what is the difference? Well, the strings on the single version are faded in more early (about 15 seconds), and stay much more dominant on the left channel, than on the LP version. Who really cares about it? Well, for the detailed listener it’s quite a difference, and it’s really appreciated. But that’s not, what we are talking about. Track 14 on CD 1 has just been copied from the FTD ’Standing room only‘ release and it is not an alternate mix. It’s exactly the same mix as Track 1, it’s an duplication, and it’s a mistake by FTD! Jay, appreciate your comment, let’s not give up ;-)).
Tony C wrote on October 23, 2010
You could well be right there, Jay. When the track listing of the FTD edition was first announced I had assumed that the alternate mix of "Fool" would be the one with the strings that was first released on "Elvis Aron Presley" in 1980. It would have made more sense to use this one, perhaps that was intended. Releasing the various mixes of songs is a slippery slope, as it is never ending with umpteen variations. I have always had more interest in alternate takes than mixes, unless they hold surprises by revealing vocals or instrumentation not included in the finished product. The silver box set version of "Fool" is a good example, as is "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" with the horns that were removed before release.
Mike.S. wrote on October 23, 2010
Tony C, I understand your point of view. Yes, the outtakes might be much more interesting, than some new remix, but than, on the other hand, it can be quite exciting, to get an absolute new remix (usually done by Vic Anesini, he’s my man) of a song, that you love so much. That’s, what’s promised on the backcover of the FTD ’Fool‘, a new 2:49 alternate remix. But it isn’t there....and therfore needs a repair.... what do you think?
Jay wrote on October 24, 2010
Im with you 100% Michael Sander, they should fix it. I for one would prefer Fool to be fixed on disc 1 then Padre on 2. Who would we contact about this?
Tony C wrote on October 24, 2010
I agree with you there, Michael. New remixes, obviously in keeping with the original vision and not adding things that make them more modern, are very exciting. The ones that I was meaning are the original alternate mixes done at the same time of the master mix. Mixing a song is very time consuming and dozens of mixes could be done and rejected before the final mix is decided upon. FTD should put right this error as well and look at their quality control of their releases.
Herman wrote on October 24, 2010
Doe anybody know what the recording date is of Don't think twice (APA4 1269-02) on this cd ? In the booklet I can read: March 17, 1971 but I guess this should be May 17, 1971. Or am I wrong ? The version on Now (APA4 1269-01) is recorded on May 16, 1971. So, the -02 versions should be recorded after -01 I guess.
benny scott wrote on October 24, 2010
Hi Herman, you're right ! It IS May 17 1971. In a recent interview Ernst himself apoligized for ' the typo ", stating that indeed it should have been printed May 17 instead of March 17.Always El.
Jay wrote on October 24, 2010
Guesin he didn't mention the fool mistake?
benny scott wrote on October 24, 2010
No Jay, he didn't ! I wonder if he already knew about "Fool" the day he gave this interview . I'm sure he must know by now . Wonder if this disc will be replaced too ????!!! Always El.
Tony C wrote on October 24, 2010
It gets worse! This release does seem to be beset with mistakes.
Mike.S. wrote on October 25, 2010
Hi Benny Scott, yes, you might be correct, I guess Ernst Jorgensen didn’t really know about the mistakes involved in this release. Guess, he has more important issues to take care about. Well, if he doesn’t have any supervisor to take care about the FTD releases, I’m gonna do it for free, just to make sure, that such mistakes don’t happen again. There are fans out there, that could do a better job than Lene Reidel, and they might do it just for the love for Elvis. Anyway, this latest FTD release once again proves, that it’s all sloppy business with BMG. Only Vic Anesini made quite a difference, I guess all the fans are happy about him and the way he makes ’The sound‘. No offense, but this release surely includes some mistakes, so why isn’t there any official comment by now? It's about time for some changes, taking a look at all the remastering mistakes of so many FTD releases and the bad quality of their soundboards releases. Nowadays the bootleggers can do it better than FTD, so why don't you use some different people (except for Vic) and do it right!
circleG wrote on October 25, 2010
oh dear, ernst what is going on? Its just possible it may be time for a new guy at the top. It has been 20 plus years and the cracks are definately showing...
