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Elvis At Blokker

October 05, 2010 | Video

The Dutch chain Blokker sells The Ultimate Filmcollection (11 DVDs/ 1CD) for only 24.99 euro.

RJ wrote on October 05, 2010
That's below wholesale value, so obviously WB had to get rid of their stock. Regular retail is €110-135. Although have most titles on dvd, I'll get this.
I am Buffalo-Horn! wrote on October 06, 2010
Not visible on their web site!
memphisflash53 wrote on October 06, 2010
It's not for sale in the shop's either, as a fact, they never heard of it ... Did you verified this info ?
japio wrote on October 06, 2010
it is true. I kept the receipt . Because last friday i was in Assen and found it there. This Blokker has 2 copy's of the box. I live in Hoogeveen and we have two Blokker shops. But no one sells it. In Rotterdam you can find it in the shopping center. You can also mail Blokker and they order it for you an can be deliver it in the Blokker of your city Or call Blokker Assen if they can order it for you
Lex wrote on October 06, 2010
Zoetermeer didn't have it, but ordered it for me. The day after I found it in The Hague... so I cancelled the other one :-)
Shakingruud wrote on October 06, 2010
Its on their website: www.blokker.nl Look at music dvds.
tesla wrote on October 06, 2010
Elvis Friends, It's true, there were so many requests, that Blokker decided to put the box on Internet. So they are now for sale on *** For 24,99 euro ! Happy hunting... Ed
daviddoelen wrote on October 06, 2010
This is great! I went to two Blokker stores today but the box was sold out... about ten minutes ago when visiting *** I saw it listed under "Muziek DVD's" and ordered one right away!
Emiel Maier wrote on October 07, 2010
Me too! I just ordered it last evening throught the Blokker website. I can pick it up at my local Blokker store in two days time. Once the word is out in the Elvis community (over here in The Netherlands), it will sell like rapid fire! Buy it while and when you can.
Natha wrote on October 09, 2010
Just got my copy. Great service for a wonderful price. Nice addition to my collection. Thanks for the tip!
Theo wrote on October 11, 2010
Thanks for the tip, Elvisnews! Got my copy last friday and it looks great. And what a great price!