Jay wrote on October 25, 2010
I emailed Elvis Matters regarding the 'Fool' alternate take mistake and they have since published this on there website: 'There are two major mistakes on this release. Mistake No. 1 is already official: Track 11 on CD-2 is not take 11, but take 2 from CD-1 (track 4). A replacement for CD-2 will be delivered with the following new releases by the end of November. Mistake No. 2 is not official now. The alternate mix of 'Fool' (CD-1, track 14) has been replaced by the FTD Standing Room Only version of the song, which of course is the exactly same mix as track 1. Elvis voice is a little bit stronger on the left channel, but it's exactly the same mix. Both tracks run 2:45 min, the alternate mix was supposed to run 2:49. The key might be the string section. There is an acetate version of 'Fool' on bootleg, but there's also Joan Deary's version on the Silver Box. Both are featuring the strings right from the beginning. Since this is only speculation, the fact is: Track 1 and track 14 are the same. Another duplication!' Published: october 25th 2010 02:58 PM. Published by: ElvisMatters - David Hamal . Lets hope the FTD gang read this!!!
benny scott wrote on October 25, 2010
Hi Michael Sander . A supervisor would be very useful indeed . Very good suggestion you made ! Always El.
Mike.S. wrote on October 26, 2010
Well, didn’t mean to be unpolite. I was always 100% loyal to FTD. I did some reviews on the Elvis in Norway site, always positive and supporting, even if they made some mistakes. I learned to accept the poor quality of their soundboards releases, even accepted many mistakes on the papersleeve projects. The Classic album series was always something special to me, that made it all up. All the mistakes were forgotten, when I listend to the cristal clear sound of Golden Records 2. There’s Vic Anesini, Kevin Budd and Sebastian Jeansson. If you read their names, you know what you get. The highest quality. But especially concerning the 70‘s releases there are too many mistakes. Why do these mistakes never happen in some 50s or early 60s releases? Is it, because Mr. Jorgensen favorites this time of Elvis career? Still, it’s a matter about take care or not take care. Maybe the period after 1970 doesn’t seem important to him, but it is to a lot of fans. Let go of some ‘70s Elvis‘ engineer called Lene Reidel. Whenever her name is included in the booklet, you just shiver and shake about some remastering mistakes. This ’Fool‘ release could have been something nice, but it seems, it wasn’t important enough, to let the right people work on it
Mike.S. wrote on October 26, 2010
Hi Jay, well I wrote a comment, that my friend Oven ’Elvis in Norway‘ put on his website. There was a misprint about CD-1, it has been corrected already. Here it is: There are two major mistakes on this release. Mistake No. 1 is already official: Track 11 on CD-2 is not take 11, but take 2 (track 4). Wow, sounds confusing, right? Maybe someone at FTD was confused, too. At least some replacement for CD-2 will be delivered. Mistake No. 2 is not official now, hope there will be some statement soon: The alternate mix of 'Fool' (CD-1, track 14) has been replaced by the FTD Standing Room Only version of the song, which of course is the exactly same mix as track 1. Elvis voice is a little bit stronger on the left channel, but it's exactly the same mix. Both tracks run 2:45 min, so someone definitively has made a mistake here, since the alternate mix was supposed to run 2:49. Jay, thanks for your comment.
HangLoose wrote on October 26, 2010
Ernst has to go. This drama queen does so many mistakes that it's unacceptable. I completely agree with Mike Sanders' posts. We are paying top dollar for these releases and what we get? Errors,errors and errors. Ernst and Lene will never change. They had 11 years to do it but after 11 years things are still the same: overpriced FTD's with a lot of mistakes. Shame on you,Ernst. You're an amateur,just like Lene.
Erika Freiburger wrote on October 26, 2010
Is there any chance to dump Mr Jorgensen? I was a loyal supporter of the label but recently i'm not able to buy any of them. Anytime i see an FTD CD the ugly face of Ernst comes to my mind and i can't force myself to pay 22 euros for a CD made by this person. I completely lost my faith in him. He is obviously not suitable to do these releases. I don't want to be rude and usually i try to concentrate on the positive things but this man caused so much harm to the fans (and mainly to the reputation of the FTD label) that i can't pretend my non-existing loyalty anymore. I can't trust in this label anymore. Sorry for my sincerity. Love,Erika
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on October 26, 2010
This is way taken out of proportion for a few mistakes on this release and a few others mistakes that can be counted on one hand i didn't loose my trust in this label at all they also are going to correct this mistake Ernst Jorgensen is also responsible for so many great releases of FTD and outside FTD that would never have seen the light of day if he wasn't around.
benny scott wrote on October 26, 2010
You don't have to be sorry for being sincere Erika . On the contrary, it suits you to give your opinion in a polite and decent way without using rude language( BTW : you never do as long as I've been reading your postings). I can understand the way you and a lot of other fans feel about the errors in many FTD-releases. I think the problem lies in the fact that Ernst maybe should be helped personally by a couple of other members of the team, or at least expand the FTD-team. Let's not forget FTD is NOT Ernst's most important job at the company. Of course, this is not helping us, fans. I still support the label, simply due to the fact that there were many GOOD releases in the past too. So ( and this is not aimed at you personally Erika, but in general ) let's not make Ernst the scapegoat of everything that is wrong. But I do agree that things could be done better. Let's hope Ernst and his bosses read our postings and are prepared to do something about it ! Always El.
benny scott wrote on October 26, 2010
Jesse : agreed about the great releases and the fact that a lot of material never would have seen the light of day without Ernst. Lene Reidel is a complete other problem that could be solved easily by not let her taking part in the process of forthcoming releases. Always El.
dgirl wrote on October 26, 2010
I believe Ernst is a fan and has given the fans what they want. Mistakes happen, It happened with RCA on records in the 50's. (remember Doncha Think Its Time on Gold Records Vol2?). I just dont think FTD has much left in the tank for myself personally. Not a fan of soundboards and not a fan of all these classic albums ( in some cases they are anything but classic to begin with) for 35.00. But this is what fans want so let him do his job. Someone mentioned he has to go because he is 60. Thats the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!
dufl wrote on October 26, 2010
I think the criticism has reached a hysterical level. Pull yourselves together. These minor errors are not exactly the end of the world.
HangLoose wrote on October 26, 2010
It's funny to read the comments from the few Ernst supporters. Sadly the facts can't lie. You may like him or hate him,it doesn't matter. The errors are there. That's a FACT. And not only a few errors. This man has made at least 100 errors on various Elvis releases since 1986.
Zoltan84 wrote on October 26, 2010
I think the errors have reached a hysterical level. Pull yourself together,Ernst and leave FTD alone. These major errors are the end of your job at FTD. Good bye!
Mike.S. wrote on October 26, 2010
Hi Benny Scott, you made the right comments, thanks! I was thinking about this supervisor idea again. If FTD cannot find someone in their own company, why not use the experience of some special fans. Maybe just two or three very reliable persons, that get a preview copy of the final product, without the package, just the CDRs. Mostly the mistakes are discovered by the fans, why not let them find out, before this whole thing goes into production. I’m talking about the sound, the remastering, the content. Of course it’s a delicate matter, but if you can find these fans, that you can thrust 100%, they could check on the final product and make a comment. I guess, there could be some improvement. Maybe there’s just not enough time for the people working at the FTD-projects, that’s why so many things go wrong. FTD is a big task, with maybe not too many people involved. Why not let the fans help a little bit, kind of letting them get involved a bit more. Maybe that sounds weird, but take a lot at the situation now, there are many unhappy fans, because their comments, complaints and reactions seem to be neglected. If someone from their side would be included in the work of progress, well, it could only help.
Mike.S. wrote on October 26, 2010
'take a look' of course :-))
HangLoose wrote on October 27, 2010
"Why not let the fans help a little bit?" Great idea,Mike,but it has already been discussed before many times. A lot of fans offered their FREE help to Ernst but he refused it - in most cases he didn't even answer. The reason is simple: egoism. He's in a unique status and he doesn't want to share it with anyone. It's not only about money,it's about egoism.
Mike.S. wrote on October 28, 2010
This idea could really work out. Just contact the editors of the most important Elvis websites, like Elvis infonet, Elvis in Norway, Elvis news, Elvis matters and so on. Send a preview to them and ask about their opinion. It might be quite a lot of work for them, as well, listening to all the details, ‘cause now they are responsible, too, for any mistake! But they also could be privileged to do a preview about the forthcoming album, and this would be some free advertising for FTD as well. Everyone could win. Now there’s a gap between FTD and the fans. What we need now are some people, to build a bridge. But I guess, I better give up now with my stupid comments, HangLoose might be right, better forget it.
HangLoose wrote on October 30, 2010
Even Ciscoking offered him his FREE help many times but in most cases Ernst didn't even aswer his p.m.'s. Just like the way Elvis didn't accept the doctors' help,Ernst's stuck-up ego doesn't allow it either. Not even if the help is 100% free. Egoism and narrowness. Simple as that.
KurtKK wrote on October 30, 2010
Sorry, I consider this one a rip off. Won't spend 30 euros (in Paris) for this FTD. Can't wait to buy next FTD Speedway or He Touched Me !!! Sorry folks. Not attractive enough....would have liked to see more bonus songs/hits of that ear on it....KRain, Welcome to my world, If I can dream/Edge Reality, My way a.o.
Pietro S wrote on October 30, 2010
KurtK alias SwCaroline alias JudyWahini?
Loesje wrote on October 30, 2010
PietroS: yes of course!
Pietro S wrote on October 31, 2010
So, "Let's get rid of our itch together, hmmm..." ;)
Mike.S. wrote on November 01, 2010
Someone makes an honest comment, and it all ends with some clowns fooling around? Well, it doesn't end like this, anyway. So if you don't want to help, why do you not keep your mouth shut: Kurt, Loesje and Pietro. Guess, you didn't make too much sense, anyway. To Hang loose: What about we both might calm down right now. It's all be said and done. All we can do is wait for some FTD reaction. I hope it will be there. Pls not put too much anger to your heart, maybe someday FTD will allow the help of some fans, we'll never know.
Orion wrote on November 01, 2010
I just received my copy.. took a long time to cross the pond - talk about a slow boat to the US. Anyway, after all the negative comments I was shocked at how much I enjoyed listening to this one over the weekend. The sound is very good throughout - especially on the piano outtakes. Even the after show Aloha tracks sound better than on previous releases. However, the track that most caught my attention was the Madison Sq. version of "Reconsider." I might be alone on this, but I really felt the added echo enhanced the bluesy feel to the song - esp. for a live version. Anyone know if this mix was originally done by Joan Deary or the current FTD crew of Lenne and Vic ? Either way, I like its sound.
Jesse Garon Presley wrote on November 01, 2010
I agree with 100 % Orion, i love the sound on this release as well
Matt W wrote on November 04, 2010
Can everyone feel HangLoose's jealousy? So sad. With regards to Reconsider Baby - its not added echo, its room echo that's part of the original recording. The vintage mix just makes it sound more prominent.
KurtKK wrote on November 08, 2010
Don't like the selection of songs they put on this one. Won't spend $30, just for one unedited 12 min. song. Which album will be next one ? HeTMe ?? EPBlvd ? Tell us, please; now that we know Speedway outtakes were ...lost at RCA....??!
Tony C wrote on November 13, 2010
RCA did not lose the "Speedway" out-takes, they never had them in the first place. Generally the film companies, MGM in this case, only handed over a master reel containing the masters and alternative masters literally cut out of the session tapes. The film companies then either filed the session tapes away, lost them in their huge archives or threw them away.
Cruiser621 wrote on November 19, 2010
I had ordered both this FTD CD and Jailhouse Rock Volume 2 as a package deal for reduced shipping which is neither here nor there and I find out last night this CD "Elvis-Fool" is no longer available until maybe Dec. 17th, 2010 here in the states because they have to remake the 2nd CD for this CD. Great! I would have had to wait until Jailhouse Rock Volume 2 was actually released (which is supposed to be at the tail end of November) but now December 17th, 2010. I canceled my order and will just wait until Jailhouse Rock comes out. This web site tends to build your expectations up and FTD knocks 'em down. I made a composite of the Fool FTD CD on my computer from Elvis songs I have already and I'll probably forego the actual FTD CD. Thanks, but no thanks FTD. You've lost me again. Enough is enough.
kink56 wrote on December 18, 2010
I ordered Fool, along with Jailhouse Rock V.2 as well, and the irony is I will be receiving the replacement disc BEFORE I actually get the Fool CD!!
Cruiser621 wrote on December 18, 2010
kink56, guess what? You were correct we get the replacement disc before we get the actual Fool FTD release in completion; unbelievable. I received mine yesterday, Dec. 17th, 2010 and listened to it completely. To be blunt, I'm very, very disappointed in the outtakes of the song Padre (a song of which, unlike quite a few reviewers) I happen to like. I own the FTD CD I Sing All Kinds and on that CD is take 2 of Padre, which of course, is included on the re-made 2nd disc of the Fool FTD CD along with the false start before it take 1 and take 11. Here's my gripe. In all instances there is severe distortion in Elvis' voice when he goes up to hit a certain verse early in this song and at the end on take 11 to boot (much as the distortion on They Remind Me Too Much of You from the movie soundtrack It Happened At The Worlds Fair). There's really nothing FTD can do with this recording as it sounds like the sound is tearing or ripping, which begs the question why release it, period. The remastering folks who did the Beatles were able to clean up a similar case on The Beatles Abbey Round re-released in 2009! Why pray tell can't FTD get it right? I'm only hopping that the original version of Padre on side one of my still waiting for Fool FTD CD will be up to snuff compared to what I've purchased so far. As yourself kink56 I ordered Jailhouse Rock volume 2 with the Fool CD. Still waiting, with my fingers crossed. I'll let you know of my continuing saga once I actually receive my copy.
kink56 wrote on December 19, 2010
Cruiser, I remember that early CD masters of "Make Me Know It" as well as the Digital LP masters, had distortion in the opening piano. Later remasters do not have this problem. I suspect, in that case, it had to do with certain generations of master tapes. I have not recieved any of my recent order yet, but I hope to next week. Thanks for your comments.
Cruiser621 wrote on December 19, 2010
Hey kink56, I do remember the "Elvis Is Back" initial CD and LP (which I still have) where the beginning piano to the song Soldier Boy was really distorted and sounded like someone had their finger on the tape to slow it down before the song came in at the proper speed. That was a regular RCA/BMG CD released for public sale and I took mine back to the store from where I purchased it. No quality control at all on some of these early RCA releases; get the money and run. By the way, I phoned Shop Elvis my place for getting FTD releases in Virginia and they now tell me I should have all four ordered FTD CD's from way back in November probably by this coming Tuesday or Wednesday, Dec. 21-22, 2010. Still waiting.
kink56 wrote on December 21, 2010
Crusier thanks for verifying the early Elvis is Back problems for me. I am listening to Padre, and it seems the distortion is over-modulation, circuit overload. I guess it may be one reason some of these takes could not used as the "master take" Now, I am for using no limiters in recording (like Bill Porter used to do, he took the limiters out of the circuit for his sessions) so all the dynamics are intact with minimal compression. Of course you run the risk of red-lining. I think that may be what is going on with the Padre outtakes. When I hear various outtakes, so many of them have better dynamics and resolution than the final versions mastered for release. I prefer the fidelity of many of the outtakes over the offical releases. What do you think?
Cruiser621 wrote on December 22, 2010
kink56, good to hear from you again and a very enlightening message. I'm trusting the released version of Padre won't have these flaws as the outtake versions, which are really irritating. As I stated in one of my earlier messages, RCA did this to the original released version of They Remind Me Too Much Of You; some of the outtakes are much, much better as to this song. Much, as yourself, I feel a good majority of Elvis' studio outtakes are superior to some of his actual released material, especially without the added Felton Jarvis fluff which ruined a ton of Elvis' material. On the other hand, there are a few with added strings care of Mr. Jarvis which actually enhance Mr. Presley's songs. One of the reasons I got hooked on FTD was to hear our man as he actually was in the studio without the added echo/reverb during the fifties. I long stopped buying his stuff in the seventies and am now, only going back and hearing what I missed in my younger days to be honest; some of it is awesome to listen to now in my older age. I am still an Elvis person of the 1950's and early '60's.
kink56 wrote on December 22, 2010
I just played "They Remind Me..." from Double Features, (mastering sucks) FTD "It Happened..." Command Performances and Elvis At The Movies, I cannot seem to detect much in the way of distortion, although it seems in the bridge there is near clipping going on. But, I think I vaguely remember having owned a release of that song that DID have out and out distortion, just don't remember what CD it was on. I would like to know if there is a clean master of "Blue Moon of Kentucky" that does not have the LP version of added echo. The last time I heard that track without the added echo is when I used to own the EP "A Touch of Gold V, III" on vinyl. I did not know until recently that most of RCA's masters of the Sun singles were taken from 78s and not tape, as they either did not ever receive some tape from Sun, or they lost many they DID get!
Cruiser621 wrote on December 25, 2010
I finally received my copies of Elvis/Fool FTD CD, along with Jailhouse Rock Volume 2 today, Dec. 24th, 2010 and I have mixed emotions on certain songs. Padre is, in fact, at least the official album version, track 6 ranks right up there as the worst overdub by Felton Jarvis I've ever heard; on the other hand, track 8, I'll Take You Home Kathleen with overdubs is outstanding and really highlights this song. However, Track 4 on Disc 1, It's Still Here doesn't cut it at all compared to all and every version I've ever had including all the outtake versions on this CD; it's got an annoying background, I guess you would call it lack of clarity or fuzziness to it. As for the Padre outtakes, 1 & 2 plus 11 on the new revised 2nd CD, there is a definite difference, but the distortion is still there in both versions and I had to laugh when I read the accompanying booklet, there's a memo from Joan Deary to George which states there was distortion on the voice tracks of Padre (plus 2 others) which begs the question, if you knew these tapes were sub-standard why didn't you start from scratch? ...or to put it in one of my earlier comments on this page, why didn't FTD fix it? They could have. Enough and to the point, this is a startling experience and I rate this CD as a plus to my collection-warts and all. I'm only sorry it wasn't done better by FTD and further, what is the difference, if any, between all these Original Alternate Mixes? P.S. I know in the '70's RCA got a bit shoddy in their product; this is an example, not FTD's.
kink56 wrote on January 09, 2011
I think track 14 from disc 1 (Fool, original alternate mix) SHOULD have been the mix with orchestra from the beginning that was used on the Silver Box, disc 3, track 16. The single master from the FTD release, is definately a different mix, with more echo and the stereo balance is completely different. I have not yet been able to find the difference between track 1 and 14 on the FTD. But I am tired of listening to this song at the moment.